Monday, February 2, 2009

And so it Begins…

I promised photos today and even with the busy-ness of creativity I’ve been into, I still managed to take pics of my projects and my progress in adding not only color but also adding my own art to our house.

House NumbersFirst is the street number sign I painted-created for our front porch railing.  It’s made of an  old drawer front that I saw sticking out of the next door neighbor’s trash can on the night before trash day..being the queen of reusing/recycling and dumpster diving, you know I couldn’t resist.

The shutters on our house are a deep reddish brown, so I painted the basecoat to match (as best I could), and used some scrapbooking paper and cut out the numbers and flourishes with my Cricut. I adhered them to the painted drawer front with gel medium, then painted the border of diamonds on with one of my homemade Jenga block stamps (see the tutorial in my list of them in the right sidebar) in a paint color I mixed to match the numbers.

Screw in hooks at the top and hung from the porch railing. Woot! One project down…and I do like the way it turned out…an infinite number of projects to go!

My next project was to infuse some COLOR into our house and to also display some of my own art…this one does both.  The mantle above the fireplace in our dining room was BOR-RING!


Night and Day Tree2Now it has this great burst of color with these two paintings that I completed this morning.

I love trees and have always had a strong love for them, as long as I can remember. That lone tree at the top of a hill gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling so it’s natural that I chose to paint a tree..even in a whimsical/swirly kind of way.

I love the moon and the sun, day and how cool to include both with the same tree? 

I don’t know if it’s just me and that I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with this (these?) piece(s) but I really do love them. When you walk in the back door off our carport, *BAM*, they are the first thing that just grabs your attention now…where before it was just a bland room with white crown molding, a white mantle and brick fireplace.

Not any more!Night and Day Tree

So, there are my beginnings at adding myself through my art and things I love (trees and the Peace word art I found stuck off in our christmas decorations lol), not to mention infusing COLOR into our house.  I guess you could say I’m making it more of a home instead of just a house, huh?

Tomorrow is another day…and, I hope, work on another project that I’ve already got planned out in my head as I continue adding myself, my art, the things I love and lots and lots of beautiful, bright color to our surroundings.

What are you doing to bring the things and colors you love into your home?

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi Barb!! Thank you for your comment!!
    Let's talk on the phone, or meet for lunch sometimes!! You are pretty darn close!!!!


  2. Hi Barb!
    Your tree paintings are absolutely stunning! What a huge pop of color and creativity. I love how you've shown day and night with the swirls of the tree and the rays of sun and the clouds at night. It's very poetic! I can't wait to see more!

  3. Barb!! So glad you're in the zone and feeling more 'up'!! The sign is divine and those 2 moon/sun/tree canvasses are terrific. What a fabulous splash of eye-catching colour! I love what you've created!!

  4. I was sruffing blogland and found you, I thought if you wouldn't mind I would come back again...I hope you will come over to my neighborhood.
    Mary, Idaho

  5. The paintings are beautiful - they would be perfect in my bedroom!!

    I love seeing your creative side.

  6. To bad I can't spell...Yikes!
    I will put you on my list if you won't mind...
    and thank you for visiting me..It is still dark out and cold, it's winter in Idaho.
    I want to wear shorts and play in my flower garden...but until then....lets have some fun!!! Hugs, Mary

  7. WOW! Barb! These paintings are GORGEOUS! You should consider selling prints...

  8. Oh man. Those paintings are stunning!!!! You should be very proud of yourself and your work! YAY YOU! What an awesome sign too - yay for recylcing!


  9. I love your wall and mantel. The exposed brick with the crown molding looks great...and of course the paintings look very nice as well!

    Great job.

  10. Very Cool! I love the colors in the two tree pieces!

  11. Love your address sign, Barb. My house could use a little of that sprucing up; I'm inspired! xo

  12. Hi Barb;
    I love your's the first one I go to every night. If I'm not painting or journaling, I'm on your blog.
    Your tree paintings are awesome. They love perfect over the fireplace. You are a very talented lady.

  13. I love those!

    That's all I have, but I *really* mean it, so let's try it in caps...


  14. Hi, Barb! These projects are wonderful! I love the house numbers project. You did such a fabulous job. And the day/night tree over the fireplace is awesome! Way to go! Keep it up! Yay! :-)

  15. Love these paintings over your mantle!! the color is WONDERFUl - you may enjoy my most recent post on sketchbook samplings -we have some similar visual intensity!

  16. Hi Barb,
    This is such a great idea!
    It's beautiful.
    Happy days,

  17. Barb, I LOVE your projects... all of them but especially the trees! I LOVE the swirly, whimsical trees too and I've been adding mine to my own walls too!

    Renee :)

  18. Barb. That pair of paintings over the fireplace makes such a strong statment. Wonderful!

  19. love love love the paintings! The trees are awesome :)

  20. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS! What more can be said!

  21. Wow love both the paintings beautiful job!

  22. Wow Barb, I reaaaaaally LOVE the night/day pics with the tree. I'd love to see that tree incorporated into other art as well, I think it's so beautiful & unique!


  23. beautiful!! I bet they do brighten up the mantle!!


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