Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

Yes, it’s only the 28th of January and I’ve already fallen off the wagon of non-spending on art supplies this month.  I fell hard…really hard.


CVR1_JRN0109_xlgFirst it was just a little something that I was able to kinda justify by saying to myself that it wasn’t a really a supply, it was a book/magazine…

It didn’t help that everyone is touting what a fabulous publication this is and how it is a true MUST for any art journaler.

Then I got really sucked into the “gotta have it” vortex when McTrav3 had to gloat on Twitter that she had just bought it and how great it was…then she taunted me by saying how it was so well worth the money and I should splurge and get it.

So I did.

And it’s all her fault! lol

But wait, since I’m being honest here, I have to admit that my purchase of Somerset Studio’s Art Journaling is not my only indiscretion…*hangs head in shame*

Dick Blick keeps sending me these friggin emails…all these offers and great prices…oh my, it just got to be too much!  You just can’t taunt an art supply junkie like me with emails that show her drug-of-choice all at sale prices!  Yea, I caved in to the pressure when I saw that they had their Sharpie Poster Paint Pens on sale! OMG, I love those babies…they are so wonderful and I was running low on the water-based ones (yea, I’m defending my purchase) so I slipped up and placed an order.

And no need to waste that shipping charge on just the ones on sale, right?  Yea, so I went ahead and replenished my entire supply of water-based Sharpies.

Oh, the horror.


I know I should feel bad…but I don’t. lol

Now, time for me to get in the studio and work on some of the projects I have going right now.

How’s your creative side treating you?

Peace & Love,


  1. LOL! Sometimes you just have to replenish. And I think Somerset's Art Journaling is one of their best publications.

  2. ohhhh you are bad!!!! hihi! you know you shouldn't even try and make reolutions like that anymore! hihi! saves you the owning up to your crime later hahahaha! sorry! i am really laughing my head off lol! really!

    xox tanya

  3. I cannot wait until we get income tax money back. I'm going on such a Craft Whore shopping spree. I must have some new Sharpies and pens.

  4. Hi, Barb! Hey, we all fall off the wagon now and then. Thank you for not enabling me to fall off the wagon with direct links to Dick Blick's sale! :-)

  5. Barb, your Pearl ex pigments are on the way. I hope you enjoy using them. I couldn't make up my mind about what to send you to brighten your day, but when I saw your list on this blog I knew it had to be the pigments (series3).
    Maybe you can use the in your journal. They'll arrive between Feb. 5-10.
    Hugs and Smiles,
    Nancy Scott (nanakin1)

  6. My creative side is feeling better these days, thank you for asking. Buyers remorse is for sissies (don't I sound tough). I'm practicing saying this to you, so I can then say it to me.
    I love the Art Journaling magazine.
    Happy days,

  7. Gaads, DickBlick is having a sale on Sharpies, is this still on? How come I'm not getting these emails? Holy cow you will note I made no such resolution lol And I really do want to get that journaling issue, is it, really, as good as they are saying? heh!

  8. Hello Barb, just to say thankyou for following my Journaling blog - do feel free to post a comment now and then. And Iove how you have shared your purchasing 'indiscretions'; I have to say I am guilty of the same, far too often! My latest is to pre-order a book by Angela Cartright called, I think, 'In this Garden'. Ann (from UK)

  9. Greetings Barb,
    I too am not buying any more supplies ... anything for that matter. I have "stuff" to keep me busy and out of trouble for at least 10 lifetimes. You HAD to buy the Sharpie poster paint pens ... you NEED those, it's not just a matter of wanting. You also NEED the magazine. I am fortunate, in that I can show restraint and NOT buy any more supplies ... to check out the sale at Dick Blicks on poster paint pens .. just looking of course!

  10. You are so funny! it's okay that you got the Art Journaling mag. It really is a necessity. And pens, you simply must have a large selection of those. Have you ever tried the white sharpies, (not to tempt you at all.) They are great for adding the whites to eyes in portraits. Thank you for sharing and making me laugh!


  11. Hi again, Barb! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a nice comment about my Heartfelt ATC. Have fun with the Elmer's Blue Glue! :-)

  12. thanks for jumping in on that CPSIA conversation... i've been surprised how many people don't know about it. as for the laundry pens, you're not in the dark ages - I AM! those are what i used 20 years ago to make that thing... they were just 'laundry safe' sharpies that you could use to write on laundry bags & such. they're probably still around, but i bet the apparel markers in the craft stores are much better :)

  13. morning beautiful:)
    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
    -- Helen Keller

  14. My creative side is dieing! It usually does this time of the year though. I love to build/paint/produce all things winter/christmas related. So that makes me really busy starting in Sept. and by Jan. I'm tired.
    Love your blog!!

  15. Those supplies sound so fun! I spend around 20 dollars in the Dollar Tree yesterday with my Mom on Tissue papers, napkins, decorative paper sacks that can be "collaged" with, and so much more! They truly have a plethora of mixed media / journaling goodies! Check them out if you want some guilt free goodies for yourself. You purchases sound mouthwatering, I'm looking into the sharpies! =)


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