Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zentangles & Yummy Journals!

Did y’all think I had disappeared off the face of the earth? Nope, I’m still here…busy as a little ol’ bee these days, too.

The hubby and I both ended up with some kind of stomach virus Tuesday evening and went straight to bed when we got home from work and both of us wound up off work yesterday (couldn’t get too far from the bathroom, don’t ya know…ick!) Today we were both back at it full force and then, when we got home from work (10 1/4 hours for each of us), we did an hour and a half of yard work…mowing, raking, picking up the “stick collection” that our boys (Jasper & Juno) have been saving up at their favorite sunny spot.

Needless to say, I am POOPED!!!

Tomorrow is May 1st and it was my plan to have all my goodie envelopes addressed, filled and ready to mail but it will probably be Saturday morning before I make it to the Post Office with them since I have to work tomorrow to make up for missing Wednesday. Sorry…but I’m getting there. Life is just so full these days.

I did manage to clean up my studio a bit so I can work in there without getting claustraphobic (LOL) and have made it my daily lunch ritual to sit in the shade with my lunch, a cold Diet Mt. Dew and my Moleskine and do my Zentangles. I haven’t missed a day since starting work. It relaxes me and keeps me from feeling that I’m losing touch with my art, too.

Here are some I’ve done lately (you can click on any of them to enlarge and see them bigger)….

Easter's Egg


Hearts Aflutter

Sunrise Sonata

Can you tell how much I love doing these? It is very relaxing and calming for me and keeps me feeling good, even when things around me are stressful. Gotta love that!

Speaking of Moleskines and just great journals in general…I have found the MOST awesome site to order them from! OMG, if you love journals and who doesn’t?, you just have to check out: Journaling Arts. Cynthia’s got the best selection you’ll ever find in journals. I think I want at least one of everything she’s got! lol I am really dreaming of this one (*drools*):

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!!

Anyway, I have paperwork to finish for work so I can get my expense check in a quickness…and we are going to eat some yummy Chinese for dinner.

I’ll try not to be gone so long this time…much love to you all.

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! Sorry you weren't feeling well! Hope you feel better soon! Love your Zen doodles! I especially like the one with all the hearts. Heck, I like them all! What am I saying? Thanks for sharing them! :-)

  2. I too have recently discovered zentangles and love doing them. I also find them very relaxing. Yours are beautiful! I just recently posted first attempts--my blog is randomcreativityof a if you would like to look at a beginners work.
    The journal also looks beautiful and I'm going to check them out. Thanks for sharing

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I love the journals on the site, thanks for the link. I always want chinese on fridays for some reason!

  4. I've awarded you a BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY AWARD for all that you do to give back and support! come check it out!

  5. OMG!! Girl, these Zentangles are the best! WOW!!
    I love them. Sorry to hear you and hubby were ill, but it sounds like it was short lived. It is so good to hear you so happy. Stay that way! Sharon

  6. I LOVE your drawings!!! I'll have to try some to see if they relax me!!! What kind of pen do you use? Well, that's a silly question though. It depends on what kind of paper you are using. I love making my own journals, too many of them that are empty though! I just like making them!


  7. hope you are feeling better!
    and what a gorgeous journal!

    second to these AWESOME tangles!!! i do think you have this knack down pat!

    beautiful and i know what you mean about enjoying doing them
    they ease the tension like nothing else does!


  8. I've seen quite a few zentangles, but i have to say that yours are the most amazing and beautiful I have ever seen. I wish that when I clicked on them they would open up larger. Could you maybe scan them at a higher dpi to get that to happen? I'd love to be able to see the detail. They are really lovely.

  9. oh my...i love your zentangles! is it odd that i felt peaceful with just the thought of grabbing a cold drink at lunch time and doodling. i might have to start doing that! now that it's getting warm out i may actually be able to venture outside of the office building for lunch and get away for an hour! woohoo! lol..
    your zentangles have inspired me!

  10. I so fell in love with your Zentangles, that I found the website just now!!! I actually made one about 20 years ago and had so much fun with it but never did another one. So for the past two nights I've been working on one!!! Thanks so much for your inspiration! I'll post mine in my blog if I can get my scanner to work!!!

  11. happy blogoversary!

  12. It's a scary time to have a flu, isn't it? glad you're feeling better. the zens are lovely, especially the hearts, as is the journal.
    is the little gadget right? is today your blogoversary?
    happy days,

  13. Hiya Barb, I love your zentangles, but do tell, as an ignorant one, what is a zentangle specifically? So sorry you were both yukky. Still, it seemed to pass pretty quickly.

    Those journals look fabulous, I'm off to have a look now. Good to see you back,


  14. Sorry to hear about the stomach bug! It seems to be going around everywhere these days.

    Goodness girl! How on earth do you get such detail into those zentangles?

  15. Those are sooo cool! I'd love for you to submit a page one of my blogs!
    God Bless

  16. Be well my friend...and rest. Love your Zie's.
    Take care of you, love Mary

  17. Your zentangles are so beautiful! Love looking at them. Thanks for sharing your artwork!

  18. Very cool Barb! What a fun thing, may have to try this as it is way outside my box, lol!

  19. These zentangles are extraordinary!!


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