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I read the most amazing and inspiring blog post from Kelly Kilmer today. She was really on a tangent about how people feel the need to voice (in comments or emails) condescending, judgmental and/or just generally mean things about journal pages that we (the collective “we”, being the art based blogging community) put on our blogs.

I am not a longtime art journaler (yet)…I am just scratching the surface of this area of my art…of myself…but I am finding my own voice as I do different pages and spreads. I try to do at least one page a day but some days bring about 3 or 4 pages (depends how much I have in me that particular day.)  Some are simple, direct and to the point, while some are more in depth and layers upon layers of color, pics and writing and those often have very little meaning to anyone but me.

I guess that brings me to my point…this is one art form that is done specifically for ME, not for anyone else. I share them solely for the purpose of letting others into my inner sanctum and sharing an art I enjoy with others. I don’t do a single page with anyone else in mind but myself, what I’m thinking/feeling at that particular moment in time, and images and words that portray those thoughts and feelings. Sharing these pages is something I like to do because I love looking at the pages that other artists share so maybe something I do can be enjoyed by someone out there.

Why would anyone take this very personal art form and turn it into a competition of sorts? We are entitled to feel what we feel so what gives anyone else the right to judge those feelings and emotions and how we choose to express them?

No, I think that is bullshit. Critique my paintings, my craft projects, my pretty girls (even if you think they’re not so pretty), my drawing or sewing...but not my art journal. It’s there for sharing but not for mean spirited critiques! In the words of Kelly from her post: “It is *not* meant to be judged.”

I guess Kelly just got me to thinking about this subject and I felt the need to talk about it. Eh, you know how it is…something gets on your mind and you just can’t seem to shake it until you rid yourself of it, one way or another.

I guess this was my way today. *shrug*

Okay, enough whining…I am working on my paintings for over our mantle (trees, glorious trees!) and our street number sign, too…it’s just slow going since I can’t seem to stay in my studio for the long stretches I was able to do even a few weeks ago. But I’m getting there on each project, very slowly but surely.

I promise to share each when I complete them.

For today, here’s a journal page I completed last night…



Just a reminder for myself to stop limiting myself and to remember what possibilities that life holds for all of us.

For ME.

Infinite possibilities, if I just open my eyes and heart to them. I am my biggest limitation.

Be quiet and still. Let calm overtake you. Let the good things in life come to you. Be optimistic and not pessimistic. See the good and stop focusing on the bad. See the wonder and joy and POSSIBILITIES in life and not the failures and pains.


So much of how we see life is in our attitude.

I’m learning…I’m learning.

I hope you have a wonderfully creative and art filled weekend…may you not only be surrounded by the possibilities but may you be open enough to SEE them.

Peace & Love,


  1. Are you kidding me? There are people out there snarking in the comments?

    Wow. That must take some major chutzpah.

    And you have to wonder, if they're taking time out of their day to inflict themselves on another, what kind of person are they?

    Your work is lovely. Not that I or anyione else needs to approve in the first place. And I apologize for the rant. This kind of thing *really* gets under my skin.

  2. I love how you manage to stay so positive; I don't even know you but it sounds like you're going through a lot. I've only recently realised the importance of seeing what's good instead of focusing on the negative and it's really changing my view overall.

    ♥ visit me at

  3. Barb, "possibility" is the word I have chosen for the new year through out SoulJournal group. I want to see the possibility, live it and make it happen. I haven't made my art journal page yet, focusing on this word, but I will. Who has been being mean about art journal pages? I will flatten their tires. (that's what my husband says if anyone picks on me!) jeanne in oregon

  4. I really can't believe people choose to waste their time and energy spreading negativity and abusing one's right to be honest with their feelings. You are so right that it completely crosses the line. All you can do is laugh and know that one day they will be cut by the knife that they brandish and will (hopefully) change.
    And for the record, I love that you are brave enough to share your art journaling. That takes courage and your courage is received with respect and appreciation in my eyes. Please don't stop sharing these parts of yourself.
    One more thing - thanks for posting your picture in the profile. It is nice to be able to put a face to your art and inspiring words.


