Monday, January 12, 2009

Journal & Giveaway

This is my current art/visual journal that I made with my Bind-it-All and some recycled things I had stored in my studio.

Ah, the advantage of being a packrat!

The covers are made from 1/8" chipboard I scavenged from the hubby's store he manages (some signs they were discarding that I snagged)...I covered those with some natural colored paper I found lining some Christmas wrapping paper and just stored away thinking I'd find a use for it (and see, I did!)...then the inner pages are just a lightweight cardstock reclaimed from a sketchbook that I had finished up for 2008.

There you have first art/visual journal for 2009.

I've began the decorating process for the front cover but my gut tells me that is a process that will go on for a while before I feel that it's finished.

I did learn something, though. In my next journal I won't be binding the pages before doing them but will, instead, bind each page AFTER I complete it. It's already getting the wire binding a little goopy (which I don't really mind so much but still) and you wind up with blank areas on each page you do because of being unable to get to the areas inside the binding. So yea, I'll bind as I go next journal...but we live and we learn, right?

Anyway, here are some other pages I've completed lately (can you tell I love my art journaling?):

This next one was done for the SoulJournal Group on yahoo for the prompt about weaving your dreams. I have yet to complete a prompt in the right time frame but I got close with this one. lol It was actually a lot of fun to do, too.

Other than working in my art journal, I've been resting tons and reading like crazy. I'm studying up on Frida Kahlo since everyone seems to love her and I knew so little about her. (I'm now very entranced!) I've also been reading and enjoying my many books I got for Christmas and ones that I won in some fabulous blog giveaways.

Many of you asked what is up with my liver (I mentioned this in my last post)...I found out a couple of weeks before Christmas that my liver function is very low. Not good.

I have numerous health problems that have all seemingly come about or worsened in the past 18 months...diabetes, kidney problems, depression, anxiety/panic disorder, blood pressure, this is one more thing to add to the list of my ailments. For now, my doc is treating it with drugs and my watching my diet VERY carefully to see if we can get it up and running right again.

If not, we'll deal with that when the time comes. For now, I'm taking it one day at a time, doing what I should do, creating as much as I can when I can, and resting.

I've been thinking about having a giveaway on here.

I love my journal that I made so much that I'd love to make one for someone else who would enjoy it, too. Mine measures 6"x9" with 50 pages (100 if you count front and back) and I think that would be a good size to make another one.

Oh hell, let's just go ahead and do it....

If you would like to win a handmade all from recycled/upcycled goodies (except for the binding coil) Journal, leave a comment on this post WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR BLOG URL (those without an email addy or blog URL included will not be eligible for the giveaway...although you can still leave a comment) for a chance to win. I will even let the winner pick their colors for the covers...WOOT!

Let's see...when should we draw? Today is January about we draw for the winner one week from today (since Mondays generally suck and that will give us all something to look forward to) at 5pm.

Yea, that sounds good to me.

Now, go forth and enter...say nice things to me for extra points (not extra chances, mind you, just extra points in my own little mind, but hey that should count for something) and have a wonderful evening.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Barb, you know that I would absolutely adore a journal made by you - I think they are amazing...

    So here's the email addy,

    (I hate leaving that public, ya know.)

    Does the doc think that diet will be able to aid the liver function? And what exactly is the diet like?

    I went for my first physical in god knows how long, we couldn't even do all the blood work because its expensive and of course we don't have insurance.

    We'll find out the results shortly.

  2. Barb,

    So sorry to hear you have another health worry.

    I'd love to win a handmade journal.

    My email is


  3. I love handmade journals. I like the messages on yours!
    I would love to win!

  4. Whoo hoo! I'd love to enter my name in this puppy! :D

    hmmm...can I email you my email address :P

  5. I am always inspired by your creations and so a chance to win something is great! I do hope the doc gets your liver thing worked out. We are adjusting meds with my son still and the liver is always an issue with him also, but luckily it hasn't been too serious at this point.

    thanks again for the chance to win some of your great creativeness!

    Robyn from Robyn's Online World

  6. Love your art!!! Please enter me :)

  7. your journal is YUMMY! I would love to have a wonderful place to play like that.
    Hope the liver thing gets back under control, no one needs another thing wrong with them!

  8. So sorry to hear about your health problems!!! Hope you'll feel better very soon. I firmly believe that art is healing.

  9. Oh my! How creative is that?? I LOVE IT!!!
    and I love you.
    And you have all my emails and urls!

  10. Adoring the pages! "The outsider" touches me today - I could have written those words. The writing and the coloring and all the swirls and extra do-dads are appealing to my senses. And the SHOES! ROCKIN'! Wanna be 'outsiders' together?? ;)

    Oooo a journal....count me in please (YAY, I get extra points, haha!)


