Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Secrets

That’s exactly what I’m doing…taking things day by day, doing all that I can with the time I have and then rising up to try again tomorrow.

I guess that’s really all any of us can do, right?

I’m not sure what I mean with all that…I think I’m just tired today.

IMG_0207 I’ve made progress on our Vacation Collage but not as much as I’d like to have made.  It just doesn’t seem right so I’ve stepped away from it for the time being and will get back to it in a couple of days with fresh eyes. Maybe then the vision will be clearer to me then.

Work has consumed my day today but I was off yesterday (boss said there was nothing for me to do) so I had a day all to myself. 

I do love those kinds of days.

IMG_0209I’ve not had idle hands, though. I got this idea in my head that I needed to paint/collage something and this is what has surfaced so far.  (Sorry about the blurry images. I took them with my iPhone because I’m too lazy to get up and get the digital camera. LOL)  I started working on a background based on an idea from “Journal Bliss” by Violette (good one to grab if you don’t have it already) and I’m still working on it but this is where it is right now.

It just gives me such joy to play with my art supplies. It doesn’t really matter what the end product is like…it’s all about the journey. Enjoying the process is so important and I am really enjoying playing with this one.

Oh, and for those of us that often say stuff about how we can’t paint or draw or do some of our art because we don’t have the right canvas or this or that to do our art….well, I’ll show you my little secret from this piece…

IMG_0210Yep, this is the back of the above piece…a Ritz cracker box front. I am never at a loss for something to do art on in my house because no box ever goes into the garbage without me taking it apart to save the pieces I can use in my art (which is most of every box!)

So there…don’t ever say you don’t have anything to paint or create on…you do, right in your kitchen pantry.

So tell me, what are you doing creative these days? What are you doing to nurture your soul? What little secrets are hiding behind your art?

Share, won't you?

Peace & Love,


  1. i recycle the boxes too...sides make great bookmarks
    i have been working on a few of those this week

    the hand collage looks great
    and one day at a time is all i can do too
    when i was a lot younger i might could have done 3 days at one time
    but those are gone days

    the vacation collage is a great idea!

  2. I cut the flaps off of a cardboard box to use as the base for a couple of polymer clay/mixed media pieces I did. They were the perfect size for the project I was doing.

    I have some thrift store glass vases that are going to become something wonderful some day, still waiting for the muse to inspire.

    You collage is looking great!

  3. I like your heart-in-hand :)

    I've been using empty (but clean) pizza boxes as canvases. When they're all covered, you can't even tell what they once were and are wall-ready art as is. So,yeah..that's what i've been doing artsy-wise :)

  4. Hi, Barb! Love the red, white, and black piece with the hand! And your collage is coming along fabulously! :-)

  5. thanks so much for encouraging me today!!!

  6. Hello! I just had to tell you that I also recently bought 'Journal Bliss' and found a TON of wonderful ideas in there, plus, I just love how colorful and vibrant the pages are. Both you and the book are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOL!! I LOVE the Ritz cracker canvas!!

    I've been knitting a Clemson orange hat for my sister. :)

    The tapes I posted about were from www.happytapes.com. Aren't they just the cutest things ever??

  8. I absolutely love JOURNAL BLISS and I paint on boxes too!! I will definitely be reading your blog again! :) Love it!


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