Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Self Examination

I’ve been quite introspective lately,…quietly spending time reading, journaling and doing a tremendous amount of thinking about who I am and where I want to go in my life; what is it that I want to achieve?  Soul searching, I guess you could say. 

I can’t say I’ve come to any real concrete conclusions but I feel like the answers are close at hand.  I know that I have to continue working on my health and that I don’t just want to create art but that it is truly a NEED for me; something I absolutely MUST do.  Now, the only question is how to incorporate that into a job or career.

I’m still working on that part.

Anyway, here is the Art Journal spread that came about from all of those hours of deep thinking (as always, click to see it larger):

Self Examination 

One thought I’m having is that because art journaling has become such an important part of my life, that I want to share it with others.  I’m just beginning my journey into Art Journaling in a formal format (actual bound books as opposed to just random scraps of paper here and there) but I live in a tiny little town that has NO kind of art offerings...absolutely none!  I think I could share my vision of Art/Visual Journaling to  other women (and men, although I doubt in this neck of the woods any men would dip into it) through a class I could give at the local community center.

Is that a crazy idea?  Am I nuts?

I’ve even started putting together a supply list, started working out the details/outline of actually giving the class, testing the waters by asking some of the women I know about possible interest (and I have 3 women that want to sign up already and I’m still just tossing it around…WOW!)  I am also reading every book I can get my hands on dealing with the subject to familiarize myself to different styles of Visual Journaling.

This is something I really think I could do, that I am positive I would enjoy doing, that wouldn’t stress me physically or emotionally, and would allow me the ability to not only share something I love but also to continue healing without hurting my progress.  It would also allow me to feel that I’m being productive and not just sitting here, rotting away. (That’s a biggie!)

So, tell me…is this an insane idea?  Really, give me your thoughts…I want to know!  Be honest, I’m a big girl...I can take it.


Peace & Love,


  1. I think that is a great idea Barb, go for it! I'm sure you will get as much from the class as your students will. The great thing about a new journey is you never know where you will end up. Good luck to you.

  2. i think is a great idea! go for it! not insane at all!!!!! xxxx tanya

  3. No, it's not an insane idea AT ALL. In fact, I've thought of doing the same thing for young girls. You go Barb--this is a wonderful idea.

  4. Hi, Barb! I'm working on an art journaling class too! Good luck with yours! Sounds great! :-)

  5. What do you do for a job? And I think that's a great idea. You could also do one at a senior center or even a kids one as well. Besides community education are there any locations like a grange hall or church that would let you have the class there and you could put some fliers up? Or even a scrapbook or paper store?

  6. I think doing a class is a great idea. I'm newby at the blogging stuff a friend of mine showed me a little. Its tons of fun and I checl your blog out often for ideas and inspiration. I just put myself on your followers list I finally remebered how to get photos up YEAH. I'm not sure how and if I left my blog addy.

  7. Nothing insane about sharing your passion for art, journaling and blogging...YOU GO GIRL

  8. DO IT!

    i teach techniques that can be used all over the place;
    it is all pretty much the same...

    and yes you CAN teach it
    and it isn't high stressed...

    we all seem to be doing this introspection exercise...actually if a person intends to grow as a person ..that is an ongoing exercise...
    i am finding what i am looking for isn't much further than my own front door...

    yep just like in the wizard of oz...
    there is no place like home

    are home...the ..home

  9. I think it's a great idea, too. It'll give you an outlet to express yourself, to meet other people in your area, or at least learn more about them..find things you have in common...a reason to "get out of the house"! :)
    I think it would not only be beneficial to you, but to you community as well! Bring a little "culture" to the small town! :)

  10. Barb, it's a fabulous idea. You are already inspiring so many through your website, why not some face-to-face, up close and personal inspiration with a live class?! I am a life coach and I specialize in using expressive arts, dreamwork and journaling with my clients -- both in groups and one-on-one. You CAN make a business out of it and feel really great about helping people help and heal themselves through art. Who better to lead them than someone who's been using her art to heal herself? (that means YOU!) so GO FOR IT! And best of luck with it...

  11. ryc: I soooooo wish you could be there this weekend, too! Wouldn't that be the bomb?? All my besties in one place!! We really need to work on a gathering!!!
    I WILL take lots of pics..you know me!!

  12. do it, do it, do it.

    think of how rewarding it would be to introduce other people to the healing and inspiring world of Art Journaling.

    there is obviously a need in your area.

    oh please do it. and tell us all about how it goes.

    do it, do it, do it.

  13. You have so much to offer...and it will also teach you so much more...
    Artfully Yours,

  14. Totally do this, Barb. I wish you lived near me. We have our newly remodeled art gallery opening in April and need teachers. An art journal class would be stupendous! I love the rich, bright colors on your most current journal post. Thanks for you comments on my blog. These really are like little surprise presents on our "front porch" steps! Do what you love. Teach that class!! Jeanne

  15. This is a fabulous idea. I taught a community ed class on making ATCs and it was a lot of fun. One thing that helped me a lot was before I taught the class, I asked over some friends and practiced by teaching part of the class to them. Usually you can find a few friends willing to do it, even if they think they have no art skills. Tell them it doesn't matter, you need them as guinea pigs and they would be doing you a big favor.

    What I found out by doing that was very helpful: what supplies I needed more of, how fast/slow to go, if I was assuming too much in my instructions, and not to give people too many choices at first because they panic. One thing I found was that people liked both having me talk through instructions AND having a sheet of written instructions on the table in front of them. Because everyone learns differently. Also, bring examples, like your art journals, and some of the books you've been looking at, so they can browse for inspiration.

    I hope that helps! Let us know how it comes out! You go, girlfriend! Carrie from

  16. This is perfect! You MUST pursue it. I think it would suit you very well and you'll have people signing up left and right! You Go Girl!! =)Give your tiny town some culture!

  17. I think it is a fabulous idea chica!!! Do it!!!

    YOur journal pages are always inspiring and beautiful...time to take it to the streets!!

    Peace & Love.

  18. It's the exact opposite of crazy! I think you should go for it! Libraries, community centers and the like are great places to drop literature to drum up some participants. I hope it all comes together!

  19. Oh I so wish I lived near you!! I'd sign up straight away, it's just the sort of thing I'd love to do. You must go ahead, I'm sure there'll be all sorts of people too scared to 'have a go' alone but with your guidance and your wonderful examples of work, they'd be inspired. I would.


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