Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Progress & Make it Mondays

First, thanks for all the wonderful complements and kind encouragement about my artwork on my last post.  I know that as artists we’re not supposed to live by validation from outside sources but I’m human and encouragement and praise does make me feel more “real” in what I’m doing, I can’t help it.  So thank you all so much.  I’m loving the pair of paintings more and more each day.

It’s been a bit of a rough week around here…finishing up doing the taxes (ugh!), preparing the house (bit by bit) for our youngest daughters wedding reception that we’re throwing next Friday, resting when my body says I must (which seems to be getting better, by the way), reading in my growing library of art/creativity books, and prioritizing so that I can create my art in at every moment possible.

I have the most wonderful husband…I’ve told him that I want canvases of all types to use in creating art…some for our home and others for “projects” that I may choose to set free into the world in one way or another.

Check out the score he brought me home Saturday (from a garage sale he passed by on his way home from work):

Window Pic-before

It was priced at $10…he got it for $2! Woot! He’s learning how to be a cheap, uh thrifty guy…I’m teaching him well. lol Think I’ll ever get him to dumpster dive or scan the streets on the night before trash day? HA…I doubt it.

Anyway, this has become my latest project for our house.  It’s cute enough, I guess, but soooo not me and definitely NOT what I want for our house. It will be when I’m done, though.  I have an awesome idea for it and can’t wait to get it done…it will be fabulous!

Here’s how it looks right now (and you don’t need to pay any attention to the studio mess you can see in the background…I work messy, okay? lol):

Window Pic-before2

Give me a couple of days and you won’t recognize this bad-boy! 

I’ve also been busy in my art journal. I LOVE my art journal…it is such a source of release and inspiration and even peace for me.  It’s as though, putting my thoughts and just trusting my instincts in creating each page, brings peace to my soul.

I’ve also joined in on a couple of online groups, GPP Street Team (a monthly prompt) and Make it Mondays for their weekly prompt to keep the inspiration flowing.

This is my contribution/creation for this weeks Make it Mondays prompt, PINK:


I’m not sure if you can read any of the journaling here (click on the pic to see it larger, if you’d like) but it’s kind of about how pink is such a girly color and I’m not such a girly-girl and feel no real need to conform to society’s ideals of what a woman really is.  Just because I’m not girly, doesn’t make me any less of a woman.

Nuff said.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me…busy, busy, busy and creating as much as I can.

I hope you all are feeling inspired and creating to your hearts content.

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! Congratulations! Must be exciting having the reception coming up so soon!

    Love the garage sale find. Can't wait to see what you do with it. And thanks for continuing to share your journal pages! I love to see them! :-)

  2. I rescue windows from roadside free piles to use as frames like these. I like to mosaic the frame and put family pics in each separate space :)

    I LOVE the PINK. Because you know...I am SO not a girly-girl and I'm pretty womanly if i do say so myself !

  3. Hi,
    Looks like you have a busy schedule...good!
    I will be back to see your finish piece.
    I love the pages in pink of your journal!
    Very pretty!

  4. I am consistently blown away by your journal pages. I just love them so much I could eat them all up!

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation of that cheap, I mean thrifty find! :) YAY!


  5. You have been busy Barb. Looking forward to seeing what that canvas looks like in the end!

  6. This blog is truly perfect for you honey. I love to read about your progress.

  7. Lovely pink pages!
    I like the dragonfly;-)
    I've been doing some Expressionistic
    art lately. Enjoying the process!
    I have a print giveaway on my
    first finish piece.

    Mariette xox

  8. Thank you so much for popping by and leaving encouraging comments...especially giving me permission to become a mad candle maker :)

    It's great to know that there's a whole community of creative folks out there on the web. Will definitely link up to your blog and follow your creations...beautiful work!!

    Be well...Rohana

  9. thanks barb for your recent visit to my blog. I knew you'd get it. How lucky are we to have art and journaling to bring us that peace and joy?

    I would love to feature one of your visual journal pages on my blog. Let me know if you are interested.
    bridgette AT

  10. I've played with Make it Monday's prompts before and always had a fabulous time. It's quite a fun group and I'm sorry I missed the PINK prompt as I live and breathe for PINK! I love the fact that you have your hubby looking out for your creative interests. MY DH is recreating my blog for me and we are having a wonderful time doing it. He's learning to understand and appreciate my creation process. =) I truly enjoy each and ever post you put up and cant' wait to see what the next one will be.
    HUGS ~ Tammy

  11. know what you ean about receiving comments about art work - it is so encouraging.

    And your pink pages are wonderful. I hope to be back and find out how these pages should be done. THanks for sharing

  12. now why can I post a comment on this one, but not on the ones that come after it leading up to the latest one? HMMM..

    i love the pink page! at first I thought it was for me!, cross, hearts, flowers....all my characteristics. But I love what you wrote on it. I love your journal. How do you do it? It's a big spiral right? and you draw/paint/glue into it?? it's so cool. I love seeing all you put into it!
    your talent and creativity still amazes me. I'm so envious of you.


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