Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beyond Full

Just a quick drop in to let you all know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  This move has really taken its toll on all of us, physically and mentally. My body aches, I am overwhelmed looking at the boxes that still remain unpacked (even thought that seems to be all I do every single day since the move), I am aching to do art but finding my supplies is a slow process but I’m getting there.

Then, in the midst of all the uproar of the move, my dear husband has suffered a major breakdown.  I never know how much to share here but in my effort to “keep it real”, he became suicidal Tuesday and I have spend days getting him therapy, taking him to doctors, spending time with him and, yes, crying my eyes out.

I don’t take his emotional meltdown personal, it is my belief (and his counselor believes the same way) that his work being so massively stressful coupled with the loss of our home to foreclosure and the move that it forced us into was just more than he could take all at once.

So, as you can see, my hands (not to mention my head and heart) have been beyond full lately.  Things are getting better on every front but it’s slow going, all the way around.

Please keep us in your thoughts and know I will be back at it soon, sharing my art and life as I have always done here.

Much Peace & Love,


  1. Oh wow. I'm adding you and your husband to my prayer list.
    Thank you for being so vulnerable and honest.My heart goes out to you and all the major life changes you guys are going through.
    Sending major (((hugs)))

  2. wow Barb. You both have been through so much that I think it is understandable that the stress could bring someone to a stopping point. And thank goodness you are seeing him through this and the therapy. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  3. "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." ~ Henry Ford

    Sending some good thoughts yours and your husband's way, Barb.

  4. {{{HUGS}}} May you and your husband find peace, strength, and happiness...

  5. Oh, Barb, Sending lots of big hugs and much love. If you need to talk, shoot me an email!


  6. So much to say..but not here.
    call when you can. am thinking about a trip over spring break.
    love you muchly!

  7. Hi barb,
    I do miss seeing you on twitter.My thoughts are with you and your husband.Times seem to be so hard and stressful for so many right now.I know I have faced depression myself.I am glad that your husband was able to reach out some people don't.Brave of you to share.

  8. Blessings and positive healing to you both. Love light and peace.

  9. Sometimes "life" just kicks your ass, but the strong survive and your husband just needs your strength for him to pull out of this right now. Please love him and I am praying you both will work through this "life kick". Sharon

  10. I don't know why l found your blog but l have and l am so glad l didx i am SO sorry to hear about all your problems and now your husbands breakdown. Not only am l an Art Therapist, l too had a massive breakdown about 12 years l really do understand both sides of this breakdown, If there is any thing l can do to help with advice what ever..just yell. I know you don't know me but l am here for youxxlynda. if you want to talk more privetly my email is live in the Uk) sending you some white healing light to help you to start to feel calmer xx lynda

  11. I wish that I could help somehow honey. You know that I love you dearly...

  12. Just read your latest entry. I'm so sorry about your husband. My heart aches for you both. Much love to both of you. I'm keeping you both in my prayers.

  13. I found "A Life Made By Hand" through you and that has brought so much joy and pleasure to my life, which I thank you for. Our thoughts, deeds and actions touch others in ways we may never realize. I will pray for your strength to be a solid support to your husband at this difficult time.

  14. Hi, Barb! Great {{{BIG HUGS!}}} to you and your hubby! There are times when the big stresses in life seem to pile up and it is worthwhile to seek help. Just having someone to listen to you, who isn't going through all that stress at once, can be a breath of fresh air to remind you that life goes on and this too shall pass. It is hard enough to move, even more so to be forced to move. Especially when you weren't mentally and physically prepared to do all that work! All I can say is hang in there sweetie! And keep supporting your man! It sounds like you are on the right track, doing what you can do, taking it one day at a time, and before you know it, it will pass. I will be thinking of you! :-)

  15. My heart goes out to your family. Depression is pure evil. I'm so thankful you have gotten him help. Both counseling and medication work. I'm living proof.

    Stay strong.


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