Sunday, February 21, 2010

Priorities & Multi-Tasking

The older I get the more I learn about myself and one thing I’m learning these days is about prioritizing life in order to accomplish all that I want to do. 

For instance, I still have a box of pictures from the move that all need to be hung, the kitchen cabinets still need painting, the hall needs painting (that’s where most of those pictures in the box are destined for), and on and on and on! That list of things doesn’t even count all of the art projects and ideas that I have in progress or in my head that I want to start/finish (including the perfect purse that I have decided that I’m going to have to make myself since I can’t find it anywhere! LOL)

I guess the truth of it is that I am just not real good at multi-tasking…and I am actually glad that I’m not.  When we “multi-task,” none of the tasks we’re working on get our full attention. In this day and age we are pushed by our jobs and those superwomen on TV to do more, do it better and do it faster…we’re not good enough if we can’t do it all, do it perfect and do it quick.

I don’t like this bullshit idea of doing it all. I suppose that I am old enough now to embrace the idea of Zen…being in the moment, giving my full attention to whatever task is at hand…so multi-tasking is out of the question for me. I want to enjoy what i’m doing, even the not so enjoyable tasks, and I can only do that when I give each of them my complete attention by doing one at a time.

Do you give your attention to one thing at a time?  Do you live in the moment or are you still multi-tasking and spreading yourself thin?

One of the priorities for my right now is taking time to do the assignments (I can’t think of a better word for it) in the art journaling workshop I’m taking (Art Journal LOVE Letters).  I realized right before starting the workshop that my art journaling had taken backseat to all of the other things in my life that needed my attention (the move, work, my health, the house) but in letting my art journaling fall by the wayside, I was harming myself. Seriously.

My art journal is my friend, my healer, my confidant and secret keeper, my dumping ground, my happy place, my place of experimentation…it is so much to me, yet it is one of the first things I push to the side when other parts of life call out needing my attention.  I have realized that I can’t do that anymore. My art saves me…everyday, it saves me. It has to be a priority…and it is.


What important, saving graces are you letting fall by the wayside in your quest to be Superwoman?

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  1. I'm right there with you. I want to do it all and push myself to do it, but then let my art journal fall by the wayside, when I need it most. March will bring me around though!

  2. I've been following your blog for awhile and thought it was time I popped in to say howdy! I'm a great multi-tasker in the work place, when I'm working, but at home it usually just means that there are several things that aren't yet finished going on at once!

    LOVE your blog!

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! I absolutely love that beautiful spread and the cat's OK too. WOW!! Girl, you need to do tutorials on making backgrounds and making Zentangles. Just a couple of more things on your plate. LOL! And I have lived in this house and I still have art leaning up against the walls in every room that has not been hung. My real job is and has always been my entire life for 26 years. But now I feel like I can have fun for me with my art journaling. I sent you a longggg email yesterday. Let me know! *wink*

  4. This entry spoke to me so loudly!! You know how busy I stay...but this weekend, with the kids away, I had about 8 pressing tasks I needed to get accomplished for JA and PTO. I made a list, and then worked on each one until completion. When it was finished, I crossed it off. I think I did a better job on each one than if I'd tried to work on a couple at a time.
    Finding the Zen...I like that.
    I need to slow down at times and do that.

  5. What you have to remember, is that doing it all includes housework. I don't housework that I don't consider 'essential'. That's how I get so much done!

  6. I am popping over from Art Journal Love Letters ...

    I love your description of the role of your art journal in your life. I too am working on finding a better balance in my life of the necessary things that have to get done, and the things I need to do to keep me inspired, energized and fulfilled. I've noticed my house is getting a bit messy, dinner isn't always ready on time and laundry is piling up ... situation will get worse I fear as I feel in the grip of a passionate love affair with my journal! Glad to see your kitty is showing you support for your love :)

  7. This is a great post Barb. I'm right there with you as well. The thing I've been neglecting this last month is my Yoga...and that is killing me...and I sort of mean it literally as well. My body feels like shit. So this week, I have made an extra conscious--extra girl scout promise to myself to get back on the mat. Priority uno!

    Big hugs!! Love you lots!

  8. I am a multi tasker by trade -- but as soom as the work day is over I find life only works WELL - one thing at a time. I say to myself: "Pick 3 things today and do them well". Today it was read a book and spend time with my daughter and Yoga. Tomorrow I can do another 3.

    Absolutely LOVE the colors on your pages!

  9. Ohhh I miss my art journal! I don't comment often but I lurk, reading on google reader. Love your blog Barb! I have quite a few unfinished art, scrappy, writing, and other many things I wish I had time for...but now with a turbo-toddler running around, ahmmm not so much. I have become very one-track-minded and forgetful at that!

    Enjoying your blog! Thanks for always sharing!

  10. Hi, Barb! I am a Zen kind of gal, too. And you can only do so much in a day. I do know that I have to be creative everyday. That's what relaxes and restores me and makes me whole again. :-)

  11. you and i both know that my multi-tasking pretty much amounts to surfing several websites and smoking a cigarette at the same time. i suppose it's not the most horrible thing in the world to not be good at. i mean, you could suck at eating or bathing. coming from me this is probably going to sound funny considering i never finish anything that i start but i guess as long as everything gets done, i don't think it matters if you do it all at once or one at a time.

    as far as what i've put off- school. i've needed to go back for a while and i've just let it kind of go untouched. not because i'm trying to be some sort of superwoman.. shit, i'm just trying to stay sane.

    HI SIMON!!!! :P


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