Monday, February 9, 2009

Love, in more ways than one

Y’all remember this thrifty find that my hubby brought me home last week, right?

Window Pic-before Yeah, cute enough, I suppose, if you’re decorating your beach house or something but sooooo totally not my thing.  And believe me, he knew it wasn’t my thing, he got it for me to use as a blank (but enhanced with character) canvas.

And that is exactly what I did…

This is the result (but I’m not real happy with the pic but oh well.)  window pic - LOVEShades of white/gray scrapbook papers with lettering done in Sharpie markers and acrylic paints and highlighs, lowlights, and swirls done with various ink pads, stamps and a distressing pad. I also added some rub-ons around the corners/edges to add a little something to the window framing.

What do you think?

I adore it.  I love filling our house with my own art, with color and with LOVE.  What better art to add to our home this week before Valentine’s Day?  (Cute, ain’t I? lol)

Let’s see, what else?

My hubby (who is apparently my muse) has been gone on a business trip to Dallas since the wee hours of Sunday morning.  As hokey or cheesy as it sounds, we’ve never spent a night apart since before we married.  I have been bringing more of my personal life into this blog and my marriage is something I haven’t really said too much about around here, figuring it would bore everyone.

But hey, no time like the present…

My husband and I met on the internet. Not through a dating sight but merely through chance. We became fast friends (and only friends, not even any flirting) and talked each day online and eventually on the phone, supporting each other through some rough times we were each going through at the time.  Quickly we became best friends…we were brutally honest with each other, and still are, becoming friends like no other.

Eventually we decided to have dinner together at a midway point between our respective towns (2 1/2 hours apart), still as friends, but when we met face to face, the moment I looked into his eyes (yea, cheesy and hokey again, I know) it was like fireworks went off. I just KNEW.  I knew that this man, this “friend”, was like no other I had ever known and that I had finally, after 40 years and two failed marriages, met my soul mate.

Luckily he saw the same things in me and felt the same way on that very first face to face meeting.

We’ve been together ever since.  We started planning our wedding/marriage two weeks later and were married five weeks and six days after that first date.  The best thing that’s ever happened to me.  He is still my best friend.

Anyway, just a little something about me and my life I thought I’d share.  Now, back to art…

I thought that while he was gone I would practically live in my studio…but it hasn’t worked out that way.  He is such an inspiration to me plus, I’m not feeling real well.

Exhaustion, pain, nausea and that need to nap has returned full force. Ugh!  It seems to be a come and go thing so I called the doc this morning and she has me coming in for blood work in the morning. Again.

ForgiveEven when I don’t seem to have the energy or the inspiration to spend hours in the studio, I always have thoughts roving around in my head that I can Art Journal about…this time is no exception.  This page just seemed to flow out of me quite effortlessly.

It’s based on my relationship with my youngest sister (very tumultuous), who constantly tries to pick fights through her passive/aggressive nature. Ugh!

Nuff said on that one.

I have quite a few other journal pages I’ve completed but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow.  I even created one that I think is my all time favorite in my Art Journaling so I hope you will come back and see that creation tomorrow.

That’s about it for today.  I hope you’re all having a great Monday, if there is such a thing. HA!

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! My husband and I met online, too. Small world! Hang in there! Hopefully the doctor will find something simple to tweak that will make you feel better soon! :-)

  2. I adore your LOVE piece! The subtleties in the paper and the boldness of the font are eeeeeeeeegcellent. Did you free hand those letters? Either way, I'm impressed! hehe!

    Peace, Love and Pop Art~*

  3. Wow! It really turned out beautifully!

    I love the story of you and your husband, Barb, and I think it's so wonderful that you two found each other.

    I think many of us who read your blog really wish nothing but the best for you and we all hope you start to feel better soon.


  4. I think the LOVE piece is gorgeous. Love the mix of subtle background and BOLD letters.

  5. I second what Artiste Nouveau said! Kudos to you and your hubby for finding your soul mate in each other and for sharing your story which helps inspire the rest of us to appreciate what we have in your sweeties as well!. I always love coming to your blog and reading what you have to share about your art and yourself.
    GODSPEED on a speedy diagnosis and recovery.

  6. I wonder if the not feeling well is because the hubby is gone honey? He is your stability.

    Love the picture, it is beautiful.

  7. Hi Barb!! Firstly, I love what you've done with the beach canvas - fab-u-lous!! How romantic your love-story is too... I met mine 22 years ago and we are still best friends aswell as everything else to each other ('twas in the days before the WWW though!!) I keep him because he makes me laugh!! ;-)
    Onto the embossing - I have a Sizzix die cutter that I bought merely for using to cut letters and numbers when I was still scrapbooking. I fell in love with the Cuttlebug embossing folders which work with it (+ some coasters and a bit of wood!!). They even emboss things like shrink plastic! Mel of Mel Stampz blog and my arty friend Carol (Carols Creative Expressions) are really taelnted at using them... have a browse when you've time on your hands!!
    Hope you feel a bit better soon. xoxoxo


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