Friday, April 17, 2009

Time for a Getaway

Whew, it’s been a long week. A productive and fulfilling week but a very tiring one for this chica, I’m tellin’ ya!

Although today is Friday, it is the beginning of my weekend since I managed to put in 42 hours in 4 days…see what I mean about tiring?  I’m traveling to Tuscaloosa for my assignments right now and it’s almost two hours each way so I’m devouring books on CD quickly (plus that is much of my work time, too.)

Today the dragsterhubby and I are heading out to Atlanta, GA, taking Shelby & Toad along, for a weekend of fun including the NHRA drag race.  YAY!!!  I am such a huge drag racing fan; I love it!

I’m so excited! 

We’ve got plans to head out early this afternoon (hopefully, if Toad can get off work early), stop in Birmingham at this fabulous Mexican place for an awesome wagt_six_flags_parkmeal, check into our hotel in Atlanta (Austell, actually) and relax tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll pack up, eat breakfast then head to Six Flags to ride rollercoasters all day!!!

That should be a blast.  We had so much fun the last time we went (Summer 2006) and because of the economy, Six Flags has dropped the price of their tickets which makes it much easier to afford.  I even bought our tickets and parking pass online already. 

Anyway, then we’ll drive toward the race site (about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta), check into our next hotel, shower, eat a good dinner out and then head to bed early because Sunday is the RACE!  We’ll be up early, breakfast and at the track by 8am!  

dunn Be sure to check out NHRA RaceDay which airs on ESPN2 at 10:30am (central time). Richie & I will be on it, yelling and cheering like crazy!  I’ll even have a sign so look for the crazy, short haired, chubby chick, waving a sign...gotta think of something good to put on it. LOL!!!

I’m so excited.  It’s been forever since we’ve gone anywhere or done anything (remember, I’ve been hoarding every extra dollar to keep our house out of foreclosure) so this trip is such a humongous treat. Can you tell?  LOL

I hope that you all have a good weekend planned and that you enjoy every moment of it. Life is short, enjoy the ride...every single morsel of the ride.

Peace, Love & Rollercoasters,


  1. Hi, Barb! Sounds like a getaway is in order! Hopefully you will feel refreshed and renewed when you get home. We love racing, too. Have a blast! :-)

  2. So glad yall are getting to go to the RACE! Sounds like a fun trip! I was just down in Marietta on Easter! Just missed ya! Have ya'll ever been to Lanier Speedway in Brasselton, GA? My husband used to race Legend cars there! He only raced a few races, he worked so much he barely had time for it like he had wished. I loved that car, I cried when he sold it!!! We had some great times...such a great track. He hasnt taken me back there since and I know why...he will get the fever again lol!!! Yall have a blast!!! xox

  3. Barb, I'm so happy for you!! Enjoy your getaway - you certainly deserve it!

  4. I hope you had a good time. How are you handling work and crafting?


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