Friday, March 20, 2009

Living Juicy!

Lots to tell this evening, so let me get to it…

I love the books and artwork by SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.  I’ve always been a book hound, devouring books on the subjects that are close to my heart at any given moment in my life, and I’ve been building my library of art related books lately.  Lots of titles on art journaling, my passion, as well as on collage, painting, altered books and art, and books on finding my creative self, etc…then I remembered SARK.

I read her book “Wild Succulent Woman”  back in about 2000…around the time that I finally came to my senses and divorced my first husband (the one that put me through 20 years of emotional abuse and was a severe alcoholic.)  I believe that the words of that book of hers that I read at that time in my life gave me a boost to my self esteem and helped me to feel "real” again which enabled me to walk away from that relationship that was so detrimental to me.

AT this point in my life, as I am once again working toward doing good things for myself, my health and my life, I find myself gravitating toward that familiar encouraging voice of SARK again.719EM0H60YL._SL500_AA240_.gif

I have been using PBS (PaperBackSwap) for many of my books lately (you can sign up using the icon on my sidebar to the right…it’s awesome so you really should!) and a new one came today that I have been anxiously awaiting…

I can’t wait to dig into this wonderful book.  I have another one of her books on the way, too. 

Do any of you read and adore SARK the way I do?

Oh, and I worked a little part-time job today.  Six hours at the drag race track…and I had a blast!  Yea, really…I had fun at w.o.r.k!  LOL  Who have thunk it, huh? lol

I met with my new boss and will fill out paperwork next Friday and begin my new JOB (woot!) the following Monday.  It’s real…the job is mine. YAY for me!  The pay is good and so are the benefits…plus I’ll be working for the same company as my husband (but no, he is not the one that hired me, his big boss is who did) so if hubby moves up in the company and transfers somewhere, then I will automatically get a transfer, too.

And, my final piece of fabulous news for the day is that I have some Caran d'achegoodies on their way to me, via a fabulous friend who loves me and knows how much I adore art supplies and how much I have been fantasizing about these luscious babies.


I have been dreaming of having a set of Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons but just couldn’t find the extra dinero to buy them…but the universe is fabulous with Karma.  I sent a large booty of jewelry supplies I had that I wasn’t using to a friend that is big into jewelry making…and she loves me so much that she is sending me a full set of 40 Caran D’ache Neocolor II’s!

OMG, do you know how HUGE this is?  It’s truly art heaven, I tell ya!  I’m so excited. 

So much good stuff going on for me that I’m just all quivery with joy.

Last thing, I promise…

Guess what I did Tuesday afternoon? 

I played THREE HOURS of tennis with the hubby, my daughters and son-in-law. You have no idea how good it felt to be out in the sunshine, cool breeze blowing, and actually using my muscles by running and serving and just having a ball (no pun intended. lol)  We’ve been trying to play at least once a week the past 3 weeks (at hubby’s insistence to get me out of the house) but this time I really enjoyed and wasn’t just there to placate him.  Loved it, I tell ya…even the muscle aches I still have from the workout I got on the court.


Oh man, y’all have no idea how good I feel right now.  But it’s late, 12:33 a.m. to be exact, and I am really beat so it’s time to hit the hay.

I hope that joy is ever present in your life and you, too, are Living Juicy!

Peace & Love,


  1. I just sent you an email. I love books, too. We are definately on the same wave length. And also art supplies. We are fanatastic as a team!!!! Sharon

  2. WOW! That 40-pack is expensive! I have the smaller 15 pack and it was pricey enough. I've bought some of the grays for Pam Carriker's upcoming class. Caran D'Ache are so awesome :)

    Sounds like things are going good for you Barb--I'm super happy about this! You totally deserve it!

  3. Oh I forgot to talk about SARK--I've never read any of her books but at work I have a "weekly quote" whiteboard and many of her quotes make it on there.

  4. I have read the Wild Succculent Women awhile ago, my mom got it for me as a gift one year - it was great. When we moved my copy got all messed up though and I had to throw it away.

    Glad you are feeling better baby.

