Monday, August 3, 2009

Life’s a Beach!

We just got back from a semi-spontaneous yet FABULOUS vacation to Tampa/Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Oh my, how wonderful it was to get away and just relax with our feet in the sand and withOUT the cell phones ringing off the wall.

I brought back tons of memorabilia from our trip.  You know, ticket stubs, paper menus, shells and bits from the beach, pictures, fliers, yada, yada, yada…you get what I’m saying.  Anyway, you know how you bring back all these things from a trip and then it winds up in a box somewhere, never to be seen on a regular basis?

Well, I decided that was just crap. I am turning all our vacation “loot” into a collage celebrating the wonderful time and all the memories we have from our time there. A real mixed-media piece, if you will.


Here’s the start to the piece I’m doing.  It measures about 18”x24'”.

I took a cardboard poster that I bought for a buck at Wally World, gessoed it, then painted a little sand/ocean/sky basic scene on it, and started putting on some of my flat pieces.

I will probably be done in a day or two (I like to work on a piece for a while, leave it for a day and come back and work, etc. so I get a change of perspective as I work on things) and will share it with you guys when it’s complete.  I’m really enjoying this piece…more than anything I’ve done in a long while.

102_4243Speaking of the beach…here I am, on our private deck, feeling like someone from one of those Corona commercials.

How can you not love that view?  I so did not want to come home…why couldn’t we just stay there and live like beach bums?!?

Hope you’re all doing well and making beautiful art!

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! Glad you had a lovely getaway and got to relax and unwind! Sounds like you had fun! And it inspired a fun new art project, too! :-)

  2. Great photo!! I want some beach, too... )-: Nothing like sand, sun and water to really relax by. Glad you got to take this little break! I love the collage idea - I used to make elaborate scrap books after each vacation and I just don't have the energy/will for it anymore. One nice big collage piece sounds like the perfect way to handle a few souvenirs and photos. Next trip, I'm gonna try that! Blessings, Claire

  3. Oooh lucky, lucky you...what a fabulous birthday treat! The collage will be a wonderful reminder - great idea.
    Glad you liked the tissue/text idea...
    Linda ♥

  4. i love collecting that kind of memorabilia, too! I just don't have the talent to put it all together like you do!


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