Friday, July 24, 2009

Sisters & Friends

Today is my birthday…and it’s been a good one, too.

Got some art done this morning, lunch with the hubby, a nice nap in this afternoon, some lovin’ this evening, then a wonderful dinner out and my daughter made my favorite brownies with vanilla ice cream lots of pecans and drizzled with caramel sauce. OMG, talk about heavenly! I haven’t had one yet…that’s my reward for finishing my sisters birthday present this evening (after I finish this blog entry.)

My little sister and I have been on the outs for about 3 years, barely speaking during that entire time after having been close our whole lives before that time. But when my oldest sister attempted suicide at the beginning of June, it made us both come to our senses about carrying grudges. My oldest sister is doing well, seeing a psychiatrist and working through some serious issues….and, because of her meltdown, my siblings and I, especially my little sister and I, have renewed the relationship that we should have had all along.

IMG_0116Anyway, now that I’m made a short story long, my little sister came to visit last weekend and we had a wonderful time.

Family feels even better than I remembered…I had no idea just what i had been missing out on by excluding them (her) from my life. This is a picture Richie, my hubby, took of us out on our deck during her visit (Mandy’s on the left and that’s yours truly on the right.) The smiles are genuine and the love is real. I’m just glad that we’re working past all that stupid stuff that came between us for so long.  I love this picture.

For my birthday she gave me this beautiful collectable Willow Tree piece called “Heart and Soul” that she somehow knew I would love and cherish:

And I do.

Opening it brought tears to my eyes. It showed me that we really are working through the bad stuff and that she felt it, too.

It let me know that my sister really can be my best friend, even if we have differences in our views and beliefs.

It reminded me of how much I love her and need her in my life…and how much she loves me needs me in her life, too.

So, for her birthday I decided to do something original for her.  I took that picture of us that we have from her recent visit and I turned it into a watercolor painting using a masking resist technique.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done one and I’m really proud of how it turned out (although it looks kinda sucky on here.)IMG_0139Then I took a plain black frame with a white mat and decorated it to tell her how I feel….IMG_0138 

So there is one of her birthday gifts…the other is a pink silicone case for her iPhone (yes, we are BOTH addicted to our iPhones) that I’m going to personalize for her (I just gotta figure out what works on silicone/gel first…any ideas???)

So, what do you think?  Seriously, I’m asking…Be honest cause i don’t want to give her something hokey or that she’ll go UGH at, ya know?…so give it to me straight, I can take it.

Oh, and what did the hubby do for me for my birthday?  Besides the beautiful card and yummy candle, plus dinner out tonight?  Well, we’re leaving for Clearwater Beach, Florida on Tuesday…our hotel room is right on the beach and we’re going to Busch Gardens, spend time laying on the beach relaxing, he’s booked me a massage at the spa, take in the Salvador Dali museum, and whatever else we decide to do. YAY!!!

Well, I have that awesome brownie delight calling out to me so I’m headed to the kitchen for my birthday treat. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Peace & Love,


  1. The picture you made of you and your sister is lovely. I think it is a sweet keeper. I am so glad that you and your sister have found eachother. My sister is my forever friend. She has been with me at my best, and my worst. I would be lost without her. And life is just to short. Relationships can be complicated, and we can change over time. Thank you for sharing this.. Stay cool, Mary

  2. lovely artwork and ur sister will be blown over if she gets to read this post.

  3. Florida...Florida, do you know who lives there?!?! ME!!!


    Hi honey, I am so glad that you and your sister have rekindled that relationship again. I truly wish my brother and I could too, but its surely not for lack of trying on my part.

    A happy birthday again, belated this time. Love you.

  4. HAPpy happy day after birthday!!!
    good for y'all getting past the grudge and moving forward and your older sister repairing..everyone working together.
    the statue is beautiful and i can see why you cried
    and your present for your sister is beautiful! really beautiful on soo many levels
    she is going to be excited to no end that her sister created it FOR her!
    happy birthday to her too...

  5. well dang! I promise I left you one yesterday!

    I just noted how much I thought Mandy would love the picture and frame. I LOVE IT. Trey does all sorts of cool stuff with pics on his myspace. I'm not that clever tho!

    Clearwater sounds wonderful!! Have a great time!
    love you!

  6. Hi, Barb! Sounds like a pretty terrific visit and a fabulous birthday! Happy Birthday! :-)

  7. Love your artwork!!! How sweet of you! I'm sure she will love it too!!!

  8. Happy Birthday a few days late Barb! I loved the picture of you and your sister and thought it was such a creative idea to come up with the watercolor of the two of you to frame for her. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Barb! I'm so glad your sister and you mended fences and reconnected through love. Life is short, cherish every moment! I L-O-V-E your artwork, as always, and I'm sure your sister will treasure it. I'm also a big fan of those Willow Tree collectibles - every single one of them speaks volumes. I have a pair myself - hubby gave them to me the first Mother's Day after losing my son. (You can read about that at if you're interested.) Anyway, just wanted to wish you a wonderful year! Blessings, Claire

  10. Belated Happy Birthday. I'm glad you've reunited with your sister. Life is just to short to hold grudges. I lost my closest sister 15 years ago and right now 3 of my brothers are having major health issues. Hold your family close whenever you get a chance.


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