Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Lost Day & Family Art

I usually have to take a nap during the day…meds and “stuff” do it to me…but today? OMG, I actually slept the ENTIRE day away…all of it. I was up from 5-8am, slept, up from 2-4pm, slept and just now woke up again and it’s almost 8pm.


Guess my body was still drained from the weekend trip and just needed to recuperate or something. But sheesh, all day?  I feel like such a slug.

Anyway, I did get some pics taken of the art piece I’ve created using a copy of my parents wedding day picture.  Before I do the “show”, let me do a little “tell”…my parents (actually my maternal grandparents who adopted me and raised me so they were in their 50’s when I was born) met one day and it was love at first sight. 


The night they met, within hours, my Dad asked Mom to marry him and she said yes, if he got her father’s permission…and he did.  They were married 22 hours after first laying eyes on each other….and were married for 48 years when my Dad died May 11, 1987.  Momma never was quite herself after losing him and she died March 23, 1991, her last words were to my sister and she said that she was “ready to go home…to your Daddy.”

THAT is the epitome of love to me.

THEY are the epitome of love to me…and this picture is truly one of those that says a thousand words.

Mom & Dad

My sister gave me this, the only picture taken of them on the day they married, and this piece is made with a copy of it.  I’m not real happy with the “Memories” down the left side so that will probably get reworked but I’m going to let it sit for a few days and see how I feel about it then.

Here’s a closer look at Mom & Dad and some of the texturing I added to the piece…

Mom & Dad close upAren’t they both gorgeous?  I love it so much, seeing them so young and happy and full of!

I can’t say enough about Claudine Hellmuth’s Studio Line of products. Not only do I love the colors of her acrylics (which this piece is painted with) but the text page I used as the “mat” is a super thin 1950’s dictionary page and the photo is printed on just regular printer paper but by using Claudine’s Multi-Medium in matte, there isn’t a wrinkle in either part.

OMG, I love this product! It beats Golden’s, hands down! I need about a 55 gallon drum of it, I swear.

Oh, and the “texture” (which is really the garbage that my Bind-it-All produces when it punches) is also “glued” with Claudine’s Multi-Medium. I have painted and rubbed and squished around on those areas like crazy…and every little particle is still holding strong.


I still consider this a work in progress since it doesn’t feel right, yet.  Changes will happen and I’ll be sure to show y’all when it does.

So, there you have what I’ve been up to…well, that and sleeping. lol Tell me, what have you been creating?

Peace & Love,


  1. What a wonderful love story! It makes you smile thinking how crazy in love they fell for each other.

    The piece turned out great! I think I agree about the memories part you mentioned but I was drooling over the texture on the sizes. I would never think to save the junk from my bind-it-all. Very creative!

    Hope you are able to get more done today! Sometimes your body just makes you take a break.

  2. A wonderful story and the use of newsprint is perfect for a picture like this! Love the colour scheme you've used ... and I think your title looks fine! Thanks for being part of our newsprint challenge.

  3. Barb I believe in true love and your parents story is one very sweet example.

    Take good care of yourself and if your body demands sleep - give it sleep. I cycle between high energy and no sleep and periods of deep slumber. Honor your cycles and ride the waves.

    Oh thanks too for sharing your experience with Claudine's products. I had no clue. Now I have more fun stuff to try out.

    {soul hugs}

  4. OMG this is absolutely stunning.
    Wonderful colors and great background.

  5. I have to say that the word memory drew me and I really like it! I love the border as well and will borrow this idea sometime! *grin* I love the pages that have real meaning and depth the most.

  6. Personally I would like to see the memories part to be a bit brighter, I like the "M" but the rest gets hidden really.

    It sounds like you needed the rest honey!! I am so glad that you got to spend time with your family though, you need that. I know how much you do you miss having that little boy around.

  7. Now I'm off to try another acrylic product! Golden has not been everything I hoped it would be and judging from this piece, you have found something wonderful!


  8. That is beautiful!
    I have tons of pics of each of my grandparents like that...I should let you "be creative" with them! :)

  9. Wow, that is one gorgeous piece of work you have created with that lovely photo. What a wonderful love story too. How romantic. They were so brave to trust in each other after such a short time.
    When I first started taking antidepressants, I used to sleep at really odd times. I often couldn't sleep at night and just got used to a topsy turvy day. Don't worry about it. If you're asleep, you need it.

  10. Gorgeous on every level Barb! I love the background story to this piece and you seem to be really happy with the products too!!
    It's sad that nowadays, your parents' story is the exception rather than the rule...
    Wonderful art - oh and sleep is THE best therapy!! =)

  11. Oh what a beautiful story...and what a stunning piece. Thanks for sharing how you made it...the BIA idea is brilliant.
    I think if your body says "sleep" then thats the best thing....just check what day it is when you wake up (!) and then carry on making your lovely artwork x

  12. This is very precious and special Barb - you must be really pleased with it. The newsprint looks great and I'm with Rosie...the lettering looks perfect too.
    Thank you for sharing your story and your work with us.
    Linda x

  13. Hi, Barb! I got to play with Claudine's multi-medium at a class I took ... but I can't find anyplace locally that sells it. Did you find it at a store online? Just curious! :-)

  14. I adore this story. It brought tears to my eyes! They were adorable! I bet they are up there together still smiling and happy and still in love. How rare and special. I love the way you preserved the photo... it's perfect!! Have a great weekend!!


  15. This is beautiful and such a lovely story and tribute to your mum and dad.
    I hope you're feeling a bit better today. I have had CFS and have fibromyalgia now - so can really sympathise. Take care

  16. I love this piece! The colors are fantastic, and the story of your parents warms my heart! You have done a beautiful job honoring them.

  17. Beautiful picture of your parents. They remind me of course, of my own, and their happiness at being together and married after the war. How lucky we were to have them. Sorry you've been feeling bad. I hope the sleep you've gotten puts you right again. How neat your art journaling class came together. The pictures of you when you were small were well done. I liked the look of them. (It made me worry though about what happened when you were small.) Take good care of yourself, - Jeanne

  18. Such a heartfelt story of your parents the meaning of true love. I sure hope you're feeling better. I "think" I'm finally on the road to recover after over a 2 week stint of this God awful flu this winter. I have been toying with a painting and almost have it done and hope to tweak out the things I did while I was leaning over it coughing my guts out. Heh! Hard to stay away from the easel! HUGS! Feel Better soon.. I have sympathy for you.

  19. Hi sweet lady, this is so sweet of your parents. I think they would love it. As for sleeping all day, I have done this myself. I think the mind says enough is enough. How you are feeling refreshed. Big Hugs, Mary

  20. WOW this is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme

  21. Hi, Barb! Thanks for the tip about Nona Designs Art Supplies! I placed an order and put in the comments that you referred me! :-)

  22. Wonderful art! I love the colours of the acrylics, and the texture is fantastic!

  23. Beautiful canvas and all the more special that it is a family photo, and such a good one too! Great elements and feel to this special piece!

  24. I really like this! Great color scheme. I would agree that the memories needs some work, but really I think its just a matter of value contrast. Get some off-white in there to tie it in maybe?

  25. Wow, this is stunning, What a beatiful image also and a lovely story, Thank you for sharing that , Jaqi


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