Friday, May 7, 2010

Realizing Growth

I had to take off work yesterday and it looks like I’ll be doing the same thing today. My fibromyalgia is really kicking my butt right now and I can’t seem to make the pain stop without copious amounts of pain meds…making it impossible to drive.

Okay, now that I have that out of the way (sometimes I have to document things on here for myself), on to other things.

the-artists-way_17li I had a copy of Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” about 2 years ago.  I picked it up because everyone said it was THE book to have in learning to come into your own as an artist. I just couldn’t ever seem to get into it…so I traded it out on

Then a few weeks ago I realized that I really wanted to broaden my horizons, as a human and as an artist. I began to want to go through those lessons that Julia sets out in her book that I had so quickly traded away back then…so I got another copy. (I should have learned long ago not to get rid of my books but hey, that’s another lesson learned, right?) Now I’m working my way through it with intention, the way I believe she meant for it to be done, and I am enjoying the process.

I have made some amends lately, too. Someone from my very long ago past that I hurt deeply had been really popping into my field of vision and into my mind often which, to me, indicates that I have unfinished business…and I did. I needed to apologize and to do what I could to rectify the damage that my careless actions caused her, no matter how much time had passed. So I did.

After a long talk, she accepted my apologies and we both left the discussion feeling better. I know that my load feels much lighter after having done what I could to right a wrong committed so many years ago.

I feel myself growing and changing and wanting to do the right thing; being ever mindful of my Karma. I believe that all of life is an exercise in growth. learning to be a better person and to listen to your heart (how cliche` is that?) and do those things that speak to you. I guess it all comes down to being true to yourself…and that is what I’m trying to do in my life, just be true to myself.

Just some thoughts that are rambling through my head this morning. I’m sure I’ll be journaling about these thoughts later on today.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and ya know, I have the best husband in the world. I showed him some things a while back that I had on my wish list and he said to me, “Baby, I am not good at gift buying but I want you to have everything you’ve ever wanted so if you want that watch…please buy it. For you to have the things you want is what I want.”  Awww!

The old me would have been so hurt that my husband couldn’t find it in himself to be romantic and shop for me. I would have cried because that kind of attitude HAD to mean that he didn’t really love me.  PFFT!!!

This new me, the one that is striving to grow and change, realizes that we all have limitations and Richie really isn’t a shopping kinda guy…BUT, he really does want to give me those things I desire. He loves me and his inability to shop is NOT any kind of indication of his adoration…so, at his insistence, here are my Mother’s Day gifts:   

IMG_0628Can you tell I am all about color these days?

For years my favorite color changed constantly but for quite a long time orange has been my favorite color and I don’t see that changing. Orange makes me happy! Oh, and we all know I am a total Peace freak so the awesome  orange and silver, peace sign on the face Lucky Brand watch is totally and completely ME! I absolutely LOVE it! *huge grin*

41iaa0gWa6L._AA300_Then there is the fabulous Canon PowerShot digital camera…in a fun “deep red” (although it looks like a bit of a pinky-red to me). I would have gotten an orange camera but I couldn’t find the camera I wanted in orange so hey, at least the one I wanted came in a cool color and not just black or silver!

We have Savannah’s pinning in Arkansas on Monday, then we have Shelby’s 21st birthday celebration at the casino next weekend and then our Vegas vacation coming up June 19th…so we needed a new digital camera to document all these wonderful happenings.

Needless to say, I am one happy chica! My camera should arrive from today. Y’all know what that means…more and better pics on the blog, too, right? YEA!!!

Okay, it’s time to try and do some art (stencil cutting, stamp carving and some art journaling, so nothing to strenuous) to push through the pain and feel creative. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow.

By the way, my 200th blog post is coming up quickly and I am going to do a fantabulous giveaway to celebrate. I hope you’ll stick around and be a part! WOOT!

Peace & Love,


  1. cool watch! here's my camera:

  2. Greg is the same way (non-romantic shopping). And at first, it did hurt my feelings, b/c I, too,thought, "if he loved me, he'd want to pick out just the right gift." pfft...not so. He loves me enough that he wants me to get exactly what i want, I make him a list of several things I want, in several price ranges and then he surprises me from that! It's a win-win situation. He gets to win by knowing what to give me, and I get to win by getting something I really want and will use! Of course, he still manages to throw in a little surprise sometimes, too...being the silly man he is!

    Hope you are feeling better today. And hope you win big in Tunica next weekend. Happy birthday to both your beautiful daughters...I'm so proud of Savannah!

  3. Hey Barb!
    I hope since this comment is kinda old, that you're feeling better! I too have a hubby that doesn't shop. Not a big deal after 25 years...! ; ) We've gotten to the point where we'll just go and have a wonderful dinner (sometimes breakfast) to celebrate whatever, then buy what we want (within reason!).
    congrats on the cool gifts!


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