Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Southern Perfection

I’m quite sure that y’all all know that I’m truly a Southern girl…born, raised and lived in the South my whole life.  One thing about us Southerners is that we, at least 99% of us, love our sweet tea (and the other 1% are figured to be infiltrators from north of the Mason-Dixon, but that’s neither here nor there. LOL) None of that hot tea with lemon or honey kinda stuff for us…we want the real thing! A big ol’ glass full of ice and that golden brown elixir sweetened to perfection with nothing but real sugar.

And don’t try putting mint sprigs in there or flavoring our tea with strawberries or raspberries, either…we’re purists and want our tea to taste like tea, not fruit juice. Although there are a few out there that like lemon in their iced tea, I am not one of them…just give me mine straight up.

Yes, that is the epitome of southern living…sweet tea.

Now, being diabetic, I don’t indulge myself in sweet tea very often but sometimes the urge, the absolute yearning for a huge glass of that heavenly brew gets so strong that I just can’t resist, so I give in to it.  Today is one of those days.  I make some of the best sweet tea there ever was, if I do say so myself, thanks to my Momma and I am looking forward to an icy cold glass with supper tonight.

If only I had thought to make cornbread and had some fresh tomatoes to slice with our meal it would really be southern heaven.

Tell me, what is it that epitomizes where you are from the way sweet tea does for me? What do you yearn for when you need a taste of home?

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  1. even though I am no longer in the South, I do hold on to my traditional iced tea every summer! haha - and I love your comment about those 1%, who do they think they are?! Bless their hearts!

  2. I love sweet tea as well and all though I'm below the Mason-Dixon line in MD I'm ten minutes outside of WASH,DC that being said you have to specify when you say that you want SWEET tea or else it might be unsweetened. Or like you said raspberry or something. But the thing that reminds me of home since I am from the Maryland is blue crabs. We call it pickin crabs. You learned fast as a kids cause wasn't no one going to do it for you after a certain age. People say its a lot of work for a little bit of meat but it ain't work if you from here lol. Yep but my folks are from Rocky Mount,NC so whenever we go there I have to have some barbecue. mmm mmm goodness.

  3. Yes Sweet Tea for me too, since that is what I had growing up in Missouri. Yum!! Fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, home made canned green beans with bacon and light bread. And that heart attack is the kind I miss from back home cookin'! Sigh..........

  4. Sweet tea it is for me too. Even better sun tea. Oh yea, tea brewed by the sun in a huge old mayonaise jar and then sweetened with real sugar ;)
    My parents are from Indiana so home cooking is:
    Fried potatoes, corn bread and pork chops (or fried chicken) and collard greens. Add some sweet tea and I am transported.

    loved reading everyone's comments too!

  5. well....growing up, of course it was McClards that symbolized home. but now, it has to be (again, of course)Watermelon. I know...I've only been here 7 yrs but this is truly home to me now. Pretty sure I'll be here the rest of my life....or at least most of it!

  6. I love sweet tea but I just can't make it like they do in the South. Got any recipes that work well Barb?


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