  5. I love the SARK books. I have all of them and read them over and over. It's because of these books that I starting journaling and art journaling.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Yeah for you! So glad you are feeling so energized!! Your journal pages ROCK as ususal! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the crayons!!!!!
    You go girl!

  7. Hi, Barb! Yay you! Such wonderful good news and blessings! :-)

  8. woo hoo!! Sounds like spring has sprung and the clouds have lifted!!
    that's wonderful!!

    and wait...this new it with the drag track, or something different?? I'm confused!!
    What will you be doing?
    I'm sooo excited for you you!!!

  9. Mmm...those look like some yummy crayons - and you're making me crave a game of tennis!

    I've enabled following several times on my blogger, but the feed just won't go through! Grrr.... I don't know why. :\

  10. I LOVE SARK!
    I actually only have Succulent Wild Woman. But I spent the weekend here at a workshop w/ her. It was a 3 day workshop. One day w/ her & then 2 other days that she stayed as a participant. It was incredible! If you ever get a chance to go to one of her workshops, do! She is magic!

  11. Barb, I am SOOO happy to read a post where you're excited and feeling good! I can't wait to see what you do with those crayons!

    I think being an artist is the ONE way you never have to let go of the excitement of childhood. Like I said, I can't wait to see what art you post!

    Renee :)

  12. Wow Barb so happy to read such a joyful post!! you go girl!! Best of luck on your new job too..And Sark omg who doesn't love her!! LOL I am so happy for you..I used to play tennis years ago and it was such fun,even tho I can't do things like that anymore. I do so love hearing about my dear friends out there loving life in the warm sunshine..thanks so much for sharing such wonderful and happy news..Many many continued blessings to you...xoxo..Kelley

  13. I have visited Sarks website before, thank you for reminding me to go there again and to look for her inspiring books!

    I felt so happy for you when you talked about having fun at the drag strip and the tennis game! Glad yall enjoyed it and spending time together. Sometimes I get sore and tired from doing something I'm not used to...but somehow its a good sore, ya know?

    What an incredibly sweet and awesome gift you received!!!! I've been wantin those crayons!! I tore an add out and gave it to hubby...just in case...I think he may have forgotten! Soooo happy for you!!! Yayyyy!! Enjoy your day x0x

  14. Hi Barb - thanks for stopping by my neck of the blog gardens - I LOVE the design of your page - how did you do this? You must have some mad design skills to make blogger look this good :-) Yes, I greatly enjoy SARK's books - back when I didn't actively do art due to my junior high school art teacher discouraging me - she made me realize that there was more than just fine arts out there. She's very cool. I know what you mean about the Caran d'Ache's also - they also make great highly pigmented water colors too.

  15. Good for you Barb!! Spring is deffo in the air!! xoxoxo

  16. Oh yes, I love love SARK too. So inspirational. I am rereading "Eat Mangoes Naked" right now!

  17. Love that book! It's the only one of Sark's I've read, I must admit...more are on my "to-read" list.

    Love your the design. Here via Sharon..via Apple at Art & Soul..Enjoying what I see!

  18. Hi Barb,

    You are inspiring and FUN! I was given a SARK cassette years ago and love the positive, affirming messages.
    I teach Visioning(R)collage and am a new I appreciate the fun possibilities through you! Hugs and lots of prosperity to you...Dorothy

  19. I loved reading so much joy and happiness in your post Barb!!! And I am so happy that you got those goodies - i can't wait to see what you do with them! Lastly, I don't think you need to invest in nibs and inks by the look of your amazing journaling pages - you have hand lettering down masterfully!

  20. Barb-

    I'd love to have you follow my Blog - right now I Blog monthly until my book/cd combo is ready. Meantime, the style of the book is in my Nov thru Feb posts.


  21. I have this book! I love SARK!

  22. Hey woman!
    Where are you? musta had a busy weekend, you haven't posted since Friday!
    Miss you!

  23. SARK changed my life too!!!! I owe her a big slice of the JOY that IS MY LIFE!

    Sometimes I call her inspiration line. It's fun to hear her voice. She's such an incredibly-delicious goof-ball. :)

    ~Mmmmm Juicy Living~

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