Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pipe Dreams & Fantasies

From October 1st, 2009:

I have been busy with tons of hours at work but I’ve still managed to work in my art journal every night, even if only for a few minutes.  Sometimes it’s just some lettering or doodling, but it still makes me feel “with it” and creative…and especially peaceful and calm.


I’ve also had time to do work with my friend Alexia on an art retreat we are putting together to be held in March, 2010. It’s all coming together, too.

I’m so excited!

If any of you are interested in coming to an creative retreat for women in the mountains of North Georgia (for a VERY low price compared to other art retreats around), drop me a comment or an email (craft4therapy (at) gmail (dot) com) and I’ll give you all the info and a link to our NING site that explains everything..

It’s going to be such a blast; I would love to have some of you there…I’d love to have ALL of you there. Whatever kind of creating you do, painting, journaling, dance, music, poetry, collage…any kind of creativity. You will be so glad you joined us because it is going to be such a fantastic time, learning new creative “stuff” with some wonderful new friends.

Think about it, won’t ya?

Now, my art journal is calling and I am not one to ever refuse the call of the journal. LOL

Peace & Love,

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