Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Good Life

I have such a good life.

Now, if you had lived through the day (hell, through the LIFE) I’ve had, you might not be thinking that thought right about now…but really, I do have a phenomenally wonderful life.

Today I was diagnosed (finally, a diagnosis!) with Fibromyalgia. It is only part of what’s going on with me but to finally have a doc say to me “There IS a reason for your pain” and this is what it is and this is how we’re going to treat it…Oh my, those words are like music to my ears. I need to know that there is a reason I hurt and to have a doctor validate it. It helps. 

Now, if we can just pinpoint what is causing my upper abdominal pain (gall bladder?) then maybe I can get to healing and get on with life! Same doc is sending me for a HIDA Scan on Tuesday…maybe that will give the answer we’re looking for. *crossing fingers*

IMG_0551Why, after hearing that today and coming home with even more new meds to add to the ever growing pharmacy that I have for all of the other ailments I have, would I ever start off by saying how good my life is?

My life is good because the hubby and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary yesterday and that means I have spent a wonderful 4 years with the man who still makes my heart beat fast and can make me laugh like no one else on earth…the man who is the key to finally fit my locks. My life is good because I have close family (my girls, my sister, my son-in-law) that is phenomenal and their for love me is so wonderful and comforting.

Life is good because I am creating things in my studio that make me happy; trying new things. experimenting and learning.  Life is good because our bills are paid, we have jobs (even if I can’t work much right now), a good income, a roof over our heads and plenty of food in the cupboard. Life is good because I have wonderful, crazy friends who send me unbelievable mail-love that includes big eyes for my studio.

See? What’s not to love about my life?

Oh yeah, every single one of us has our own private hells to deal with but when we step back and look at things in the right light, life is good.

It just is.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Peace & Love,


  1. "Life's been good to me so far...." (Joe Walsh)'ve survived a lot over the years, and here we are still alive and kicking and not backing down!
    I know hearing a diagnosis was a big relief...a validation. I'm glad they finally figured out what it was. My gall bladder hurts me mostly in the middle of my back. Sometimes I get the "heart attack" symptoms that I've read are common to women suffering from gall bladder attacks, but mostly it's my middle back. After I've eaten something I shouldn't!
    One of these days I'll be brave and have it taken out.

    but back to you...
    yes, you are loved, and you are blessed!

  2. WOW!! So sorry to hear about you having Fibro!! I might think I had the same thing, but mine is old Arthur running around, in every part of my body!!Ugh! Yes, you do have friends, lots of them who care. Congrats on your anniver"story". Have a great weekend.

  3. My mother has been diagnosed w/Fibromyalgia for many years now. She always had pain that doctors tried to explain away with Arthritis, and maybe 10 years ago I saw something on the news bout Fibro & said 'hey mom, ask the doc about this'. Sent her to a pain specialist & sure enough, she was diagnosed. It's been a long haul for her, the road certainly isn't easy living in chronic pain, as I'm sure you know, but having the diagnosis & getting on a treatment plan has made a world of difference through the years! Best of luck to you!

  4. hi! do not worry for anything! my fairy-witches are casting a protection spell just for you!!!

  5. I wanted to know more about Fibromyalgia. I want to the net and found this,
    Why don't you go look, there is always something else to try.

  6. Hey Barb!
    Life is good! And it makes a big difference when we remember that through the trials of our existence, yeah? ; ) Congrats on your awesome 4 years! I'll be celebrating 24 next month and I feel exactly the same way!
    Take it easy

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary. And also on your diagnosis. You've had the pain all along, so being able to call it by name is a victory.

    I feel much the same about having a good life, a beautiful life. My struggles are above average, but so are my blessings. It doesn't make the struggle less painful, but it sure makes the joy sweeter.

  8. Hope that you feel better soon. Most of my time is in doctor offices trying to figure out what's wrong with me. My art time is limited, but it sure helps!!! I really, really hope that you feel better soon!!!!


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