Saturday, June 12, 2010

Supply Saturday 1.3

Hi y’all…if there is a “y’all”…I am beginning to wonder if I’m doing this for anyone but me.

Anyone there??? {echo.echo.echo…} LOL

Well, it’s already late Saturday evening and I really should be in bed since we tomorrow is our one Sunday a year that we have to work but I wanted to get this out and not be a day late (like I was last week.)  I’m a horrid procrastinator sometimes and I’m working on breaking that habit.

So, with some wonderful goodies on tap, let’s get this party started…

Uni-Ball Signo um-153 White Gel Pen-So many of us uni_um-153.1that love to work in our art journals (and scrapbooks, too) are always on the prowl for that elusive great white pen.  That was the battle for me until I found these awesome pens. I can’t say that they write on EVERYTHING (any waxy medium I use on my pages such as watercolor crayons or watercolor pastels always resist being written on with everything I have found so far) but they are the best white pen out there, in my opinion. They will write on everything else that I’ve tried them on other than those waxy supplies mention above and their color is a true opaque white and not a transparent or shiny off white. They make a bold mark (a 1.0 mm line, so don’t look for fine detail out of them), they don’t skip, and are relatively easy to find, especially if you shop online (try, that’s where I get mine from) and all that at a reasonable price ($2.25 each at Jetpens.) This is definitely my preferred white pen so I give the Uni-Ball Signo um-153 a rating of 8 out of 10…it’s failure to write over my waxy mediums and not being carried in my local Wal-Mart are it’s main downfalls for me. Other than that, I love ‘em!

Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints-When I saw that -claudine-hellmuth-studio-paints-all-15-colours-3446-p Claudine had gotten together with Ranger and she had her own line of paints, brushes, etc., I had to try them. I have one of each shade of her paints and have used them quite a bit. They are a semi-gloss, medium bodied acrylic that are available in 15 colors that come in 2 oz. jars. That being said, I like most of the colors (some more than others) and Claudine even has a mixing guide so that you can use the original 15 to create a total of 51 colors. Their downfall is the price which is a bit high, in my opinion. I do believe that you generally get what you pay for but a 2 oz. jar of these runs about $5.50 which means that you’ll pay around $82.50 + tax to get all 15 colors. Yea, that’s what I mean by being a bit steep, price-wise. In their defense, I am utterly in love with the “Dash of Red”, “Classic Teal” and “Landscape Green” colors and use those colors frequently. It’s not that the products aren’t good quality, they are…they are just unusual colors and with a price tag that is a bit higher than other acrylic paints that are more deeply pigmented, giving you more for your money. Because of cost concerns and the not so standard colors offered, I give the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints a rating of 5 out of 10. (My suggestion? Invest only in the colors from her palette that really appeal to you, otherwise save your pennies and spend your hard earned cash on some Golden’s liquid acrylics (you can use a little get medium to get more body if that’s what you need.) They are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way meaning they will really stretch…not to mention that they come in basic, mixable colors.  If that is still more than the budget allows right now, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby often have their inexpensive bottles of acrylics on special 2 for $1.00 and for art journaling, these are perfectly fine!)

I hope this week has been a good one for everyone…mine has been very full and tiring. Long hours at work and still trying to get my daughter situated and settled in at home and with her new job. It’s going wonderful for her at work; she’s loving every minute of being a nurse and really enjoys the people she’s working with/for, too. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent help out to us in order to get everything situated. We’re not quite “there” yet but we’re well on our way (still working on paying for Noah’s daycare & Savannah’s gas for next week)…and we appreciate your help so very much. Just one more week of struggling and she should be home free with getting her first paycheck on the 22nd, YAY!!!

Now, off to bed with me cause I know that 5:45am is going to come mighty early.

Peace & Love,


  1. I do read your posts when I have time. I'm very sporadic w/my blog ( and Twitter and Facebook and even Etsy. I have to agree that the Hellmuth paints are quite expensive. I love the Signo pens and have several for journaling and even used it on some of the flowers I have on my blog. I love reviews of products, so thanks.

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say that I read every single word you post on your blog! That said I normally hate reviews of products, cause they are all 'bliss, bliss, loved it, bliss' and that gets old. Your reviews however are great, honest, and so far directly inline with my thoughts on every product so far (I don't have any of Claudine's paint so can't say but the cost would prohibit me from purchasing them to begin with). I have my fingers crossed all goes fantastic for you daughter. I would do more but right now have no monies to spare. But I know that in the end it will work out for all of us! Keep up the good work and keep posting.

  3. I appreciate your product reviews, Barb. Whew, I think I overpaid for my fave white signo pen...Thank you for the paint tips!

  4. Love love love my signo pens. Now just the white either. The gold, silver and copper are wonderful too. The price is what's put me off getting any of the Claudine Hellmuth paints. I feel like I'm paing for a brand not the product.

  5. I adore you. Thank you for your honesty when you review, it is refreshing to see someone write about products that haven't been influenced by money. Even though a sponsor or two or three would be helpful to you, with your daughter especially. Thank you.
    And the last Supply Saturday convinced me to get a moleskin journal! So far, I love it!

  6. I always read your posts! I just purchased a white bold signo, and it's great, right up their with my much loved jelly roll!

  7. Thanks for your "Supply Saturday"! I have been getting such good info from you! thank you for sharing about the struggles you guys are having. I so wish I could help financially. Hang in there guys!

  8. I don't think I've ever written with a white pen before. But then I'm not a crafty person, so I didn't even know they existed!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    - Margaret

  9. Hi Barb, I just discovered your sweet blog. Yay. I wanted to add my experience with Claudine's line of paint. The colors and lovely consistency drew me to the paint, plus I really admire Claudine as an artist and the chance to support her new venture was a big pull.

    Sadly, I found that mine started drying up after about 8 months. Lids tight, stored in a container and half of my paint is barely usable. I've added AGL to try to extend them a bit, it works but the result is a lumpy paint. Ergh! I wanted to love them!


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