Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

It is only here that I blog with real consistency.  I do have another blog that is more “personal” (you know, about family and that kinda stuff) but more and more I am beginning to even share those parts of myself here instead of trying to divide myself so much.

Here, this blog, my little corner of the big ol’ world wide web, is where my heart is….with my art and my creative online friends.  I enjoy sharing what I create because that has become such a saving grace for me…my creativity has always been important to me but in the past year it has really bloomed and through that, it has truly saved me from sinking into the deepest depths of depression (now I just skirt around the edges. lol)

Anyway, Some of you have my address from trades we made through ATC's for All and some have it from ning memberships we share…there are even a couple of you that asked for my address a while back.  So I don’t know who did it.

Who did what, you ask?

Well, look at what came in the mail today…in a sweet little brown paper wrapped package with no return address…the postmark says Des Moines, IA (but I don’t know anyone from Des Moines, do I?):


and newone

It has to be someone from online…I have no friends in real life. I live in a tiny little Alabama town and being just a little eccentric and somewhat new here (I’ve only lived here for 3 years), I’m still “that strange lady from Arkansas that Richie married.” LOL

I just don’t have a clue who sent these wonderful gifts to me…and they’re so well suited to me, too! 

Apparently, since there was only an unsigned note inside that said: “I hope these will give you hours of comfort and creativity while you mend” (you have beautiful handwriting, by the way), you don’t want me to know who you are…and that’s okay. I believe wholeheartedly in random acts of kindness and this is one that really blew me away.  Tears flooded my eyes with this unbelievable gift that just popped up in my hands so unexpectedly.

Yes, I am ill.  Very ill.  So are a ton of other people out there.  I try not to dwell on it but when your life revolves around your illness, it’s hard not to let it creep into what you write, what you create and journal and, of course, what you put on your blog. 

One of you out there, kind soul that you are, must have felt my achy, lonely heart and decided to make me smile and jump for joy today. 

And I did.  I still am.

Thank you, dear sweet Angel of kindness.  Please know that this fabulous gift is received with gratitude and thankfulness.  I plan on being better one day soon and you can rest assured that I will pay forward your selfless act of kindness with some random acts of kindness of my own.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Kindness reigns, no matter what the pessimists of the world might say.

Peace & Love,


  1. ~Kindness is... What kindness does~
    That ~Random act of kindness~ may just well have been a reflection of your very own heart <3
    How lovely for yOu X:-)

  2. How simply wonderful.

    Speaking of, *I* need your address...can you send it to me through ning? :)

  3. Beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes reading it. There is so much goodness out there and I have been inspired to do some randomness myself now. Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh sweetheart, you are so deserving.

    Love you dearly.

  5. Oh that is so lovely, I'm happy for you and know you needed it!

  6. Hi, Barb! What a sweet, kind, thoughtful gift! Lucky you! Enjoy! :-)

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. You are so deserving of this wonderful act of kindness! With all the Hot Messes and Mayhem on the news it's so heartwarming to see such joyful love flowing out to others!

    God Bless the sender and the receiver!

  8. How lovely for you Barb! What would life be without RAKs and the joy they bring to us? Although I do prefer to give... Thanks for popping over and leaving me such lovely comments - it's so appreciated. Take care,

  9. Oh Barb, thankyou for sharing what is in your heart. It is so difficult to post a meaningful comment when all you know about a person is that they have been kind enough to add themselves as a follower to your own blog. I am sorry to hear that you are ill; I will continue to follow your postings and hope you enjoy working your way through those blessed and unexpected gifts. Ann.

  10. funny how things come just when we need them most!!
    RAKs and pay-it-forward is such a big part of life now....
    i do believe in what comes around goes around, and that you get what you sow..eventually anyway!
    yaay for gifts!
    (from your what-am-i- chopped liver? friend) :P

  11. Barb, that is wonderful. I can't help but believe that overall humans are more kind than not; especially us crafty types.

    I was the recipient of a RAK before and it has changed me... I am much more generous in hopes that I can make someone feel as happy as that person made me feel.

    You are so deserving. I hope you are feeling well :)


  12. I understand-I have illnesses myself and I struggle at times just to maintain. But it could always be much worse, and I'm thankful for that. I think it's great that someone gifted you as a random act of kindness and that you will someday do the same. I hope I can (I have in the past) again sometime. It's a good thing to do, and helps to heal us. Kudos to this person and to you!


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