Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Imagining Sandy Toes

I feel like I really bared my soul in my last blog post, telling all my bidness like that but in an amazing show of love and support, so many of you reached out and gave me such a boost. I can’t thank each of you enough.

I am sure I should be sad about the loss of our house but the truth is, I’m not. The mortgage company that we had our loan through has done nothing but be hard to deal with ever since we bought the house. And, in a crazy kind of way, it feels as if a $1350.00 a month BURDEN has been lifted from our shoulders. It’s as if we are free to go where the road leads us now that we’re no longer under the weight of that huge mortgage and this big ol’ house.

We’re thinking Florida…we’ve already talked to our District and Regional Managers at work about transferring to Jacksonville or, our dream destination, Clearwater/Tampa and there are definite possibilities for us there. We should know more in the next couple of weeks. I go to bed at night with the sound of the waves crashing in my ears and the faint feeling of sand between my toes. BeachAhhhh!  Glorious dreams.

In other news, with Christmas just a couple of days away, I am finishing up artful gifts (yes, I am the Queen of Procrastination!) and finally put up the tree today. LOL  We almost didn’t do a tree but with the precious grandboy here, how could we not? Now that it’s done, I am really glad we put it up, too…no matter how much trouble taking it down will be in a few days.

IMG_0410Every ornament on this tree was put there by Noah and his Nana…I will cherish this memory. Just me and my Punkin’ Boy, doin’ the Christmas thang. lol 

Now, just a couple more presents to finish up, tons of gift wrapping to be done, some pies to make, a spiral sliced ham to pick up and a turkey to put in the brine in the morning to get ready for the invasion of the relatives on Christmas Eve.

Oh yea, it’s going to be a good Christmas…I’ll be damned if I’ll allow it to be any other way. Not in MY house…at least, while it’s still my house.

I hope your holidays are coming along wonderfully and that you are getting in the spirit. I’m doing lots of journaling to spill my thoughts, aches, pains, dreams and wishes and I will share some of that in the coming days but for now, I just thank you all for your love and support as I aired my dirty laundry. I wish you all peace. Peace in your heart and peace in each of your lives.

Peace & Love,


  1. Barb, with your attitude, you guys are going to go far no matter where you are :)

    Sending much love.

    Let it all out in the journal (and your blog-we're here for an ear if you need us)....


  2. I'm happy that you've got such a positive outlook and I'm even more happy that you'll be moving someplace warm!
    I was just having this conversation with my mother on the weekend that I envy American's because, if they want to move somewhere warm, they're able to do that in their own country and not need a passport, etc. There's no warm place to move to in Canada :S

  3. Barb, You are an inspiration!! Kelly is right - your attitude is going to make all the difference. I send out magickal vibes that you will find the right people and the right people will find you.

    I'm sitting here looking at my window at 20 inches of snow.....Florida sounds wonderful!!


  4. You are amazing! Go Girl! I think God wants you to be in Florida for a very special reason. Keep your heart open!

  5. I've been thinking and praying so hard for you and your family. Sounds like you have a good attitude. My sister lives in Florida and loves it. Much love through the holiday season!!!

  6. Merry Christmas Morning to you my friend!
    Florida? I can do Florida! :)
    Love and miss you!!


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