Friday, May 28, 2010

Still Life

Often, as I make my long drives to and from work, I spy things that I want to capture in pictures but so often I’m in such a hurry that I don’t have time to stop.  Do you ever see things and just want to capture them and take them home with you? I think that it is these sights that have made me realize how much I love old things…houses, barns, trees, rusty old cars.

Lately I have been making an effort to leave home earlier and give myself more time on my drives so I can bring some of this old beauty home with me.

There is an old, abandoned house that sits just off the road that has intrigued me since the first time I noticed it. In my mind I can picture this old place back in it’s hayday…bright white and proud, with a huge chimney and a rambling front porch, the site of evening talks on the porch swing.  The more times I passed this deserted home, the more I wondered about it…something about this house really piqued my interest.

Naturally this grand old home of long ago is the subject of my first captured images from those trips…it’s as though the family that lived there just woke up one day and walked away, not taking a thing.

IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0064 IMG_0065IMG_0066 IMG_0067

I don’t profess to be a photographer but I enjoyed taking these so much.  It’s as though now I have my own little piece of this place that has occupied my mind on so many of these long road trips.

In other news, I have decided to get back into making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards, in case you’ve never heard of them), so I am back on ATCs For All and doing a little trading of these wonderful little art pieces.  If you’re a member over there, I hope you’ll look for me (I’m CraftJunkie.)

We’re only 21 days from our Vegas vacation and I am so ready to go! Vegas is where we went on our honeymoon back in 2006 and have looked forward to going back and now we are…YAY! I can’t wait!  As of this moment, I am really looking forward to the three day holiday weekend that is just beginning and I plan on getting in some art time, watching some movies, doing a little cooking and just spend time ralaxing with my honey. Ahhhh….

I hope you’re all having creative days and have a good weekend coming up.

Peace & Love,


  1. I'm so happy to hear you taking the time to stop and take photographs!

    Something about that house reminds me of the one in a messed-up Gregory Peck movie titled, "I Walk the Line."

    The windows and chimney and just the overall construction look so awesome! I hope someone gives it another chance at life.

  2. I drive to work through country roads at 6 a.m. and as the sun rises I always want to take photos. Most of the time I'm in a big hurry too, but one day in particular I could stand it no more. I didn't resist. I pulled over, unpacked my camera from the backseat (oh, how lame) and stepped out to capture the most amazing oranges, magentas and purples, my favorite kind of sky. I felt so incredibly happy! Two cars went by and thought I was absolutely nuts. That felt good, too. Anyway, I love how you captured this old little snippets of curiosity. I wonder how a beautiful old home almost got left behind...were it not for you.

  3. Oh my!! What a great place. The last time I was in Missouri to see my son, I went to my Grandma's farm where I mostly grew up, that someone else now owns and took a ton of pics. Beautiful!! Love the fact that they left this place and left the curtains.

  4. These are really pretty, full of atmosphere! Make you want to exlore. I just bought a video camera and I found myself on my back on a woodland walk, videoing the tree canopy with the sun filtering through... if anyone had seen me I'm sure they would think I was quite mad. But when the moment takes you!

  5. That old house is beautiful....I wish I had the courage to stop and take pics like that...Would not feel safe here in Atlanta to do that. You're lucky!!


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