Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Depression & the Birds

Well, the wonderful and terribly missed hubby is back home, safe and sound, from his Dallas, Texas trip.  My heart feels better and, believe it or not, so does my physical self.  The past three days that he was gone lasted about 6 months in heart time so I am much much better. lol

I said yesterday that I had some new Art Journal pages and spreads to share with y’all today.  My Art Journal is the one thing that didn’t suffer in my hubby’s absence…in fact, it probably got more of a workout than ever.  I even managed to create one of my favorite pages I’ve ever done.

Anyway, here’s some of what I’ve done in the past few days (you can click on any of them to see a larger version, if you care to):


This spread is entitled “Depression” but don’t go thinking it’s just about the fact that the hubby was gone and I was down about it.  I’m one of those people who has chronic depression, panic/anxiety disorder and SAD (seasonal affective disorder.)  This was just about those things and the feelings that accompany them.


This one, “My Hands,” is pretty self explanatory.  The tracing is of my hands and damn, I didn’t realize how hard it was to use your left hand to trace your right. lol  It’s on a watercolor background I made while just goofing off and playing with my watercolor crayons.

I love having all kinds of different mediums to play with and smoosh my way around in…it is so freeing to feel like a kid to just play with colors and paints and words and markers and magazine cut-outs, all without having some set agenda.  Just play, that’s all.

Bird songThat’s how this one, “Bird Song,” came about…just playing with images and stamps and rub-ons and markers, not to mention a feather that my precious boys, Jasper and Juno (my Maltese doggie babies) brought me from their morning walk last week…and what do ya know, it has become one of my favorites! 

I liked it so much after I put it together but felt like it needed just a little something extra.  So, I took a lesson from the wonderful and fantastically creative Ingrid Dijkers and decided to take the colors from the page and add a wire beaded edge.  Just the colors found on the page randomly laced on with some thin wire I had put away in my hoarding of “stuff” I’ve found here and there. lol

OMG, that made me love it even more!  Thank you, Ingrid, for your wonderful inspiration…you rock!

Oh, and while I’m thinking of it…I remembered who it was that told me about the Elmer’s Blue School Glue as an adhesive/sealant (Jinxie from my SoulJournal group) and I had to go to Wal-Mart (ick!) to pick up one of my many prescriptions today and I always check the discount isle while I’m there.  Well, lo and behold, there were four more bottles and they were now marked down to $.25! 

Needless to say, I snagged them all. Hey, it’s a buck, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, that’s some of what I’ve been up to while the precious love of my life has been gone…but now he’s home and after relaxing with a couple of beers and some goofing off with a few rounds of Guitar Hero while I wrote this, I think his exhausted body is about ready for bed.

So am I. *Yawn*

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! I'm glad your hubby is home and you two can get back to "normal" ... whatever that is! Love the journal pages! :-)

  2. I love your journal pages and have SAD and clinical depression as well. It seems like I want to put an exclamation point there but it's not really fun is it? What kind of journal are you using besides spiral hardbound it looks like? The pages are just regular or ?

  3. i love that wire beaded edge...what a brilliant idea that adds so much to the soft beautiful colors you have chosen for this absolutely lovely page...

    i never thought about how hard it would be to trace my right hand!!! what a great exercise to try out...i might end up with quite a surprise :)

  4. Barb your journal pages are lovely. Your edge beading is great, doesn't Ingrid just rock! Glad to hear your dh made it home safe and sound :)

  5. I love all your pages and can't believe your patience! Your wire beaded bird page is awesome. How long did it take you to bead it? Depression sucks and I cope w/the blasted stuff as well. Email me if you want to rant or compare notes, I'm always around. =) Glad your hubbies home and your heart feels healed!

  6. Really wonderful pages Barb. You are definitely on a creative burst!

  7. Great stuff, Barb. Thanks for sharing... and I don't just mean the art!


  8. I'm glad your Hubby is home. It sure is nice to see such love.

    Now, about your blog....It's full of Talent! I enjoyed my visit.



  9. I bet he missed you like crazy too. But you did some really great pages, so that was good.
    Your Valentine is home, spoil each other!
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Hi again, Barb! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. They brightened my day today! :-)

  11. I have really enjoyed looking at your journal pages. It is so nice to be able to see others that find art journaling so cathartic.

    Do you have a link for the art journaling publication?

  12. Wonderful journal pages! I love your style :-) Glad you are feeling a bit better too...and the DH is home.

  13. Hello, New Friend! I have a little something something for you on my blog and you don't even have to pass it on! Happy V Day


  14. Hi Barb. I had to tear myself away from reading your blog backwards cuz I have to keep moving and mixing at this Valentine Party, but I tell you what - I feel right at home here. I'm following your blog, too, thanks for following mine! I feel we are alike in so many ways. I shall be quite disappointed if we don't become friends. :-((( LOL winkwink Have an awesome evening with your sweetie.



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