Thursday, January 8, 2009

Through Your Hands

Are you creating? Is your art progressing the way you want? Is it taking you to far off places and lands of your dreams?

I hope so!

I am holding true to my "Creative Every Day" vow...I work in my art journal(s), paint, draw, collage, am trying my hand at altering items like a book I've began and some gift card tins that I grabbed at Wal-Mart's (*gag*) after holiday sale for mere pennies, baking and cooking! I have my hands in a bit of everything lately...but only in spurts. I found out recently that I am having problems with my liver and am on a butt-load of medication that makes me icky-ill about 90% of the time.


That really cuts into my creative abilities...but never fear, when I find energy it is used in the best of ways...ART! Other times, when I'm not feeling so well, I lay in bed (like I am right now) with my laptop and try to do some digital creating or like I did over the past few days, revamp my blog. (YAY, I think I finally have it situated the way I want it....for now. lol)

Anyway, music is another form of art so, for today, I wanted to share this with you.

Through Your Hands

And you ask, "What am I not doing?"
She says "Your voice cannot command.
In time, you will move mountains,
And it will come through your hands..."

So whatever your hands find to do
You must do with all your heart
There are thoughts enough
To blow men's minds and tear great worlds apart

There's a healing touch to find you
On that broad highway somewhere
To lift you high
As music flying
Through the angel's hair.

Don't ask what you are not doing
Because your voice cannot command
In time we will move mountains
And it will come through your hands

~John Haitt

Just a thought from the recesses of my mind this morning. Every time I sit down in my studio to do any kind of art, this seems to be the soundtrack that floats, even if only momentarily, through my mind. It's as though this song is there to remind me th

I thought maybe some of you could use it today. It amazes me how music and art go hand in hand for so many of us.

What music gives you that creative feeling or plays through your mind as your artistic soundtrack?

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. I like the new layout Barb!

    I've been pretty lax at creating every day like I had hoped. The holidays really wore me down and I'm feeling pretty tired a lot these days.

    I should do an art journal entry tonight....

  2. Barb, whats wrong with the liver. You can't say that and not tell me. I do hope that everything will be alright.

  3. Yeah, what the hell is wrong w/ your liver,dammit?

    It's been driving me insane ,trying to find something I read last week was something about being creative and how the best way to BE is to DO and it was all about how living creatively daily (even if it means arranging food on a plate to look nice) , will make you a better artist.

    Driving me nuts!

    You already know how much music plays in my life/art ;)

  4. And I just clicked on that Creative Everyday button ,thinking maybe...but nope, that's not it!

  5. Hi, Barb! I sure hope that you feel better soon. It's always so hard to adjust to new medicines, especially strong ones! Glad to hear that you're keeping your spirits up and creating when you can! You go girl!

  6. Barb! Oh no! I hope you feel better! You are such an inspiration to me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming here to visit and see what you've been up to!

    I think music has healing properties. Nothing can de-stress me like plugging my earphones in and blocking out the world. I like to do that when I paint and sculpt.

    I have also made it a point to paint or sculpt everyday. It has been slow at my job so luckily I can take some little art cards in and make two or three little pictures a day! LOVING it!

    Renee :)

  7. Hope you will be feeling better soon Barb. And thanks for this post. Very inspirational and thought provoking.

  8. Hi Barb! What a wonderful blog you have! Thank you so much for your post to my blog, I'm very glad I've found you and I'll be sure to keep checking back. Best wishes for your health in this bright new year :-)

  9. I'm sorry for your poor health... but love your spirit! What's playing while I create? Usually my teenage DD's fave rave of the moment! Still, it makes me feel like a 'trendy' Mum when I recognise songs/lyrics that people younger than me don't!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - very true!

  10. Really like your new layout!!!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. :D

  11. John Hiatt has been one of my faves for years and years - I think I've posted these lyrics on my blog before, so they definitely inspire:) Thanks for stopping by my blog - good luck with the tins and let me know how they turn out!
    Take Care!
    p.s. I know what you mean about meds cutting into creative time - I'm in the same boat!

  12. I am so excited to have found your blog! I've just spent the better part of of an hour reading your posts, after you visited me at Amusing Muses, and the enthusiasm and optimism in your writing are so uplifting and refreshing. Id love to see photos of yur studio, and I am very envious of your journal binder, btw. I hope you are ableto get back in your studio soon, but until then, keep blogging and journaling and inspiring me! I' ll be back to see you soon.


  13. Barb: Hope you are feeling much better very soon, that everyday finds you happy, healthy and creating....thoughts with you.

  14. Thank you for your congratulations over at Herland Story ( I can't believe I actually won something. Not characteristic of me, I assure you. So I came and checked out your blog. It is great. Don't know what it looked like before, but it looks good now. Sorry you are ill. Hope the icky meds make you well. Have a great week!

  15. Oh music in the studio is a must! I have kind of a spectrum that I listen too--sometimes it's Billie Holiday, other times it's epic movie scores. Whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. :)

    I hope you are on the mend soon!
    (((thoughts of healing and comfort your way!)))
    Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

  16. Those lyrics are beautiful and just what I needed to read today. Thanks for posting them!

    Hope you feel better soon,


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