Friday, April 3, 2009

TGIF & Winner #3!

I know I haven’t worked a full week this week but it has been a while since I’ve been a working girl and I gotta tell y’all, I am one tired chickie this evening.  My feet ache and I am just tired all over but hey, I am NOT complaining in the least…it is very much a good kind of tired.

I have really surprised myself (sorta but not really, if you know what I mean)…by being positive and feeling certain that I AM on the right track with my attitude and health and just everything, I didn’t have one single panic attack or even a hint of anxiety at all this week.  If you know me at all, this is monumental.  But I knew I wouldn’t…and even if I had, I knew I could handle it and would be fine.

So much is going well, as it should.  Big blood draw on Monday to see about my liver function (which is going to be GREAT, I just feel it) and check my diabetes (well under control, I am positive), etc. and a doctors appointment on Friday to discuss the results, all good I am certain.

Robin asked what my job entails.  I am the District Merchandiser for O’Reilly Auto Parts, District 111, Region 18.  Ha!  Yea, that’s the official title….what I do is go to each store in our district and do their general merchandising which means: make sure product is on the sales floor and not sitting in the stockroom, do pre-inventory preparation, monthly counts, make sure that each stockroom is in good order, and take part in every district inventory.  Since there are nine stores in our district, by the time I’ve done all nine, it will be time to head back to the first one and start over again.

I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with the public as a Paramedic for 10 year and then as a Paralegal for 12 years, so this is ideal for me because I don’t have to deal with the public at all.  I just go in and can seclude myself in my stock and all that I need to do, no dealing with the public at all.  I’m even wanting an iPod so I can listen to music or books as I work.  How cool is that?  WOOT!

Anyway, I am exhausted and really want to dive into my art journal for a while before my eyes can no longer stay open sooooooo, here’s today’s pick….


Comment #20 was from Mary (aka Shopgirl):

Shopgirl said...

100....I thought you were much younger...TEE-HEE! It will be fun!
I am sick tonight, head cold and all that junk~
I am off to bed. Your Mary

March 18, 2009 10:28 PM

YAY, Mary!!!  Congratulations!  A goodie will be on it’s way to you very soon.

So, there you have it, everyone…another winner in my 29 Days of Giving.  I am going to try to get out my first five winners packages on Monday and do a mailing of my giveaways at least twice a week…just wanted everyone to know.

Now, time for me to journal a while and fall into a deep slumber.  Maybe I will even manage to scan some of my art journaling and other art I’m working on over the weekend.

I hope that each of you has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

Peace & Love,


  1. I can tell spring is in the air...I'm loving your positive attitude!! ***HUGS***
    I'm glad the job is going so well, and I, too, believe your doctor's visits will bring about good news!
    love you!

  2. Hi, Barb! Love the positive attitude and gratitude for the job. Congratulations on making it through a week! I know how difficult that can be some weeks. You should be very proud of yourself! Go, Barb! :-)

  3. Congrats to you on your new job and especially on conquering your fears. That is truly monumental! I have suffered with the same for so many years of my life and truly know what you are going through. Kudos Girl!

  4. Oh my goodness! I never win anything...I am so suprised, you have no idea!!!!
    Thank you Barb, this is so cool!
    Hugs, Mary


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