Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tools of the Trade

I love the things I consider to be the tools of my art. Paint, brushes, colored pencils, watercolors, inks, stamps, stencils, gel pens, markers…oh the joy of new toys…er, I mean tools. lol

One tool that I’ve found invaluable (thanks to the recommendation of Teesha Moore, the art journaling guru) is Sharpie Paint Markers. THEY ARE FABULOUS! I mean, seriously fabulous. If you art journal and you don’t have some of these babies, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.sharpie set

The first ones I got were this set of five…just black, blue, yellow, red and white. I fell immediately in love with them. I just wasn’t so in love with the price…I’m too cheap of a chickie to enjoy paying $16.00+ for five markers.

Geez Louise, that makes them over $3.20 each!


But still, I love the way they work on anything (even shiny National Geographic magazine pics I use in my art journal…and nothing else seems to stick to those bad-boy slick magazine pics) so I just couldn’t think about not branching out and getting more, lots more-in every color, of these great markers/pens.

Now, I’m a researcher so I have been doing my homework so I could find all those other great colors and not have to pay out the butt for them. Teesha has some sets for sale on her website but she’s out of the colored ones and only has black and white right now. Besides, I just can’t bring myself to pay $20.00 for six of them…like I said, I’m cheap.

sharpieassortment Anyway, my thrifty girl research has paid off…I have found the objects of my affection. Sharpie Paint Markers in a slew of great colors…all those pictured here AND a dark green, purple, magenta, silver and gold.

Oh my, that is a big Woo Hoo!

The really big Woo Hoo is that I found them for the low, low price (the words that make a cheapo chick like me just melt) of $2.08-2.59 each. Not only that but I got free shipping AND I just ordered them yesterday morning and they are already en route via UPS. Now, get this, they are due to be delivered TODAY! I think that calls for a big ol’ fat YEE HAW! lol

So, if any of you fellow art journalers out there love these markers as much as I do, or if you’re just wanting to get into art journaling and want to invest in the very best and most useful tools possible, not only are these invaluable but I’m willing to share my find of a great shopping spot. Check out HERE for these yummy markers.

By the way, have you entered my giveaway for a journal of your very own? If not, be sure to check out my previous post and see what’s up.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. I don't call it cheap....I call it smart. ;) Prices are ridiculous and getting even worse. I just cannot bring myself to pay what 'they' want for most things. Free shipping ROCKS though! Looking forward to the lovely'ness you'll create with those paint markers! YAY!


  2. Hi, Barb! Love the art journal pages that you shared in the previous post. I especially liked the one about courage. I think we all get blocked by our fears from time to time ... and I'm learning that taking small tiny actions is the way to get by them on the sly! Thanks for the tips about the Sharpie paint markers, too!

    By the way, I've nominated you for a Marie Antionette Real Person Real Award over on my blog, Gaal Creative!

  3. Greetings Barb!
    Thanks for the tip on the Sharpie Poster Paint markers with free delivery. I'll have to stock up! Aren't they just the best ever?!?!

    Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog about my Fairy Eggs! I'm pretty excited about them, I have to admit. I can't seem to find an email addy to thank you personally.

    All my best!

  4. I've never heard of these! I'm a big fan of sharpies in general... what makes the paint markers different than just the regular permanent markers? I prefer to journal with a sharpie fine point... I've done it since I was probably 15... and so many fun colors in those too:)

  5. Oh how KEWL....I love it when kewl Chicky's share the "wealth"...I'm so on it...ordering some sharpie paint're an angel too!

    I sure hope you are feeling better....yes, you are missed at SuziLand.


    Peace and Love, Dar aka ArteDar

  6. I love a bargain! A little too much sometimes...

    I've never tried these Sharpies, but I will now!

  7. I saw these the other day and wondered how well they worked! I really, really need a good white marker. I'll have to try them out.

  8. ohhh yes... these are wonderful!

  9. Invite into your HEART only those energies that resonate with the desire to obey your ultimate calling to INSPIRATION~

  10. Sharpies are the best. Just look at all the neat colors. I'm still having fun with acrylic paint and bubble wrap - and Asian pear wrappers. they make neat stamps. Thanks for the comment on the "shoe post." They are now back home! - jeanne in Oregon

  11. I am just beginning to play with art journaling so i appreciate tips on the most useful toys/tools ;) I'm a cheapo too, and part of that is despising wasting money on products that aren't effective. Thank U Thank U!

    peace & magic

    Sara Mo

  12. Hi, Barb! Fair is fair, right? I made you put Derwent Inktense Pencils on your wish list ... and you've made me put Sharpie paint pens on mine! :-)

  13. Your journal pages are wild and I love all the elements you use... love those Sharpies! I must go check out that link as we can't get the white one here yet, so thanks for sharing that 'tip'!!

  14. Great tip! I'll have to order some and try them out. I'm always looking for new things to play with.

  15. Thanks for th link Barb. I love these pens too. They work on anything!

  16. Wow! Look at those colours! I love paint pens. I have a highlight yellow colour one that my father uses to mark on wood and I use it here and there from time to time. I didn't know they came in such great colours!

  17. Several things:

    Thank you so much for sharing your research on these sharpies. I've wanted some forever and I am going to order them today.

    I adore your journal pages!

    I spent a lot of time reading yor blog this morning, and I think you are brave and very generous. I love to read your writng; it's so open and touches a chord in me.

    I'm thinking seriously about the Be Brave Project.

    Thank you for the inspiration,

  18. Looks like those are the oil based Sharpie paint markers. Have you tried the water based ones? I haven't found either yet, just wondering if the oil based are better.

  19. Hey! Thanks for the research! I have the water based sharpie paint pens but not the oil based. Do you know which are better? or are they the same? Dick Blick carries the water based. I will have to try the oil based ones! Thanks again.

  20. Thanks for sharing the source, Barb! I've loved these pens forever and have a pen case just for them so I can easily grab my whole collection to take with me.

  21. Barb,
    Thanks for doing the research on this! I try to get the pack with a coupon for 40-50% off at one of the big craft stores! But they don't have the other cool colors! I will check out the link!

  22. Hi, Barb! Just wanted you to know that I found some Sharpie paint pens and have bought them based on your post. Can't wait to try them! :-)

  23. OooooOOOOOH! I need to go Sharpie shopping! Those things are so cool...


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