Sunday, March 15, 2009

29 Days of Giving

No matter what your position in life at the moment, if you are sitting in front of a computer and can read this, you have it better than so many others on earth.  I know that I do.

This is something I have to daily remind myself of in order NOT to feel sorry for myself. I can (and often do) get a case of the pity-party/wah-wah-poor-pitiful-me’s if I allow it. I whine about the pains and exhaustion, the meds and chronic illness stuff, I worry endlessly about finances and have no idea how we’ll afford the new, expensive meds I am supposed to start next week but more than all of that, the truth is that I really DO have a good life.

I need to focus on the good and not let the not-so-good get to me and there is no better time than the present to start!

March is a fabulous time to begin this journey. Why, you might be asking?

Well, my precious grandboy, Noah, came into life in March…I married the love of my life and soulmate, Richie, in March…our much loved son-in-law celebrated his 22nd birthday today….AND, here’s a biggie:


So, to celebrate those wonderful events and to get my focus on giving instead of whining, I’ve decided to take part in 29 Days of Giving.

It is obvious that I am not a rich woman so the gifts I will be giving will not be BIG but they will each be from the heart.  I will start my 29 days of Giving on April 1st but to be a part you have to do a couple of things for me (just to make it easier):

  1. Comment on THIS blog post and tell me that you want to be included in the giveaways.
  2. Send me an email to craft4therapy (at) gmail (dot) com with your nickname your comment is from, your real name and address, and try to include your favorite art/craft forms (so if your name is pulled, I can gear your gift to your likes/wishes.)

That’s all there is to it.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you told your friends and readers about it but that’s certainly not a must.  Truth is, I would really like to see my friends and loyal readers/commenters to be the recipients but I am always happy to make new friends, too.

I do want to take a second to thank you all for being loyal readers and for sticking with me when I have those days I just can’t seem to put on the happy face…for giving me support as my art has changed and grown and making me feel that I’m actually doing okay (even when I think it’s crappy lol)…for encouraging me to pursue my dream of giving an Art Journal class (which is still set to start but will have to wait until April due to availability of the site that I’m giving the workshop at)…and generally just for being my friends. 

Thank you for making me want to stick around for 100 posts so far…and here’s to many more to come.

Peace & Love,


  1. Ou! How exciting! I'd love to take part Barb :) I'll shoot you off my info.

    By the by, how does one find out what number post they're at?

  2. Barb, let me know if you would like me to send you a pair of handmade earrings for your giveaway; the least I can do!

  3. Happy 100th!!
    This is a wonderful idea! I'm all about some giveaway, especially when it includes the beautiful things you do!! :) You have my info!
    And March is also special cuz it's MY bday! LOL

  4. Of course I would love to be involved in the giveaway - and I think you have my info already.

    I can understand the pity party though, my asthma meds are expensive and I was just in the ER again the other day because I couldn't even sit in the car (doing nothing) and breathe.

  5. I was just thinking of being grateful the other day because I started lining up all the bad things going on. Instead I focused on just as many good things in my life and realized it's all in your head and if you think it you believe it and become it! I will send an e-mail soon for the generous giveaway.


  6. Barb, I know that giving ALWAYS makes me feel better. It is easy to forget how lucky we are so it is important to focus on gratitude.

    I would love to participate in your giveaway but I don't want to put added pressure on you! Visiting your blogs and being inspired by your posts is enough :)


  7. Hi Barb! Congratulations on your 100th post! I would love to be included! How special to get something you made! I will send email info.

    I know what you mean about meds and moods.. Medicine is expensive even with insurance and a copay!! Then half the time we need a medicine that doesnt come in a generic! I'm glad we all have each other for friendship and support :D

  8. Happy BD to your blog!! I know that we all seem to get down when we are in pain and feel crappy. We must repeat each day,"I am a healthy beautiful person!!" I am at this minute sending you positive thoughts. Read the book, The Secret, to get you on the way to abundance in your life. And oh yea, please include me in the give aways and thanx for sharing. Sharon

  9. Congrats on your 100 mark! I would love to take part in your giving celebration- and I think you have my information. If not, I shall send it post haste.

    I love and miss you bunches- you just have no idea how much.

    Hope all is well hun.

  10. I have not been following for very long, but ever since I have, I have been truly inspired. Congratulations on your 100th blog!!! I hope I can win something you made, I know it will be fabulous!!!

  11. Hey hun- I just went to your new shop and dont see anything up... did I go to the wrong place? I was hoping that you might have some of your young ladies up as I know my future MIL would LOVE them and I thought it would make for a perfect Mothers Day gift. Not sure you sell them though. Let me know, wont you... shoot me an email ( or call/text. Love ya!

