Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Blog post from October 7, 2009:

I am in the bed right now.

My step-son was diagnosed on Monday with N1H1…yep, Swine Flu.  And he spent three days with us last week.  Needless to say, it looks like I also have the dreaded Swine Flu, aka “The Beast.”

Oh Joy!

I did try to go to work yesterday but that was a flop and, I realize now, it also wasn’t very fair to those at work to expose them to this crap.  My intentions were honorable but I guess I wasn’t thinking very clearly.

The good side would be that I will lots of time to do art before next Monday when I go back to work. YAY for art time. I love my art time and I never seem to have enough of it these days…so I will fit in as much art time over the next few days as I can around coughing, aching, and feverish chills.

My latest journal spread is inspired by the Dove commercials that show REAL women…women with curves and bumps and bulges, with waists larger than 22”, with breasts that aren’t as perky as half melons on their chests.  Real women who look in the mirror and compare themselves to the starving, airbrushed models on the cover of every magazine in the world.

(Click for a larger view.) SCAN0059

But, dammit…we are all beautiful and we need to start living the life of the beautiful.  Know you are beautiful; embrace it and live it outloud!

There’s my schpeel for the day. I hope you will seriously take it to heart.

Now, time to lay back down and try to rest for a while.  And maybe twitter a little, too.  LOL

Peace & Love,

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