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Supply Saturday - Sharpie Paint Pens & Collage Pauge

I know this is a day late but as you can see by my previous post, it’s been a really rough time around the Craft Junkie household the past few days…If you haven’t read my previous post, I would be forever grateful if you’d take a few minutes and read it. Besides, you might get a chance to win a great prize in my giveaway, too.

Thanks so much!

Anyway, It’s that time again, boys and girl…time for Supply Saturday (even though it’s actually Sunday LOL)! This week’s supplies are some real goodies so let’s get this party rollin’…
  • Sharpie Water-based Paint Pens-I found these great paint markers based on their use and the love of them by Teesha Moore. Once I had tried them, I was hooked! What they consist of is real acrylic paint in marker form and they are great for so many things but especially for art journaling. They come in a crazy number of colors, even fluorescents and they are can be applied over most every single base (even most waxy substrates) which makes them awesome, in my opinion. They are easy to use, extremely portable and virtually mess free to work with, too. They add beautiful color (or just black or white) to your art and they work great for lettering, outlining or just doodling. I just can’t tout all of the great uses for these awesome pens enough. The downfall to what I consider one of the very best art journaling supplies that exists is that Sanford, the manufacturer, has verified that they are ceasing production of them. I am already having a very hard time finding them in white and that is the one that I seem to use the most. If you don’t already have a few of these great paint pens, you are really missing out on a super supply. I am doing research to see what similar paint pens I will be forced to go to when Sharpie no longer has these available anywhere and I will keep y’all up to date on my findings. Luckily I have a nice large stash of most every color (except white!) that should tide me over for quite a while.  *NOTE: Since you can see that I sell these great pens in my Etsy, I want to make it very clear that I’m not reviewing them in order to sell more of them…the reason I sell them is because I do LOVE them so much and I believe them to be one of the very best products around so I want to share them with anyone who loves them as much as I do! 
  • Collage Pauge-This decoupage medium (the label calls  CollagePauge it a water-resistant glue sealer and finish) is designed by the wonderful Traci Bautista and is in the same genre as that great old standby, Mod Podge.  One of the biggest differences between the two is that Collage Pauge is a bit thinner and in a squirt type bottle which makes it easier and less messy to use in many types of art, especially in my art journaling. While I like the matte and glossy versions okay, the sparkle version is very much not my cup of tea at all. The “sparkles” appear to be nothing more than large cut glitter mixed into a semi-gloss version of the medium. Here are my downfalls to the product in general: COST…I paid $6.99 + tax for each 8 oz. bottle of Collage Pauge (the 16 oz bottles go for around $10.99 each) but I can get plain old Mod Podge at $5.99 for the huge 16 oz. bottle, so that makes this product very cost prohibitive to me. Second, when I have used any of them for gluing down papers that are less than cardstock, I get lots of wrinkling…in order to stop or lessen the buckling or wrinkling, I had to spend more time than is necessary to work the product and keep the papers flat to the substrate as it adheres, much like you’d find if you were using plain old Elmer’s School Glue. The kudos I will give Collage Pauge is that once it adheres, it’s there for good as it has superb adherence not to mention that there is an ease to it’s use.  All in all, I love Traci and her work so I really wanted to fall in love these products but to me, they just don’t deliver. I give the glossy & matte versions of Collage Pauge a rating of 3 and the sparkle version a rating of 2. (My suggested alternative glue, sealer & finish? Invest your hard earned money in some gloss gel medium or matte gel medium, otherwise save your pennies by using Mod Podge.)
There you have it, this weeks Supply Saturday.  Thank you all for the wonderful, warm reception for this little idea of mine to review supplies. I am really enjoying sharing my supply knowledge with everyone so y’all keep the ideas coming.

Remember, if you haven’t read my previous post and you’d like a chance to win a set of 10 of the great Sharpie Water-based Paint pens, be sure to check it out…and thanks.

To everyone that has already read and especially those who have reached in their pockets and given from their heart, I love and adore you all. YOU are the reason that I come here and do what I do. 

Thank you!

Peace & Love,


  1. Be careful about mod podge..over time it yellows. You might be better off saving your pennies for good ol' fashion gel medium. ;)

    FYI, the Sharpie waterbased poster paint pens-Sanford has made a ton of them and you can still buy them. I don't recommend stocking up on the white as over time the ink may separate. Uni-posca paint pens are the SAME ink and come in the same colors/tip sizes. Also, Sanford has come out with something called a water based paint marker, which I have yet to hold in my hands. My guess is that they took the word POSTER off of the pens because it was causing too much confusion and that it's the same exact pen.

    Huge kudos on your reviews! You are awesome :)

  2. Great post Barb! Glad I read it so now I can pass on the Collage Pauge.... even though I'm a big fan of Tracy.
    Much LOVE!


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