Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The World is Mad

Life gets so busy and, as usual, my blog is always one space that seems to suffer. *sigh* I hate that but I am also a realist and life has to be more important than being online…yet, I hate it when my blog falls behind.

I’m just glad that y’all stick with me…I always come around.

I did get in a little art journal time in the midst of all the chaos:IMG_0120 I hope you’re all doing well and finding time to create something every day.

Peace & Love,


  1. I love the rich, vibrant colour in this (and the awesome border)!

  2. I like the pic of the woman and the quote!!!

  3. You need one of these Barb *nods*

    Gorgeous page, love the colours.

  4. Love this Barb!
    I love the colors! So rich... ; )

  5. We will never dessert you!! NEVER!!!

  6. Spectacular! Lovin' your blog!

  7. Barb, so glad you managed to squeeze in a little art journal time--and wow, how fantastic that you can come up with THIS in such a busy period! Your use of color is positively delicious, as always.

  8. You were born with the gift of laughter and a great sense of color and composition! Love it! =)

  9. Creating something everyday is a wonderful advice. We have to keep ourselves busy and entertained to be able to continue living this hectic kind of life. But sometimes, we do need to stop for a bit and think and reflect on our feelings. may be this create something new means discover something new about yourself. I did some Online therapy that helped me with that. May be you will like it to. Trying is no harm!


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