Monday, February 2, 2009


61AVdNXtCAL._SL500_I have only just began reading Kelly Rae Roberts book “Taking Flight” that my thoughtful, secret angel sent to me but it has really inspired me greatly already!

If you don’t have this awesome book, you really do need to get a copy.  It’s great for the beginning (or even the haven’t yet began) artist as well as the long-time, seasoned pro. Kelly talks to you in a way that just reaches down into your depths and grabs you…making you so much more willing and wanting to find and explore your passion(s) and take the risk of becoming more of your true self.

Trust me…it is fantastic and I am honored to have received it. (Thank you again, dear RAK angel!)

Well, after beginning Kelly’s book and being inspired from the get go, I have spent the entire weekend’s waking hours (cause y’all know I have to nap quite a bit these days) creating some wonderful, beautiful art that just came to me in a moment of creative epiphany the other day.

I finished the street number sign for the house but since it’s dark, I can’t take a photo of it until morning. But it turned out much differently than my original vision…that’s how art is sometimes and I rather like that, too.  I like that although I am the one creating, even I don’t know how each piece will turn out until it’s done.

I also have painted two pieces that “go together” but that are very different from anything else I’ve ever done. Surprisingly, I already love them!  I don’t feel like they’re done yet but very close…and I will share them when I feel they’re complete.  Tomorrow, I’m sure.

I was really inspired by talk here and there on various “friends” blogs about decorating with your own art.  I realized that my studio was the only place that I had any of my own art displayed.  What’s up with that??  If I don’t like my art well enough to decorate with it, how could I ever expect anyone else to want to display my art?

102_0542 Whether it’s my original artwork or photos by me (like the Sunflowers at left) or by my daughter (the true photographer in the family with vision that is unbelievable!), I want to showcase those beautiful things.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that our entire house is decorated much, MUCH more calm and tame than what I really enjoy and love.  Too many neutral colors (very NOT me!), bland artwork (also NOT me)…let’s face it, it’s just BORING! Very, very boring…and I am not a boring woman and I surely don’t have boring taste, yet it doesn’t show in my home.

I’ve decided that I am now on an adventure to change all that…one piece at a time and one color at a time.  It’s my plan to infuse the entire house (slowly, trust me…I know my illness limits me quite a bit) with the warm colors I adore…reds, oranges, golden hues, earthy greens and browns. 

I also want to add some FUNK into our house.  Paint fun and funky things directly on the walls, paint decorative swirls (I love swirls) on our bland white kitchen cabinets, add touches of ME everywhere…artwork, decorations, some of my silly, zany ideas here, there and everywhere.

It’s as though I realized that our home is a HUGE canvas that I have completely overlooked…or maybe I’ve just been too afraid to touch the blank canvas for fear that I will mess it up…whatever the reason, I’ve realized it and I’m not only willing to face it but to roll up my sleeves and begin doing something about it, piece by piece, room by room.

I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey of change (on a slow but grand scale) I’m embarking on…the dining room is the first room that will get some great color and fun and funky artwork.

Let the fun begin!  WOOT!  I am so excited!

Back tomorrow with photos of my first dousing of color and art to our home.

Peace & Love,


  1. I think you should take before photos - that way you'll be able to see the amazing differences.

  2. Hi, Barb! I think you're on to something here! Infusing your home with colors and shapes and images that inspire you will make it bright and cheerful! Good luck! Can't wait to see the "before" and "after" photos! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tip on the book! I'll definately have to grab up a copy! Also, I'm in the same boat you are with not having any of your own art in your house. Only my case is a bit worse as I don't have any of my art in the studio either! I make something and sell it immediately so nothing ever hangs around. I too decided this year that I should be able to have things that make me happy and that I do not HAVE to sell everything I make. I'm right there with ya! At little overwhelmed by where to start but there with ya!


  4. I love your goal of decorating your house! My illness limits me greatly too - I've been in my apartment for two months and I'm just finally getting close to the point where I can think about getting my pictures up on the walls! I love the fact that we plan on being here for a couple of years, so I know I have time to slowly make this place look like I want it too ;) It's only a few small rooms - but it's mine to play with! As long as I manage not to drive my hubby cray in the process :P

  5. Hi Barb!

    I can't wait till tomorrow to see your creations! =) I too have Taking Flight and absolutely love it. It was WELL worth the money. I'm trying to slowly build an art library and I'd recommend this one to all the mixed media lover out there. I hope you're feeling better and that your recovery becomes speedier and speedier. I'll keep praying for you my friend! =) Hugs!

  6. I also just received Taking Flight and adore it. Kelli Rae Roberts has a great friendly voice and she's highly relatable.
    I am so excited for your home decorating revelation. I am an Interior Design major and believe whole-heartedly of the importance of having a home that reflects the owners personality and creativity. I believe a well-dressed, smooth-running home is capable of changing a persons life and showing them their limitless possibilities. I can't wait to see photos.
    I agree with "dragonflies on lampposts" - take before pics. It is so rewarding to look back and see all you've accomplished. Sometimes it is the motivation to start the next room. Best of luck my friend.


  7. I bought a copy last year!
    Great inspirational book!
    Check my blog for print giveaway.

    Mariette xox

  8. You, my dear friend, are anything BUT bland and neutral!! I've always loved that about you, and I can't wait to see how you transform your home to reflect that quality about you!


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