Thursday, November 19, 2009

What does it mean?

Here is post #1:

Unmasking my Soul = finding the depths of myself that have been hidden for so long, I didn’t even know they were there.

Just a Little Girl

It is my belief that we all have a story to tell but many never find the way to tell that story that works for them. I have searched my whole life for a way to tell mine and it was only when I found the concept of Art Journaling or Visual Journaling that I found the right vessel to tell my own story.

I have only been Art Journaling for about a year but it has become my solace, my psychiatrist, my best friend in that short time. I am learning to let myself go and trust my intuition and my heart when I open the pages and begin to “work” in my journal. It is through this process that I am finding myself and finding peace in a life that has had more than its fair share of bruises and scars, laughter and love.

There is no end point to this journey, I am here to enjoy and learn from the journey itself; to gain insight into myself and to continue to grow as a person, as a woman, as I live each day as fully as I can muster, laugh as much as possible and sometimes struggle through this thing called life.

I hope that through my sharing that others can find inspiration, spark their own creativity, and maybe even find a new passion.

I hope that you will come along with me.

Peace & Love,

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