Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Together

I know I haven’t posted in days but I have been so immersed in my workshop preparation that I haven’t had time to take any pics of what little art I have been creating (and yes, I continue to create everyday, no matter how busy I am with everything else.) 

I have my flyers ready to hang up/hand out, business cards ready to print (just gotta hit the print button on those), the supply list is ready, I have two scrapbook “clubs” that have agreed to pass out the flyers and let me come answer questions and do sign ups at their upcoming crops, AND I have lesson plans for the first 2 weeks done including the handouts to go with both weeks…and now I’m working on week three.


I never knew how much work really went into giving a workshop but I’m learning.  No better way to learn something than by just diving in and giving it all you’ve got, right?  I know that I will find things I didn’t think of as the workshop is in progress (and I’ll take notes of those things for future classes) but even with the nerves I’m feeling about it, I’m more excited than anything!!!

It’s going to be FABULOUS, I just know it!

One step at a time…just one foot in front of the other, that’s the only way to get anywhere…and I’m getting there.  I’M REALLY GETTING THERE!  Actually doing something I love and adore as my “job”…I never thought I’d be able to do this. Never.  And I am.  I really am.


Do you have any idea how freakin’ awesome this is for me?  I’m in shock.  It’s taking off in a way that I had no idea would ever happen…people are seeking ME out and I haven’t even released any flyers or formally put out any information yet.  HUH?!?!  Wow.  Just wow.

Dreams really do come true.  It’s just never been mine before so this is very new to me…and it feels unbelievable!

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart, for encouraging me and being the backbone that I couldn’t find within myself to take this leap on my own.  It was here that I gained the support to do this…I owe you all so much.  Thank you…thank you so much.

I hope that I can get around to scanning some of my journal pages tomorrow cause I’ve done some that I really like lately and I want to share them with you all.  Oh, and my crazy-colorful bird-feeder…I have to take some pics of that to show y’all, too. 

But for now, I need to fix some dinner and then maybe do some playing in my studio before bed.

Peace, Love & Art,


  1. YAY! We're all so happy for you Barb :) You should consider translating into a Ning course after you're done *hint hint*

  2. I'm so excited for you Barb! You are going to do wonderful I'm sure of it! You can literally feel your enthusiasm coming off your blog.

  3. woo hooo!!
    so what are you teaching the first week? and when is it?

  4. hiya sweetie! the rate you are taking off i'm positive it will all go super! and as for never teaching before, as long as you are "teaching" people things you know about and love it will be a piece of cake! things figure out a you go along and you learn from mistakes. if i make a mistake inclass i always admit ot it straight away! i never bluff my way through things! just be passionate about what she want to share and it will be appreciated!

    xox tanya

  5. I'm so happy for you!!!
    Just getting back online after the computer crashES from hell...
    I used to work as a teacher, mostly teaching languages but I also taught bookbinding a couple of times. Stuff I learned: there will be a LOT of paper scraps and junk, you need to be able to get them out of the way / sweep everything up fast. Students sitting too close and holding needles & other sharp objects is a dangerous thing even when they're adults. They focus so much on the task at hand they don't remember there may be another person where they're pulling that needle & thread...
    Also it takes a lot of planning to make things move fluently so that there won't be queues and a lot of waiting.

    ♥ visit me at

  6. Yay! Wooo-hooo! Glad to hear you're making such great progress! Yippee! :-)

  7. I wish that I lived closer so that I could attend said classes!

  8. This is very cool:) I'm excited for you!

    I have a letter for you, sitting on my desk.Hopefully I'll get my butt to the PO on monday :)

  9. Taken from Disney....A Dream is a wish your heart makes.....Hugs, Mary

  10. I'm so happy for you! Your excitement is contagious! I can't wait for your next update on how your class is coming along! You are truly, truly an inspiration!!

  11. Woo Hoo! You go, Girl!!!! Keep on dreaming and keep reaching for the stars!!!!!


  12. Barb,
    When you put your feet in one direction and the path continues to reveal itself you know your doing the right thing.

    All the way Dreams do come true!

    I'm a honest to goodness believer and I see you are too!



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