Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visualize a Joyful Life

I’ve been doing a little more soul searching (a constant in my life) and have made up my mind to turn things around.  You know what they say, life is really all about attitude…and mine has sucked the big one lately. 

Soooo…no more pity-party, instead I am going to raise my head up high and begin to live again. No more wallowing in the bed, sleeping my days away the way I’ve been doing. The more sunshine and fresh air (now that the weather is better) that I can get, the better I feel.  My 29 Days of Giving makes me feel so good, too.

In thinking these thoughts, these are the journal pages I’ve made in the past couple of days (click any pic to see it larger):


Joyful Life  I really had a blast making these layouts.  I can’t say enough for art journaling as therapy.  After beginning my 29 Days and starting these layouts in my art journal, things around me started changing. Even my body seems to be reacting in a positive way, my aches and pains easing and even my depression seems to be lifting.

Another positive something that has come my way is the offer of a job, tailored to my health needs, and paying really well! It includes INSURANCE (and my diabetes is NOT considered a pre-existing condition), not to mention vacation and sick time, bonuses, and just the fact that it will work with my health “stuff” is a huge thing for me.

I am so excited.

I haven’t been excited in so long. This is really a big deal and I am just quivering with joy.

I hope joy is finding its way into your life today.

Peace & Love,


  1. Barb it makes me happy to hear you so happy :)

  2. I am so pleased for you! It is lovely that you feel that sense of anticipation. I hope it is completely and utterly fantastic! XXX

  3. What a wonderful turnaround for you! I'm a firm believer in what you put out there, will return to you in kind. See? You decided to radiate the joy that is your beautiful existence and a *perfect* opportunity came your way!!

    Those journal pages are absolutely STUNNING btw...

    ~Love~ and brightest blessings...

  4. Omg - at last you catch a break! I am so thrilled for you Barb!!

    I am walking a similar path, but it's DH who has health issues, I just care for him. I use visualisation daily - I can't tell you how good it is and it really works. I just visualise everything I want to happen and thank The Universe (and the Goddess) for providing it!


    PS - I caught 5, DH caught 1!! ;o)

  5. It IS a really big deal! Thats terrific!!! I bet you are excited! Keep us posted on how all that goes. I am loving your journal pages!!! Keep your chin up :D x0x0x

  6. Hi Barb
    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for visiting me during my flu days. If things don't improve for me by weeks end I'll be calling my Dr. I can't believe how low I am on energy. It's like all the life has been completely sucked from me. =/ Your journal pages look awesome. I truly need to get back to journaling again. I have been so busy with my paintings that my "me" time for journaling has fallen by the way-side... I'll do my best to fix that this spring! =) HUGS!

  7. Hi Barb, I am going to be creating a "Vision Board" spread in my Journal. At my next LOA meeting, we are having a guest speaker that works helping people make them, so mine will be in my journal. I then must pick up my journal each day to look at my VB spread, which means I will be looking at my journal each day. And hopefully inspire me to do more pages. Hee Hee!!
    I am so happy to see you happy again. A new job will do that for you, and just think positivly about all of the cool journal supplies you can buy with that $$.
    I love these pages, totally the best. Take care, Sharon

  8. I need a job so bad just for the damn insurance - the doctors and meds are going to kill me.

    Love you honey.

  9. Those are fantastic! I'm glad you are feeling better!

  10. I love this! It's fantastic use of color and everything!

  11. Hi, Barb! I love your new journal pages! So cheerful and colorful! And congratulations on your new job!!! With insurance!!! How cool! :-)

  12. Cool journal pages. I really like the striped "icicles." And your writing is so neat, with the tails and swirls on the letters. I like the words also. They speak for a lot of us. Hope the new job with benefits works out well. Sounds like a great thing you've "drawn" to yourself. Jeanne

  13. Congrats on your awesome luck/attitude/answered prayer.

  14. This is wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear things are turning around for you.

    I love the use of color for the journal pages. The bottom pink one is my favorite.

  15. How gorgeous your journal pages are, Barb. I am so glad the clouds seem to be lifting. And a job? Wow, do keep us updated. When do you start? What is it doing? So many questions unanswered! Don't get too 'high', that's what I do then fall down with a bump.

    Love and ~hugs~

    I'm always on for giveaways!! gina.deen@btinternet.com

  16. Hey Barb! Nice journal work! I especially love your page "I close my eyes...". The lettering is just outstanding...everything about the page is. Great work. Now I feel I should go work on improving my lettering!

  17. Dropped in via Entrecard! I love these journal pages you posted. I was wondering what you use to create them? Magazine pictures? I would love to try something like this myself.

  18. it is super therapeutic! couldn't agree more!

  19. Barb this is fantastic news! I am very happy for you and I don't think this could have happened to a more deserving person! Your journal pages are wonderful. I agree with Ingrid the lettering is great!

  20. I've been stuck in a similar funk lately, but I've been trying to drag myself out of it. Sad as it is, it's refreshing too, to know we're not alone in this big wide world sometimes.

    Congrats to you on all the great uplifting things that have come your way lately. I think you are totally right about picking ourselves up, holding our heads high, and refusing to feel down. ♥

    I'm off to attempt the same.

  21. Your journal is amazing! If you sell books or pictures in this style, let me know. If I can afford it, I'm in! :)


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