Sunday, January 3, 2010

Letting Go of Clutter

It’s a new year, a time of starting fresh, making goals, letting go of the past and those things that weight us down (literally and figuratively).  I am really taking these ideas to heart this year.

With the move quickly coming up, I am sorting through things as I pack and, taking the advice that I read from a friend who is a much more organized woman than me, before I pack anything, I ask myself “Is it useful (and will I/we use it), is it beautiful, does it bring me/us/Richie joy?”  If it doesn’t fit that criteria, it’s not getting moved…I’m either selling it, giving it away or trashing it. PERIOD~!

I mean seriously, why do we keep stuff that doesn’t fit into those categories? Why do we keep clothes that don’t fit or that we don’t really like? Shoes that are butt-ugly or are uncomfortable?  Because we like having “stuff”? Because we want to have full closets and shoe racks? Because we think more “stuff” will make us feel better or that maybe that if we have lots of “stuff” we’ll look better to our friends?

OMG, am I ever learning things about myself and what’s important in life.  And “stuff” ain’t it, folks.  Having “stuff” just means you’ve cluttered up your life. Ugh!  I’m tired of the clutter (again, literally and figuratively) and I’m taking a deep breath and letting it go…as much as possible.

I also want to surround myself with beauty and color and those things that DO make me happy. So, instead of going with plain-jane colors for the new living room, I decided to go for it and chose a bright and beautiful color for the walls.

Before: IMG_0419 LR Fireplace

And this is a “during” pic (I’ll try and post some “after” photos later this week):photoAlthough the fireplace looks black here, it’s really a deep, dark gray.  The walls are a glorious yellow-orange (more orangey than yellow)…bright and happy, just how I want it!

The bad news is that while Leg bruisepainting the living room, the ladder I was on (at the top, no less), broke! Yeah, me and a half a gallon of that beautiful yellow-orange fell about 4 foot and went *thud* on the hardwood floor.  I thought I had broken my leg but, luckily, I hadn’t. I did manage to hurt myself nicely…check out my bruise over there.  It’s about halfway between my ankle and knee on my left leg. It’s hot and swollen and hurts like crazy but I am just thankful that it’s not broken.  (Wow, I have some big pores on my leg, don’t I? LOL)

So, that’s the New Year’s things that are going on for me so far.  We’re headed back to the “new” house in a couple of hours to finish up the last details on the living room paint job and start on the dining room (which has that same fugly green trim/fireplace and horridly nasty off white walls). 

Lots of painting to be done but it will feel so much more like home once it’s done.  I’ll just be glad when we’re done painting, all moved in and I can get back to my art, where I feel happiest.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday and the New Year has started off well.

Peace, Love & Art,


  1. Owwwwwww!!! You're not supposed to do that. I was going to cyber *kiss* it but maybe Richie would get mad at me?LOL

    There's a quote someone I know has as their email signaturre: "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful ,or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris. Such a good sentiment to live by!

    Nice re-do!

  2. Ugh, what an ugly bruise! Glad to hear it wasn't more serious.

    Great improvement in color! Man, what was the previous person thinking? Look forward to seeing more before and afters!

  3. glad to see that you'll be settling in soon. And ouchies, that bruise looks like it hurts. damn!

  4. can't wait to see the "AFTER" pics! You will make it beautiful!!

  5. You need more flying lessons, to keep you up in the air, when the ladder breaks!! Back to flight school with you!! And maybe just a semester of nursing school thrown in also. LOL! Stay Safe!!Sharon

  6. happy new year barb! wow, what a nifty house you have - what year was it built? that color looks great on the walls - glad to hear you weren't hurt too badly in the fall. i do that more often than i care to admit (the falling part and not the painting!)

  7. WOW..i hope you are healing up nicely. very strange that both of us had a fall this past weekend. (i'll be posting about it this week.) i thought i broke my wrists...but just major bruising. the room is looking awesome!


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