Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exhaustion Breeds Procrastination

This post is from 9/24/2009:

It’s 6am and I really should be in the shower, getting ready for work but here I sit.

It has been an extremely long week, beginning with a Monday workday that lasted from 6am until 9pm, and my body with all it’s maladies can’t handle those kinds of hours well, at all.


I hate wishing my life away but I really can’t wait for today to be over so my weekend can begin. I’m tired and just want to rest…well, to play in my art journal, work on some paintings and rest.

Yea, that’s the ticket.

For now, I guess I better shower and get on the road…another 10-12 hour day is ahead of me. Time to stop procrastinating and get to it.

Peace & Love,

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