Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick note to wish each of you Happy Holidays, whatever holiday you might celebrate. Our families celebrate Christmas (although the hubby and I just call it “the holidays”) and everyone converged on our house yesterday evening for a meal that I spent cooking.


But, admittedly, I did rock that meal out!

I don’t even like turkey cause it’s so dry that it really has no flavor but this year I brined the turkey and OMG, it was so juicy and flavorful. Then there was a spiral sliced ham, homemade mashed taters, candied yams, green bean casserole (which I will never make again, tyvm), a delicious fried corn, chicken & dressing that my MIL brought (she makes the very best!), homemade macaroni & cheese, fruit salad, yeast rolls, chocolate pie, key lime pie, caramel cake, chocolate shortcake….yeah, a full-on schmorgasboard! WOOT!

We exchanged gifts and I got some goodies…my Pogo printer (it is so cool) and film from the hubby, a copy of “Spilling Open” by Sabrina Ward Harrison (also from the hubby), a digital picture frame and 2 GB memory card from my nephew, Aaron, in our extended family name drawing gift exchange, a beautiful new jacket from my in-laws…oh, I also received a gift from my oldest daughter…I’m just not prepared to comment on it right now. *sigh*

I’ve been so sick through the entire holiday and now I’ve just used my Neti Pot (that I forgot I had until just a few minutes ago) and I can breath better than in days. I think I will take a little nap.

I’m thinking I want to make a quilt soon and these fabrics are so gorgeous, they are what I want to make my quilt from. What do you think? YUM, huh?

Okay, nap time for me. Happy Holidays, y’all!

Peace & Love,


  1. I hope you had a GREAT Christmas!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you rocked the meal and scored big time!

  2. The gift is that she is pregnant again? Just a guess because of the tone of your entry.

    Sounds like a great day Barb, much love to you and yours. And I do hope that you and the youngest are doing well again.

  3. am wondering the same thing Mel asked!!

    ok..fill me in on "brining the turkey". I read someone else was doing it, too...and of course, having never cooked a whole turkey OR a ham, I have no clue. (John always deep fried our turkeys!)

    love and miss you!!

  4. So glad to see that you are thinking positive and not feeling bad about all you are going thru. OK so if that is the news......Another beautiful Grandchild for you to love and spoil rotten:) Your friend, Sharon


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