  5. what a thoughtful post and a reminder to be considerate in our comments. i just don't understand the point of belittling someone else's work. it brings no good to anyone. i haven't experienced that part of blogland and sincerely hope i won't have to. there are so many wonderful artists and bloggers out there who do their part to make this world of their internet just what it should be: a hopeful and encouraging place.

  6. Barb, I had a very wonderful, very creative artist friend who was blatantly attacked on Flickr by another "artist" who thought her work inferior. I don't think any of use put our work out there to be judged by others, any more than we put our lives out there to be judged by others. I share for the same reason that you do...because I am inspired by others and I hope to either inspire or at least entertain :)

    Keep sharing! You have inspired me to start an art journal!!!

    Renee :)

  7. I wish we lived closed together! I'd love to be able to have lunch with you at LEAST once a week!

    I'm learning to ignore narcissistic/borderline personality people that are overpopulating the web. Also I'm dismissing myself from their Ning sites and finding more positive and healthy avenues to share my artistic abilities with.

    I LOVE your wish list btw, when you get your pearl x powders, get some Mop N Glow floor wax to paint them with, it really makes a world of difference...And the Taking Flight book is a well worth the money! I left you a cyber "hug" on my blog. Drop by when you're feeling up to par. Until then, ignore ignorance!

  8. Haha I love what Tammy wrote: Narcissistic Borderline Personality People. Too funny. I just call them idiots.

  9. You know my stupid little Gluestick Therapies? I had someone leave comments about not liking them or whatever and I'm sitting here thinking,"Do you not GET IT,dumbass? This is for me,not you. It's not meant to please anyone but me,myself and I!"

  10. Hi, Barb! I really like your thoughts today. I agree that art journals are for ourselves and it doesn't matter at all what anyone else thinks. But I also like seeing other journals, too. I think your journal page today is just awesome. I love the richly textured background and the message, too. We really are our own biggest limitations sometimes, aren't we? Rock on! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  11. I'll use my favorite saying when I hear about a situation like this: "People are strange." I'm glad not all of us act like that.

    Your work is lovely! Thank you for the boost of positivity you share! YAY!


  12. Those are wonderful thoughts. I am trying the same approach, trying to be more positive all the time. I know exactly what you mean, that you are your only limitation. I am trying to overcome that, also.

  13. Hi Barb!
    I saw a comment the other day in You Tube, and the person who commented on his artist said
    that it looked like it was painted by a three year old.
    Picasso once said " I've painted for a long time; but it took me many years to paint like a child". After I had read that comment this came to my mind.
    We get tighter as we become older, and we want to be looser, let go in our art to be like a child.
    People will sometimes be insensitive about others art, and it's the critic in them that surfaces with their consciousness. Many aren't artist themselves.
    In any case.. people will either like or not like some arts. And, that's ok. I don't paint to please anyone; but to please myself. If someone doesn't like what I paint, well it's tough patutti;-)I won't stop because of it. At one time I might of felt intimidated; but not anymore.
    Got those fingers moving on my keyboard this afternoon Barb!
    Continue doing what you love, and feel right within your art, as long as no one gets hurt..your doing ok!:-)))

    Mariette xox

  14. Totally agree with you and Ms. Kilmer (without the F words though). These are personal journals with no room for judgment or evaluation by others!
    Others CANNOT evaluate or righteously judge what is in our hearts when we write or create a page.
    Too bad some people can't just let things be.

  15. I've been drawing in my blog for about a year now. I usually get really great comments about my art. I freely admit I'm not great at drawing though. I just do it for myself as well.

  16. I just found your blog-actually from Kelly's post you talked about:) I agree with both of you (I wrote this real long comment on Rice's post, I'm all talked out)just wanted to say hi and that I love all your art:) I look forward to visiting again


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