  12. Great work...100 posts! What a generous soul you are, Barb. Hope you are feeling well today.
    Sending you love...
    Linda xo

  13. Barb, what a fabulous idea and how great that you are participating! I'm thinking I'll sign up, too. April is a great month for me to give as it is the month my son was born (just missed April Fool's Day by an hour or so!!). You have inspired me to do 29 days of giving in memory of him. I'd also love to be "on the list" for one of your 29 gifts. Will email you my info.
    Blessings Always and In All Ways,

  14. Oh what a lot of comments and what a wonderful idea. I think it's a super idea to concentrate on others when you feel a bit grotty yourself. I'd love to be included if that's ok. I am a new reader but love your blog and we do have quite a lot in common!


  15. Congratulations on your 100th post Barb. Job well done! And thanks for being so generous here with the giveaways!

  16. Hey Barb, congrats on your 100th post!!!! What a great idea to celebrate by doing a giveaway.

    THANKS for all the comments you leave on my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.


  17. I would love to be included in your giveaway. I come to your blog as often as I can. I love your art work.

    Hope you are feeling better!


  18. Life is hard for me right now so it's been hard to be grateful... but you're right about the fact I'm online meaning I'm better off than I could be.

    Thanks for the reminder and hopefully I'll get a new job soon so I can keep my internet connection.

    Best Wishes,
    ~ Shannon

  19. Congratulations on your 100th post! Yay!

  20. 100....I thought you were much younger...TEE-HEE! It will be fun!
    I am sick tonight, head cold and all that junk~
    I am off to bed. Your Mary

  21. Congrats on the 100th. I'd love to be considered in your give a way. Thanks

  22. Congratulations on your 100th post! I would like to be in the giveaway please. I just found your blog, but I will be interested in continuing reading it. :)

  23. Yes, I'm doing this too...and congratulations on 100 posts. I love seeing your art. Fabulous.

  24. Woah...what fun! I'd love to jump in. :)

    (Thank you for commenting on my blog - it gave me a good start!)

    Here's to the next 100!

  25. All wonderful wishes and gratefulness for your first 100 posts, and here's to unending more posts for as long as it's in your heart and it continues to inspire and provide you with much happiness. What a generous offer for your April giveaways. I'd love to be part of your drawing!

  26. Hi Barb,
    I am right behind you on the number of posts!!!
    You rock for doing the 29 days of giving. I should follow your example but I am heading back into the most stressful time of my work year. I'll have to do it on my next vacation. Please put me in your pot!

  27. Hello, Barb. Your blog is so inspiring to me, and your tutorials rock. I have a give-away on my newly born blog (first post today!), so maybe you would like to come over and get in on that. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your philosophy.


  28. What a great idea! It is very kind of you to share, sharing has a way of making things multiply for everyone. Wouldn't it be great if we all had a big share-a-thon art supply swap meet? Everyone comes away with a different thing than what they came with - no strings attached?
    Hope you had an artful weekend!

  29. What a great idea! I'll be sending my info your way!!!

  30. I don't know if you got my last comment, so here it is
    Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm hoping for many many more!!

    I would love to be included in your give-a-way, a small token from you would brighten my day!!

    I will send my info now.... Thanks!
    Take care,

  31. Congrats on the 100th post, I remember mine!! It is exciting and certainly something to celebrate. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  32. Congrats on the 100th post!
    Regards from Florida!

  33. well done barb on your 100 posts and your positive outlook.. loving the work you have been posting and your art journal class will do great i believe! thanks for always dropping by my blog and leaving me such wonderful comments!! have a wonderful weekend!

  34. Hey Barb! I hear you about chronic pain and whining, I sympathize totally with the crankiness. I'm glad to hear you'll still be able to do your workshop, even if it's postponed. Please enter me in your giveaway! I might do this, too, gonna check it out.

  35. Congrat's, you are a wonderful lady with so much talent, we are blessed to see your art and hear your voice this your blog. I haven't been on very much, so I catching up as I can. Pain is the cage that can hold us back from what we love to do....
    I can't believe you are having this give away...I would love to join in, what if I got something from you....Not to think about it, I just don't win things. Big Love, Mary

  36. Congrats on the 100th Post. Wat a great idea for 29days of love and giving..

    Would scream to be loved!! Hhahaa..

    Ps; I am also giving away something at my blog.. *Wink..

  37. Congrats Barb,
    On your 100th post and i would love to be included in our giveaway!

  38. 100 is a lovely number, isn't it?

    Thanks for the chance to win something of yours.



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