Friday, August 21, 2009

Life is a Highway

“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”
~Joseph Campbell

I used to always begin my blog posts (in another time, at another place) with a quote that struck a chord with me that day. 

I think I should resume this wonderful practice.

I really just thought I’d take a minute to share a pic I snapped on my iPhone (my wonderful new addiction) on my way home from work yesterday.


It was like I was the only soul on the road for miles and miles (and in this neck of Alabama, I may very well have been the only one) and all I could see was the dark skies looming, foretelling of rough storms ahead.

Life is kinda like this picture sometimes, isn’t it?

You’re the only one on the road you’re travelling (after all, no one can travel our journey for us, can they?) and you can see the dark skies ahead…but you can’t just stop traveling, stop moving. You have to forge ahead…not around the storms but through them.

A few road signs along the way give you insight as to what’s coming up but they can’t protect you, only warn you. You just have to leave the sunny, safe part of your journey behind you and weather the storms, come as they may.

Okay, enough waxing philosophical for now, I really just wanted to share the photo. HA! I guess I’m thinking a little deep right now, huh?

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. If you need me, I’ll be in my studio working on some new pieces as well as finishing up some that need completing.

Now get out there and be creative!

Peace & Love,


  1. The picture is beautiful - don't you truly love moments like that.

    You have your art that steadies you and me, my writing but I have been neglecting it lately. Summer comes and the kids are home and there's this running at that running...

    as well as new family members (my mother is getting married) that my writing takes a back seat.

    So school starts Monday and I am trying to blog at least twice a week as well as my poetry.

    I need my sanity again.

    Miss and love you.

  2. What a gorgeous picture!!! *looks at Mel's do I have? hmmm..need to think about that.

  3. great picture!
    you have it it just as you described..
    we kind of have a tour guide or a map brochure...:)

  4. This is an amazing picture. I love the road when I can just drive and take in the peace of it. Nothing wrong with being a deep thinker, it beats walking through life with blinders on.
    Arney went back to work today after being off for 4 months getting well from his knee and bone reconstruction. I hope to get more active with my blog, I have really had things on hold with Arney home. Great excuse :) Hugs, mary

  5. What a lovely picture. Very calming

  6. Amazing picture Barb!! Great thoughts on this one and so true! So...what happened? What happened when you drove into the storm? I assume you forged ahead!! Looking forward to seeing your lovely fun creations!!

  7. Hi, Barb! Stunning photo! I love the cloud formations and the spot of sunlight in the middle drawing your eye down the road into the photo. Just terrific! :-)

  8. That picture is wonderful. Thanks for the comment about my journal page. I love looking at other's blogs. That picture made me laugh because I also tend to take picture of the sky, clouds, sunrise/sunset while driving to or from work with my cell phone. I thought I was the only one that did that.

  9. thank you! i really love the joseph campbell quote and your photo is so beautiful... very expressive.

  10. Wow!! That photo is scary!! Your so right life can be just like it at times.


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