Thursday, December 4, 2008

Art & Healing

I tend to keep everything in this blog art related for the most part.

But all of life affects our art...the way we feel in the morning  when we wake up, our surroundings, our state of mind, our physical selves, our family and friends, even our choice of music can affect what we create.  Sometimes our art reflects those things and sometimes our art is an escape from them.

But, in my opinion, it is really my state of mind that most affects what comes out of me creatively. My state of mind has not been great lately...I have been very stressed with so much chaos going on around me so diving deeply into my art has been my escape.  It has helped me to avoid some of the stresses that plague me so deeply at this point in my of those things (the main one) is my oldest daughter and her over the top, outrageous behavior.  She lives with us and disrupts our entire household...but there is light at the end of the tunnel...she is moving out at the New Year.

Anyway, I tell you all that for a reason...I am working very hard to turn myself and my life around.  I have a good life, don't get me wrong, but I deal with panic/anxiety disorder, depression and with an overwhelming amount of stress...I am finding ways to deal with these things and to get better.

I believe in the universe showing us what we need when we need is up to us to be open enough to actually see those things as they are presented to us.  I have had not one but TWO of those wonderful epiphaneous (my made up word of the day, in case you were wondering) things happen to me in the past two days and, because I know that many artists are tortured like I am, I wanted to share what I've been learning.  Y'all know I am all about sharing, right?  lol

First, Zen.

Being in the in the moment, period.

No focusing on the past, it's done with and nothing can be done to change what has already happened in our spending countless hours worrying about the future, worry accomplishes in the moment!  This moment, this very moment that I'm living in.  When I create art, I leave everything else behind and nothing else matters at that moment, just me and my creation...I'm just learning to apply this to other areas of my life.

I need to be able to forget those things while I'm doing other things like cooking dinner or playing cards or vacuuming or making love with my husband....and I'm learning.  Slowly but surely, I am learning.  And in the process of learning, I am gaining some powerful knowledge.  Really powerful stuff!  A friend of mine, Connie at Dirty Footprints (check her awesome post out HERE), even gave me a wonderful new tool in my Zen path...Japa.  Be sure to read about's fabulous!

My second epiphaneous finding of the week you can see through the link at the top of my sidebar...Be Brave.  The "Be Brave" project was inspired by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:

It is so very empowering and something that, no matter what your place in life is right now, we can all use.  The "Be Brave Project"...Read about it, soak it in, think about it and see if it isn't something that can help you create a better or an even better life for yourself.

It is another tool I am using in my quest to better myself and to heal.

I hope that each of you can find something here that will speak to you the way these things have spoken to me.

Until next time...Keep on Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Hi Barb, I loved reading your recent post, yes I agree. We don't need to think about tomorrow and the past is passed. Today is what counts.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. - verlene

  2. HI Barb -wow ..what universally magical blog post you write if you knew how others like you are perhaps feeling the same is such a journey and staying in the moment is so important isn't friend once told me that "worry was negative prayer" how true these words ring true today for me still....I am feeling your sentiments deeply today and thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! The links were very inspiring as well.

  4. Hey chickie! You've just been given a blog award. Hop on over to my blog for details!

  5. Thank you for your brave post. I too deal with the anxiety/panic/depression issues that you deal with, so you have a sister if you need to chat.

  6. Art is such an amazing expression and outlet for so many is our joy, our expression, our way to work out our struggles, it is our center.

    I love the enso :)

    As a beautiful synchronicity, I also posted about fear this morning, and clicked through to read your lovely post this evening, a wonderful way for me to end my day...a moment of reminder for me about the connection we all have in our shared humanity.

  7. You know that I can relate to everything you've said here.

    Have you read Julia Cameron's stuff? The Artist's Way was a nice therapy session for me and something I'm applying daily,in some ways.

  8. Dearest Barb,

    Thank you so much for your honesty in this post---that alone is brave. Very brave.

    It's funny how you talk about worry. I too recently had an ephiphany about worry. And it was life altering!!

    I work in an environment that seems alot like what is happening with you---lots of chaos and you have no idea how much negativity and nastiness. (Sad part its' a school). For a few months I was literally crying and crying as I drove myself to work in the morning. Then when I'd get to the parking lot I'd try to get myself together, and use the water from my water bottle to clean up. I HATED HAVING TO GO TO WORK KNOWING WHAT KIND OF ENVIRONMENT WAS WAITING THERE FOR ME. So what did I do about it? For one thing I worried about it the entire way driving there---now, that is the most ridiculous thing to do!! Worry is this nasty little thief that steals time. Here I could have had this awesome opportunity to be completely by myself and in peace every morning--but I spent the time worrying and in agony. When I realized that this time in my car is for me--and me alone--I stopped giving it over so easily to the worry thief. I started doing japa and listening to Bob Marley REALLY LOUD!!! Anytime my mind switched over to worry about where I was going--I started to imagine it the way I wanted it to be..imagining myself having a great day, a powerful day, a productive day--and all that nastyness and negativity simply subsiding.

    The thing is Barb--our brain is so much more powerful then we are aware of.

    Thank you for all the kind words Barb. You inspire me with your courage...and Miss Jessie, of the Be Brave project is one of my dearest, dearest friends..and what a great honor for you to speak my name with hers!!!

    Peace & Love.

  9. Oh Barb, I hate to hear about your hard time BUT I am happy to know that you are taking proactive steps to deal with it. Studying Zen is extremely helpful to me... there are SO many principles that make life so much easier to deal with.

    I too find art as a FABULOUS way to release stress. Another way I combat it is to fill my life with as many things that I love as I can. This next year, my resolution is to take art classes that are totally unrelated to anything that I know how to do.

    Keep living in the moment and thank you for the inspirational post!


    Renee :)

  10. Hi, Barb! Sounds like you are learning some wonderful new tools to help you on your path! :-)

    By the way, you're the winner of my blog giveaway! Stop by and check it out!

  11. thank you so much for writing this..

  12. Hi Barb,

    Yup--a tea press is the same thing as a coffee press. Basically, it's really called a "French Press" but tea people will usually call it a tea press and coffee people will usually call it a coffee press--haha ;D

  13. Just stopped by to have a browse. I enjoyed myself. It is helpful to know that others need encouragement to "Be Brave".


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