Saturday, July 24, 2010

Supply Saturday 1.6

I’m excited about the supplies on this weeks list because I’m not sure that everyone has heard of them and I love being the one to introduce y’all to something new that is really awesome!

Also, today is my birthday…or as I like to refer to it: the 6th Anniversary of my 39th Birthday. Yes, I will remain 39 forever and I’ll just be having anniversary celebrations from here on out. Truth of it is that I just don’t feel like I should be 45…seriously, how did that happen? Just the other day I was in my early 20’s and *whoosh*, here I am at 45. Talk about freaky, it just doesn’t seem possible…but I guess it is.

0061793000000-ST-01-Da-Vinci-EaselMy two daughters, son-in-law and the precious grandboy got me TWO easels for my birthday.  YES, two…a full size studio easel as well as a tabletop easel…I am so psyched! 

How can you not love getting gifts that are exactly what you  wanted? Also, youngest daughter took me to the bookstore (my other downfall next to the art supply store) and bought me Creative Wildfire by L.K.Ludwig as well as the new issues of Art Journaling and Somerset Studio. I couldn’t be happier and feel so loved and special. Tonight the hubby is whisking me away for some peace and quiet time just for the two of us…dinner out and staying somewhere away from home. He said he also has something else for me so who knows what that might be but it’s sure to be wonderful. He’s just that kind of guy.

YAY for birthdays…urm, I mean anniversaries. *grin*

Anyway, how about I quit all the yapping and get on with the reviews, right?

PanPastel Artist Painting Pastels – I have always loved the soft 21934-1109-3ww-l color that pastels impart to artwork but every time I had tried using them, they got everywhere but never stayed where they were supposed to be. That was before I found PanPastels! Each PanPastels still impart that soft color that pastel colors are known for but these are made using a different type of binder so once they are down, they don’t easily come off. The fun thing is that they can be removed with a regular eraser if you change your mind about color or placement or if you want to put a sharp edge to your work. They are highly pigmented with gorgeous colors and very low dust, too. They are available in 80 colors and, according to the PanPastel site, each pan contains 9ml (0.30 fl oz) of color - 40%* more than the average pastel stick, and yielding approx. 4 times more coverage. I love that they come in stacking, screw-together pans which protects them against breaking/crushing. I also love how working with them (they come with sponge like tools and you can buy other sponge tipped “brushes”, too) is like painting but they are even more workable than paint (and certainly more than regular pastels). Additionally, they are completely compatible with most other kinds of media, plus is that they mixable and easily removable. On a scale of 1-10, I give these great PanPastels a 10…I can find no pitfall to these wonderful pastels, they are just awesome! (Yes, the initial cost is a bit high but because they go so very far, they will last far longer than regular “cheap” pastels so they are actually more cost effective in the long run.)

Scotch® Permanent Glue Sticks – I’ve tried tons of glue sticks and adhesives in my art work…the high priced ones, the cheap ones and mmm600824s_2_1 everything in between but through all of them, I’ve yet to come across one that works any better than the Scotch Permanent Glue Sticks. They grab on fast, create a super strong bond, easy to work with, inexpensive, easy to find and they’re safe for children. They are great for papers, photos and fabric. These great little glue sticks are acid-free so they are safe for all your artwork and scrapbooking and will last for years and years. They’re photo safe and non-toxic so you can’t go wrong in choosing to use them. You can easily find these babies in a two pack for under $3.00 so that makes them super budget friendly (and who doesn’t love that?) On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the Scotch® Permanent Glue Sticks a solid 10!  When it’s time to grab some new adhesive for your artwork, go for the Scotch brand…you won’t be sorry and neither will your budget.

I hope you have found something this week that you haven’t tried before or maybe a little money saver for your billfold, something we can all use these days. If you’ve missed any of the past Supply Saturday posts, be sure to check the link at the top (right below my header) for the supplies I’ve reviewed in the past…and thanks so much for your tips and ideas on products to review. Keep ‘em coming.

Now, it’s time for me to get ready to pack for our little getaway so y’all take care and I’ll be back with you in a couple of days.

Peace & Love,


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!! For the next month and a half I am working with a group of folks that the other day when we all checked our ages, I WAS THE OLDEST of all of them. I immediately told them they have to give me more respect, HA. They didn't agree..............Hmmmmm. I love Pan Pastels and have a couple. BUT that easel is amazing. WOO HOO for you. Have a great evening out.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you! I am just having a giveaway for that book "Creative Wildfire". I have used Pan Pastels and have a lot of practice to do to figure them out!
    I hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy your new book!

  3. Happy 39th + ;-D I have the Creative WIldfire book it has some great stuff in it! I hear you on the bookstore being your downfall, it's one of mine too, I actually have to ground myself sometimes from new books, lol, next will be journals!

    I really appreciate your reviews on these items!

  4. Can't find the Scotch glue sticks anywhere!!! Any suggestions?


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