Thursday, July 1, 2010

Digging Deeper

Some days I tend to focus on my family here, other days it is more about my art, and even others my health or the topic of du jour…I like jumping around like that; it’s how life really works, especially mine. LOL

Lately I have been doing lots of deep thinking, probing what is important to me and where I want to go with my life. WOW at the things that have crossed my mind in the past couple of weeks.  I promise that you’d all be shocked at the craziness that can often worm its way into my brain sometimes.

One topic I keep coming back to in these “thought sessions”  is the art of living well.  By that, I mean living the best life you can possibly muster and doing it with intention, kindness and grace…eyes wide open and allowing myself to be vulnerable. I think that it is only when we are truly vulnerable that we can really gain the most that life has to offer; we have to be willing to risk ourselves fully in order to reap the greatest benefits.

I have been making huge strides toward being brutally honest with myself about everything…making amends to those I have hurt in the past, doing better at being in the moment with myself and with those I love…I guess you could say I’m just trying to be the best me I can be.


But who am I really? Is it sad that I am soon to be 45 (in 23 days, OMG) and I am still not sure who I really am? I mean, I know who I am but I have this deep seeded feeling of being incomplete; of not fulfilling my passions in life. *sigh*

(By the way, that’s the final page in my Moleskine so it’s time for me to start in my quilted fabric journal…YAY!)

Anyway, I am working on making some decisions about where I want to go and what I want to do…my health is a contributing factor in my thoughts, too. My art is huge in my thoughts and how I can share my art and my love of creating with others. Just so much to consider.

Another project I am working on right now is an art journaling ‘zine. I thought it would be a good time to do one as I ponder these thoughts so I can share some of my insights and ideas as it relates to art journaling, my true passion. I’ll let y’all know when I have it finished and hope you’ll all grab a copy.

Right now I think I’m going to go and do a journal flip-through video of my Moleskine to share with you, too…I’ve never done a video.

I’m off work until next Tuesday (thank you Independence Day holiday!) so I WILL be doing an expanded version of my Supply Saturday post this week to make up for my lack of one the past couple of weeks. Oh, and I’m wrapping packages and going to the post office tomorrow with goodies for all you winners in my giveaway…thanks for being wonderful and patient with me.

Peace & Love,


  1. i feel the same.

    the phrase 'who we are' isn't really clear at all. what does it actually MEAN?
    so it's hard to have a clear answer!
    one thing I tried was writing lists of things I like about myself as well as things I love and am passionate about.
    all of those are part of what define who I am, part of my whole.

  2. Gurl, you think too much! Sometimes it is a good thing but other times it's great to be free thinking and take things as they come at you. Of course that will make you just a little crazy...I ought to know!! Have a great arty holiday and stay safe.


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