Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tired is Good!

Whew! It’s been a busy few days. 

I had a wonderful weekend spending time with the hubby, a nice dinner out at a great little Mexican place he found for us (awesome food!), friends over to play Guitar Hero and just have some laughs, a little “alone” time for he and I (lol) and some napping, too.

Yesterday I spent the day doing errands and trying to get some things accomplished before I start the new job next week.  I never realized how much I have taken being at home all the time for granted.  Procrastination hasn’t been a problem for the past year because I could always take care of it (whatever “it” might be) tomorrow

No more.

I have a list of things I want to get done before Monday…and I have a decent start.

HappenstanceI finally managed (after some false starts over the past 10 days, gah!) to get the new screen door painted and hung (YAY!), some bills paid, met with our banker, started pressure washing the deck (it needs it baaaad), organized some of the kitchen cabinets, and even finished up a couple of journal pages (the one at left is a Zentangle doodle I started in my Moleskine and it just grew LOL) and a bunch of backgrounds in my journal(s)…not to mention the 2 1/2 hours of tennis with Richie, Shelby & Toad (the hubby, my youngest daughter & son-in-law, in case you don’t know the names.)

Whew!  See what I mean about busy lately?

Today was a busy one, too.  Had to take Jasper and Juno to the groomers (and they look so gorgeous!!!), which is 55 miles away in Tupelo, and it takes them a few hours to get to both of my precious boys so I ended up spending the day over there doing some shopping that I needed to do (new khakis for the job), a good lunch and lazing at Books-a-Million.

I’ve even started packaging up some of my goodies for my 29 Days of Giving (if you haven’t registered, I hope you will…HERE).  I figure I better get on the ball with that so I don’t fall behind, huh? 

I am still tired, as always, but changing my attitude and my outlook is paying off…big time!  The tired that I feel these days is a good kind of tired.  I’m sleeping better than I have in months and it really is true that energy begets energy…playing tennis is not only fun but is great exercise (and I’m getting much better at it, too.)

Tomorrow looks to be fairly busy, too…to the docs for a quick meeting about some changes in meds (no biggie, just some minor tweaks), an appointment with Shelby & Toad that I promised I’d help them with, grocery shopping & trip to the pharmacy, to the post office to drop off some books for PaperBackSwap (if you’re not registered, check out the link in my right sidebar and join…if you are a reader it’s fabulous!), then HOPEFULLY I can get some full-fledged art time in the afternoon just for ME…especially since I’m hoping that my Caran D’ache watercolor crayons will be here tomorrow.  *quivering with excitement* lol

Oh, and I have this idea for a piece of art that will use some of these:

Hee…you’ll just have to hang around and see what I come up with, huh?  I love to be a tease like that sometimes…she says with a sheepish grin.  I may even do a tutorial using them…woo hoo!

Ah, the busy-ness of life.

But hey, busy is good.

Life is good.

I wish the same for all of you.

And to my girlie, Robin…I didn’t forget you, busy-ness just got the best of me.  Happy 42nd Birthday, honey…I love you.

Peace & Love,


  1. WOW! no wonder you weren't around this weekend!
    I love seeing you so busy and feeling better. And I think you are right in that energy begets energy. Not only that, but energy begets better sleep...which is what I guess begets energy! LOL
    I saw the pic of Shelby's new puppy!! Your house is gonna get even more lively!!
    Tell me again what kind of dogs J&J are. I'm looking for something small like them.
    Greg's gonna get me one for my bday, as soon as I find the right one.

    ok..i'm goin to bed.
    Missed you.
    and thanks for the bday wish.
    i love you, too!

  2. What a nice take on a Zentacle--I love the colours. I've only ever seen them in black and white--I like yours much better.

    I've often wondered what's the difference between using the shells without having hard boiled the egg vs. raw egg.

  3. I love to hear you so busy baby, it means you are feeling better -

    I have to say that I am extremely jealous of the job though!!

  4. It makes me tired to see all you do!! Can't wait for a new tutorial.

  5. The Zentangle with color is gorgeous.
    Egg shells, can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Happy days,

  6. I wanted to email you, but since I'm such a 14 yr old half-wit...I cannot seem to find it on your blog. ;) Would you be kind enough to email me so I can email you???? :)

    I seriously can not wait to see what you are doing with those egg shells!!!!

    ~Magick to ya~

  7. Hi, Barb! Springtime always seems to whip things into a frenzy for me, too! Busy, busy, busy! I absolutely ADORE your doodled journal page! :-)

  8. WOW! You have been very busy! And to think I slept most of the weekend away. I think it did me good though. I'm starting to finally gain back my energy. YAY! Your Zentangle rocks!

  9. Hi
    Great drawing, I love it. Great colors. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hey now, I read your note over at Rebecca's and came to tell you that I have been writing more there my dear - where ya been. LOL

    I love you honey and I miss you.

  11. Girly you are wearing me out!!!! Makes ya feel good to get alot done though. I am thinking about you and excited for you about your new job, and glad you are feeling better. The Zentangle is absoulutely BRILLIANT!!! I was entranced by it and could not take my eyes off of it!!!!! Love your new bloggie toooo!! Have a good one!!! Hugs!

  12. that zentangle is gorgeous!!

  13. Zentangles are the BEST! Yours is magnificent!! It makes me want to start a new one, but I know that as soon as my 6 year old gets home from school she will steal it from me! Thanks for the inspiration!


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