Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Journal History

I was looking at my flickr account this morning and realized just how many of my art journal pages I’ve posted over there…and just how much art journaling I’ve done in the past couple of years.  I have filled quite a few journals, pouring my heart and soul onto the pages with my thoughts, my fears, my aches and pains…and in that time I’ve found a tremendous amount of healing.

Art journaling has done this for me in a way that ordinary journaling couldn’t have done. The colors, the pictures, the painting and details that go into each page echo sentiments that my words can’t always seem to capture. Sharing my love of art journaling is huge to me, considering all it has done for me….I know that it could work wonders for so many others.

Those thoughts ramble around in my brain all the time and one day I’ll figure out how it is that I want to proceed. For now, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with y’all…mosaic577f9b902b3b368f3885c9e103951eaebb4af084

1. Finding Peace, 2. The Meaning of Love, 3. Superwoman, 4. Chasing the Dream, 5. Home Sweet Home, 6. Live out Loud, 7. Holding On, 8. Sometimes, 9. Freedom, 10. Getting things done, 11. Inspiration, 12. Be Original, 13. Eyes, 14. Dia De Los Muertos, 15. Embrace Your Beauty, 16. Creative Magic, 17. One Dream Realized, 18. Time, 19. When I grow up, 20. No time to Waste, 21. Her Wings, 22. I am Beautiful, 23. Hills & Valleys, 24. My Highest Aspirations, 25. Nurture Your Soul, 26. Visualize, 27. Joyful Life, 28. Dream Goddess, 29. Forgive, 30. Bird song, 31. Possibilities, 32. Inauguration Day Journal Page, 33. Be Brave, 34. Imagine the Unimaginable, 35. Life is Good

In other news, after working a 15 hour day yesterday, I’m off today to recuperate (at my boss’s insistence.) My fibro is kicking in pretty good so, even though I had some great intentions for what I was going to do today, I think a nap is in order right now…then maybe I can get up and get some of my “chores” done around here.

I hope y’all have a great Tuesday…and if you have time today, work a little in your art journal. It can work wonders for your soul.

Peace & Love,


  1. So happy I just found you! I am an art journaler and lover of your work and your Blog now! And, yes, journaling does work wonders for the body & soul. Thank you! ~Kathy

  2. i found you too and love everything, too!

  3. Hi Barb,
    I followed the link from Kelly Kilmers blog.....lovely journals! I read your bio and it sounds like me! I'm a thrift store junkie and mess maker too!

  4. Oh your pages are sooo awesome!!!! Thanks for the email! Keep on journaling! Your pages are tooo cool!


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