  11. Me, me, me - who loves you the bestest!! Five books are coming your way? You know how to shop! We should pick an exercise in the Kelly Rae book together and complete it. That might give us incentive to use that book well. Let me know when you have time for that, and I'll check my schedule too. - jeanne in Oregon,

  12. Heck Yes! Pack Rats of the World Unite!!

    Love it! Your journal is a schmorgasboard of total magick! And your pages? Riveting. I'm particularly drawn to "L is for Lonely." There is some really powerful imagery there. I'm glad you having fun diving in and getting your fingers full of paint!

    Here's hoping you are on the mend quickly. :)
    *~Comfort and Healing~*
    Merry Making!


  13. Barb, the journal/journaling looks GREAT! I'd love to be entered!

  14. I love your journal pages and I love your blog.
    I signed up as a follower. Thanks for following my blog. My email link is in the about me part of my blog.

    Val Foster

  15. At the rate I'm filling up my new homemade journal for this year, I'll need a new one soon.
    Sorry to hear about your health challenges. Hope you feel better soon!

    Mariette xox

  16. pick me! pick me! I never win anything!

  17. Your journals are wonderful and so very inspiring....I'm just learning and getting into journaling with ART since I came to SuziBlu's a few months ago. I would so love to win your journal and honor you by using it.

    I hope you are feeling better....sending you healing and loving angels dear goddess!
    Peace and Love, Dar

  18. Barb , your journal is wonderful .i would love to have one .
    Robin K

  19. crap---i was so xxxcited i forgot my address:

  20. I'd be honored to receive an art journal created by you. And thats for real, not just going for brownie points :)

    peace & magic

    Sara Mo

  21. Oh and my info - I nearly forgot...

    Sara Mo

  22. Oh Barb, I am SOOOO sorry about you being sick... I wish that my one prayer coming your way would heal you :(

    I share your love of Sharpies and was SO excited to see they have paint markers! Who knew? Yeah! I'm going to try to find them and order!

    Whoever wins your journal is SO lucky. Your range of talent and creativity amazes me. AND, because I am such a huge fan, I'm leaving my email!

  23. Barb... you really do suffer and not just for your art, but you're one of the most positive and creative people I've come across for a while. Bravo!
    Oh and please, yes that's why I am commenting here, isn't it, can I be entered in the draw?!!

  24. I haven't tried a journal with the spiral bounding, and I would love a handmade journal - so please pop me in the draw too.

    I get a lot from your blog, love the info about the sharpies. (was that enough good stuff? tee hee)

  25. Seen your posts on Soul Journaling & had to come for a visit. You have a Great blog & I love your pages. Been thinking about Bind It All seeing your journal makes me think I'll have to do some research. And thanks too for the tips on the Sharpies. Following up that link next.

    Judy (

  26. Came over after seeing your work on SoulJournaling. I loved your dream weave. Your journal pages are awesome.

    Been thinking about a Bind-It-All and seeing your journal makes me think I'll have to start doing my research. Thanks for your research on the Sharpie pens!

    Judy (

  27. i'm a new reader and just love your pages! also, i needed to order some metal rings from that very site you suggested for the paint markers... hmmm, with free shipping some markers might just find themselves slipping into the box as well. hehe

    please enter me into the giveaway, too. i believe my email shows up in my profile. thank you so much for offering such a beautiful piece of art!

  28. I've posted but didn't put in my email

    Mariette xox

  29. Barb,
    Your journal Rocks girl! I do want in on the chance to win a desiner journal-

  30. Count me in for the drawing! :)

  31. I forgot to leave my email address! It's

    Blog is

  32. Thanx for sharing this beautiful journal. I just bought a bind it all and haven't used it yet. And now that I have found your blog, I will check back daily to see if you make other journals. Thanx again, Sharon

  33. hope your health picks up soon! rest is good thing you know! :-)oh and creative journaling helps loads!!!

    love your journal covers! so count me in, i would def. not mind having one to cherish

    xox tanya i have been trying to post several tmies it won't work... so i'm trying anonymous

  34. Hi, I've been following you some time now, couldn't lose the chance to say hello - and maybe win a gorgeous journal!.I love the pages you made, btw, they are so colourful, they show a great vitality which I'm sure will help you overcome your health problems. Oh, and here comes the e-mail addy
    Bless you all

  35. I just found your blog, and even though I might be too late to enter your draw for such an amazing prize, I feel like I won!! I am bookmarking you and I'm adding you as a link on my (sadly neglected) blog. Thanks for sharing the journal love!


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