Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gilded Angels & Lack of Sleep

I know that it seems I was very hard on the gift that my daughter gave me and many of you were worried that she would see what I had written, now that I have released it to the world on the internet.  Well, if you knew my daughter, you’d know that she doesn’t have internet and if she does manage to get online somewhere, her main focus is Facebook and chatting with her friends. Yes, she’s almost 23 but in many ways she’s still a teenager…so the last place she’d be looking for is dear old Mom’s blog. She couldn’t care less.

Also, many of you asked to see “the gift,” so here it is in all its glory, cardboard corners still intact:IMG_0414

Yeah, not my kinda thing, sorry.  But now you can see what it is that I’m talking about…and I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it, either.  Be honest, what do YOU think of it?

In other news, the hubby and I finally got a chance to spend some hours talking, planning, debating and trying to work out where we’re headed, do we want to transfer, is changing jobs a good idea, etc. in light of our recent foreclosure.  We have come to the decision that staying put in our little Alabama town is the wisest decision for now.

Our dream is to wind up somewhere between Springhill and Bradenton, Florida, but our company doesn’t have stores in that area, yet. With the growth pattern of the company, it won’t be long before they do move into the area and we both just think it best to be safe…especially with the economic times being what they are at the moment. (Changing jobs/companies would not be a wise move, we both fear…and besides, we like our company.)

It was like a weight off our shoulders to have a solid plan; to KNOW what we’re doing in the coming days and to be able to plan for it. It’s been a while since we’ve had that feeling and had forgotten how comforting stability really can be for a soul. 

And wouldn’t ya know it, I called a friend that owns rental houses and he had one coming open on Jan. 1st…with 4 bedrooms (that means I get to keep a studio for me!!!) and 2 bathrooms. WOOT!  It’s an older house, 12 ft. ceilings, hardwood floors, BIG rooms, giant front porch, outdoor utility building, garden spot, pecan trees in the yard but the kitchen is pretty sucky, though, but I think I can do something to make it more to my liking.  The main thing is that it fits our needs and the price is 1/3 of what the house payment here was, making it very affordable! YAY!!!

Talk about feeling better! Whew!

Guess that means today will be a full one, trying to get the deposit paid, arrange to have utilities moved, starting to pack, selling things we need to get rid of instead of move…you know, that general kind of thing.

It sure feels good to have a plan. I’ve been so excited with ideas and plans swirling through my head that I haven’t been able to sleep so I’ve been up all night working in my art studio on journal pages, a couple of paintings, and reading my new copy of “Cloth Paper Scissors” that came in the mail yesterday. 

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? Diana Trout is the cover artist and I so love her artwork and use of color. Just a really yummy issue, all the way around.

And now I’m rambling, aren’t I?  Yeah, lack of sleep will do that to a girl.  Seriously, I’m still up from yesterday and feel wide awake. I bet when I crash, I will crash hard! LOL

Hope you’re all doing great, creating lots of art, looking forward to the new year to come and just enjoying life, every single moment of it.

I am!

Peace & Love,


  1. Wow!! All of those positive thoughts and afirmations I have been sending you worked out. Getting another place, and keeping your job!! Cool. As soon as you get everything finished, please show off your new studio. Can't wait!! Happy New Year!! Sharon

  2. ha ha...i'm so happy to see the angel piece. that may have to join your "reduce clutter" pile?
    have a wonderful new year, barb!

  3. That angel piece would look wonderful in a Victorian setting. Is it something that you could take apart and use it as pieces in other larger works?

  4. Oh I see what you mean about the piece. Is that your husband's reflection in it? He looks perplexed. I would find a way to alter it. What would Michael de Meng or Keith Lo Bue do?

    What great news about having a plan and finding a place. It sounds like it was meant for you to stay put, especially with how it is falling into place.

    As much work as it is to move, it is also fun to settle into a new place.

    All the best to you! xoxo k

  5. Having a plan is good :)

    If I didn't think it would offend the person who gave me that angel thing, I'd use it in some steampunk-style art. It could definitely work. Freecycle.

  6. yaay for a plan, and for a house coming open!! Good stuff there!!

  7. Best of luck with your new rental house - 4 bedrooms and hardwood floors - it sounds gorgeous!

  8. Barb, I'm glad you have found a less expensive place! That is great, and even better that you will have a studio!

    Also that gilded angel thing is FUGLY. I mean really FUGLY.... Maybe you can collage over it? or pry the angels out of it..... I don't know it's ugly!

  9. I am so glad things are looking up. Happy New Year.


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