Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stamp Carving, Art Journaling & Healing

I think I’m healing pretty well these days. My sutures on my belly are all looking pretty good, the nausea is still gone (for good, I’m hoping), and my energy level is rising, too. I am feeling more like my old, normal self.  I am even feeling more like creating, which is such a change from before the surgery, and have been in the studio every single day since getting home from the hospital. I can’t imagine what might have been floating around in my brain and blocking me from creating that could have been removed with my gall bladder but something has changed.

Change for the good.

I even started something new (for me)…stamp carving. 

The adorable and wonderful Samantha Kira Harding does a vlog (video blog) on Tuesday evenings and 2 Tuesdays ago she vloged on carving your own stamps. I remembered while watching her that I had bought the Speedball Speedy Carve kit from Dick Blick over a year ago but never used it. WOW!  I actually had the (minimal) tools on hand to try my hand at the very thing she was showing me how to do. How cool is that?!?

So, there began my current obsession. I have been carving my little heart out in the past few days.

IMG_0580These are the first ones I did, trying more simple shapes to get my feet wet with carving.  Nope, they’re not perfect but I really love the little imperfections…it shows they’re not some store bought stamps but that they were carved by hand…my hands!  Then yesterday I tried some that had a little more detail and curves and harder elements….

IMG_0581I think I’m getting a little better with each stamp I carve. I am really loving the lotus and the barren tree…hell, I love all of them…and I’m planning on doing lots more.  Luckily I already have the supplies to do lots of carving since I am on an art supply buying hiatus this month. (Did ya notice the little avatar at the top of the right sidebar?) Yep, no buying of supplies for the entire month of April…but I have tons of supplies in my studio so I shouldn’t have any problems keeping busy with what I already have around.

Anyway, if you’re interested in stamp carving, check out Kira’s vlog post on stamp carving HERE. She’s sure to get ya started and on your way. There are also tons of great videos on stamp carving on, too. Beware though…it really can be addictive. Trust me on that one.  :-)

IMG_0582I even managed to finish an Art Journal spread (really I’ve done 3 spreads but I only managed to take a picture of this one) and thought I’d share it real quick, too.  For some reason, doing this page really put me at peace and calmed my soul. I really love the healing properties I find in my art journaling. I think it has done more for healing my broken soul than any of the umpteen (Southern slang for a whole damn bunch) counselors and psychiatrists I’ve been to in the past.

I’ve also been painting and collaging, too. (See, this whole surgery thing has really done wonders for my creative spirit.) I’ll try and take some pics of my other art journaling and my art pieces over the weekend.

Another creative endeavor I’m rolling around in my head these days is making a quilt. I have these beautiful fabrics that I’ve picked up here and there (flea markets & thrift stores, mainly) and would love to see them in a handmade quilt. Nothing intricate but something simple…just simple squares of these bright, beautiful fabrics would be so cool.  Maybe I will start that quilt this week. Who knows? LOL

It’s been so beautiful and sunny this past week here in the backwoods of Alabama. Sunny skies, warm temperatures (warm, not hot), the flowers beginning to bloom and the grass turning green….ah, it’s just been so heavenly.  Living in this old house, we have door off our bedroom onto the front porch and I love to open it in the mornings and let the cool breeze waft in and listen to the birds sing their morning songs. The son-in-law took this plastic sheeting off the windows of my studio on Thursday so now I have a gorgeous view out those windows, too.

I’m just so happy that spring is here. My mood always lifts once winter is over and maybe that accounts for some of my newfound energy and better moods. Love these beautiful days…and cool nights. Oh, the cool nights are so fabulous, too.

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough for today. I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and that the weather is fabulous where you are, too.

Peace & Love,


  1. I am so glad you are on the mend. Your stamps are AWESOME! You have a real talent for it. I've never tried it and you have inspired me to try it.
    Really nice journal page too!

  2. I use umpteen also:) Glad to see that you are feeling better so you can create again. That tree stamp you made is fab!! My favorite thing to draw are nekid trees;-) When my son was very young I use to make quilts the old fashioned way by hand piecing the top and then quilting them by hand. I had a huge kitchen, so had plenty of room for the quilting frame. Arthuritis would'nt let me do much now. And sadly I don't have any of the quilts I made because I always had to sell them for grocery or gas $$. Sigh......

  3. Fun! I love carving my own stamps. Yours are really good!~

  4. I've done this before, it's so fun & the possibilities are endless! Have you ever heard of letterboxing? It combines the art of stamp carving with the fun of a scavenger hunt. If you're interested, check out or I think you'd enjoy it!!!

  5. So glad you are feeling better Barb!
    Beautiful stamps, I particularly like the lotus flower. :)
    Much Love

  6. your stamps are beautiful! i think i might have to try ... i've had some erasers in a drawer just for stamp making ^^

  7. Wipes drool from her face, LOVE those stamps. VERY cool!!!!

    Hope you are 100% your wonderful self again ASAP! :D

  8. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! You'll be back to 100% in no time.

    From the looks of it you aren't wasting any time either. I"m really digging those stamps.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better :-)

    Now that you're making stamps, you'll have to go Letterboxing! We made one special stamp that's our signature for letterboxes.

    My mood is vastly improved w/ Spring ,too. Bah, winter

  10. yes! the sad season is over!! the sunshine does wonder for our souls, doesn't it?

    love your stamps!! look at your little New Orleans Saints symbol! LOL I use to do the stamping thing (not making them, mind you, but buying and using), but just have not had time in years to use them. I love how creative and crafty you are!!

    I've got a ton of t-shirts I want made into a exclusively Hard Rock shirts, the other, just t-shirts I love/memories, yanno? My mom has a friend that will do it, but I'll have to wait til I can afford it.

    My grandmothers both quilted and I have some of their handiworks...very dear treasures to me. Go for it..make something your girls and grandkids can treasure forever!!

  11. So glad you're starting to feel better! Those stamps look AWESOME!

  12. Really beautiful Art journal pages!!

    I too have a stamp carve kit from Blick that I haven't used yet. This post is very inspiring!

    Happy Spring!!


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