Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Progress & Better Days

Thank you to everyone who left such caring and loving comments on my last blog post. Sharing the true depth of our lives with “the world” is quite scary but when you get love and support in return, it makes it very much worth it. Thank y’all so much.

My hubby is now taking meds prescribed for him (Prozac and Buspar), he has taken some time off work (with our district & regional managers’ support and approval…man, do we work for a good company!), and we are talking about things as they come up but trying to laugh as much as possible, too.

In trying to find my own way through this maze that is our life, I found myself so immersed in taking care of him and his needs not to mention unpacking our entire house, that I found myself at a HUGE creative block. I couldn’t art journal, paint…I couldn’t find any part of my creative self behind all the responsibilities on my shoulders. *sigh*

But, thanks to some Twitter friends that reminded me that my creative self was still there, she was just overwhelmed…I needed to just let go and let it out. So I did…and I feel better.

Sooo much better.


In other good news, while I was in my I have to get everything done all by myself mode, I managed to completely unpack my studio! YAY for me!

IMG_0448Here is the before pic, taken from the door (when everything had just been brought in and dumped, completely wrecking the room.)  Some of the things that were dumped in here aren’t even my art supplies…there is kitchen stuff in some of those tubs!

But that’s okay…in a mere 2 weeks, including 4 days completely lost to the hubby’s breakdown, I managed to turn this mess into this, my private sanctuary and little corner of bliss-making….IMG_0456My sewing machine is hiding on the table behind my office chair but this is my overall work area, with all my paper/journaling stuff , including baskets full of my favorite pens/markers, all within reach. 

IMG_0457This area is my paint station with lots of storage around it, too. (Like the CD rack I repurposed for holding my craft paints? lol)

I really am not feeling the wood paneling but it will have to do for now, until I can recruit everyone to help me paint it (going with a beautiful powder blue, btw.)  Other than that, I really feel like I’m going to get my creative mojo into high gear in here. I’m excited and I’m hopeful…I’d like to say that I’m happy but I just have to believe that happy is right around the corner.

Thanks for sticking around and leaving me your kind words of support. Truth is, I have no friends in my every day life…my friends all live inside my computer, other than my best friend, my husband. In life, sometimes we can’t always lean on our best friend, they need us to be the strong one for a while. It’s good to know I have backup in you guys during those times.

Peace & Love,


  1. That's one of the GREAT things about art journaling-you can get it all out!!! It sounds like things are getting better :) I hope so!!! XO!

    LOVE your art room!!! How about tacking fabric up to the wall instead of painting? Then you can change it when you feel the mood!!! You could even multi-layer.

  2. I agree with Kelly about the fabric. I think I have seen or heard about putting it in starch and sticking it to the walls and letting it dry. Sounds like a mess, but fun.....Why not make you a journal wall and doodle and draw and journal on the fabric? Even if the markers bleed through, who cares because you are going to paint the walls someday? Glad to hear your partner and you are on the road........Sharon

  3. Trust me I understand the no friends in real life, they seem to just disappear don't they? Hang in there Barb, you are in my thoughts.

  4. Your studio looks lovely!! I would leave the walls as they are until you are up to doing something with them. When I got my studio, aka, the spare bedroom, I couldn't figure out what color to paint it! DH actually picked out the color and it was perfect for me!!! As far as painting over the paneling, you may go on-line or ask at a high-price paint store, what kind of prep work you need to do first. You don't have to buy the paint there, but you should get better information from them.
    My love and prayers really go out to you and your husband. I only wish I had your addy so I could send you a card or something. Since I hate post offices, it would be something small. If so inclined, email me at karenannyoung at yahoo dot com. I also only have on-line friends, so you aren't alone in that. Thank goodness we have the internet!!!
    Much love dear one!

  5. Love your studio pictures!! Awesome! :)

  6. Hey, did I mention that you're the one that inspired me to start keeping a real, honest to gods art journal?

  7. that big comfy chair will be just perfect for me to sit in and visit with you while you craft!! :)

  8. Hi, Barb! Terrific to hear that progress is being made and that you have a crafty space again! Wooo-hooo! :-)

  9. I just looked at these pictures again and I realized that I have the exact same cd rack/paint holder as you! One of my friends gave it to me! Cool!! :)

  10. Enjoy your new studio Barb! It looks great!

  11. Barb, Thank you for such honesty. You have some major issues going on, and I give you credit for having the energy and passion to create your art room. When I was going thru some difficult times, I heard "This too shall pass." It's really true.


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