Thursday, January 22, 2009


I’ve been thinking along these lines lately but just never found the right words…until last night. In the wee, wee hours when sleep was eluding me, I found myself caught up in thought about something I read (on a t-shirt, no less) that really stuck in my brain…

“Live Simply so that others may simply live.”

I’ve read it before but this time it really struck a chord with me, as though it was speaking directly to me. I couldn’t sleep for the words just running through my head over and over. So, what do you do when you’re unable to sleep and have an idea, a thought roaming around in your head?

Well, if you’re me and in the process of becoming an art journal person (as an every day part of life), you get your stuff and do a journal page or spread about it and how it makes you feel or think or want to change.


I think that reading that t-shirt must have made me realize, quite subconsciously at first, how I’ve become something I never wanted to be…a shopper.  By that I mean, someone who shops just for the sake of shopping…out of boredom or trying to fill a void or some other idiotic reason. 

We don’t have the money for me to be doing this kind of thing, for sure, and it’s not like I’m buying useless chachkies or high fashion or anything like that…I buy books or art supplies.  Those are my drugs, I guess you could say.


As they say, the first step in conquering a problem is to admit that you HAVE a problem.  Now, to take steps to rectify it, huh?

Art as therapy…yep, it’s at work again.

Peace & Love,

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  1. I love that saying. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would live by that?

  2. I love that quote as well. We've been on a journey to simplify for a while now. It' not easy to change ways, but we just go one step at a time. I love the art journal page. I too am starting one. I'm new to your blog and find I am enjoying it very much. Thank you for sharing. Take care!

  3. Love your art pages, Barb! I've been doing a lot of larger scale collage, but seeing your pages I'm thinking of doing it "by the book" this year!
    Certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts Facilitator
    Creative Grieving Coach

  4. I love this saying too..My friend introduced this saying to me quite a few months ago with a BUTTON she gave me..>and it is so true...most of us already have some much many different ways ...thanks for the reminder about living simply so others may simply live...

  5. Awesome journal page. Awesome message! It's very well portrayed! You have such a way with words. I LOVE your new blog appearence too. It's so bright and happy, it really suits you well, and the banner, OMG ~ I lol'd. So much truth to that. I too am an art supply addict but I'm not looking for rehab for it. =)

  6. Barb,

    I LOVE this saying and I'm RIGHT there with you in being a craft supply addict. I have 10 packs of feathers and I don't even know what I ever had planned to use them for! It gets worse than that (from 100 paint brushes and containers full of paint... ugh!)

    I have promised to cut myself off until I have a specific loan paid off... NO art books or craft supplies... PERIOD! Oh, it hurts. It really does!

    Renee :)

  7. Oh, P.S. What did you have in mind for the frogs? You can email me:

    What a cute idea!

    Renee :)

  8. Barb: Love the sentiment of that phrase and your journal page is a winner!

  9. Beautiful :)

    You know me...I'm right there with your train of thinking on this one! ;)

  10. I can relate to the hording of art supplies. I've gotten better.

    Have I told you that you create THE most BEAUTY~FULL journal pages? Well you do! I think so at least.

    I'm emailing you about the journal I won! Still YAY'ing over that! YAY!!!!!


  11. I know the feeling.

    Sometimes I challenge myself to go a week or a month (depending on how courageous I am feeling) without buying anything but true essentials. No magazines, no art supplies, no overly priced coffees to go, no shoes. Sometimes it is a breeze, sometimes it is really difficult. Sometimes even a day or two is a true accomplishment!

    Might be a good experiment to journal someday?

    P.S. I just heard that quote somewhere recently and it is driving me crazy because I cannot remember where. Regardless, I just love that thought.

  12. Hi, Barb! Wow! Another gorgeous art journal page! I love the doodles, all the different sentiments, and the powerful feminine image you added, too. It's fun to think about "reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and repurpose" and how you can do more. And it's fun to try to limit yourself to what you have on hand. Fabulous idea!


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