Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Life Lesson

As many of you may remember, I had started a new blog, thinking that it was time for me to move on from “Craft Therapy”…I see now that I was wrong. Very wrong!

Looking back, I think I was just feeling overwhelmed and a little stagnant in this space and had the thought (misinformed as it was) that starting something new would give me the feeling of being refreshed that I was didn’t.

I have missed this space. I have missed my friends that came here to visit me. I miss being crafty!

So, I’m back…simple as that, I’m back.

I have managed to transition all of my posts from my other blog to here (so I don’t lose anything) and I am planting my feet in the virtual soil and sticking around these parts…for good. This is my online home and I want to stay here. I guess you could say I've taken a little vacation, seen the world from another view, and now I'm back; it's time to unpack my virtual bags.

It feels good to be home.

Peace & Love,

P.S. If you haven’t read/seen the posts from the blog I “visited” during my time away, all the posts are now incorporated here, including my artwork made during that time, and I do hope you’ll take a peek at them. They are the most recent posts below this one. 

Now, onward and upward…wheeeeee!!!


  1. Hey lady, sometimes looking back is not a bad idea. In fact sometimes it's damn healthy:) Glad to see you home like me on friday again and safe. Sharon

  2. Ni Barb! We say "hindsight is a wonderful thing!" over here... Nice to have you back and I'm glad my turkey made you smile!! 'o)

  3. I'll follow you wherever you go!!! Hope your work eases up. Doing even a bit of crafting sure helps the soul and my mood. Ever try Zentangles? I love them because I can do them in bed at night watching TV. Here is the site I started with
    If you want to know how to do some of them, look at the newsletters. I think they are listed in the upper right hand corner. Most of them give instructions on how to do some.

  4. first time i stop on your page
    may be because i am in a missing day, missing all, missing myself
    tahnks for your words

  5. Looks great!! How do you change it all up? When I go to change mine it just gives me some template choices, and I lose all my boxes....I can't figure it out. Maybe THAT's what we need a class on at the retreat!

  6. omg..i've got to tell you this. Your background on here..the turquois wit the budding trees....well, Mrs. Novalene Slatton was wearing a jacket at church today that was almost IDENTICAL to this background you have!! I'm serious! I was sitting a few rows behind her and could think of nothing else one I saw her! Do you know her? She's an older woman. It cracked me up!


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